The button create a new paragraph style does not work for me, is this a bug or something stupid I did?

The button create a new paragraph style does not work for me, is this a bug or something stupid I did?

HOW 'to LOCK"or close CERTAIN CELLS... and not the overall sheet

"ROS" with Safari 9.0.1 and OS X EL Capitan 10.11.1 I would like to "bolt" of certain cells, new should not be changed... and not the entire sheet... Possible or not? How? Thanks for help gymsclos

Formulas in the table inside Pages

In the Pages I inserted a table, which I suppose is a small number as a table.  Column D is set to a formula that simply multiplies columns B and C together.  If I click on a line and insert underneath, then the formulas and cell formatting are not c

Microsoft for the 2004 Apple .xls files convert to numbers

How to import the file an.xls (Microsoft for Mac 2004) in numbers? I would like to know before you download the latest numbers/Pages of Apple applications. I put El Capitan on my iMac 2009 and lost Microsoft Office 2004 with the upgrade to the new sy

Pépin of pages of "Insert Page"?

Anyone ever encountered this glitch on Pages 09? I can't change the document... Any help from someone who knows what is the problem or how to fix this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

number of words in the display of 0 pages?

I just started using Pages: he's literally my first paper! (running 5.6.1) I left a MacBookPro with complete Office Suite on a MacBook Air and decided to try pages, number, Apple Mail etc as an alternative to the office of re-purchase with Word, Exce

Changes to spreadsheets lost during the use of numbers on iPad

I have a mini iPad.  I use iOS v9.1 v2.6.1, numbers. Since this version of numbers and the previous, I noticed that some of my edits and entries to my spreadsheets get lost when I reopen it the worksheet. Happens all the time, but enough times to get

Cannot open recent file, a clear menu appears. How do the recent docs?

When I try to open these recent docs a clear menu appears. How to get back to the recent files?

How to use a date such as 'Today' in a function without listening for the moment on that date?

I create a todo list. I know I shouldn't but I'm so stuck on this point that I really want to know the answer. At the bottom of my table, I have a footer line in which I want to show the total number of tasks to be accomplished today and every time t

Try to make a conditional choice in numbers

I work with several currencies, each with a different exchange rate. Ideally, I would like to create a small table with respective different currencies and the exchange rate. In my main table with different transactions with different currencies, I w

Adding the hours and minutes

I want to add a long list of hours and minutes in numbers. The list will come to 1000 + hours and I want that it displays the actual number of hours and minutes, not expressed in days. Impossible to find a way to format the cells to allow me to th

When I paste into a new document, it always of impressions with a gray back to Earth. How can I get rid of him?

I'm a new Mac user with a Mac Book Pro (OS X El Capitan 10.11.1 very.) When I paste the text in the Pages, it always prints with a light gray background behind the text. I've never had this problem with Windows. How can I get rid of the gay backgroun

Forms of the iPhone do not appear on MacBook

I'm new to Mac, but use iPhone for years.  In numbers, I have created several forms that inhabit the different leaves.  I recorded in iCloud.  When I open a file on the MacBook, the leaves appear, but not shapes.  Did I miss something or forms are no

How to make a 3D cube?

How to make a 3D layout on Mac cube?

How to maintain (older versions of) applications when you perform a clean install of the latestOSX

I have a 2012 MacBookPro 15 inch - 2.3 GHz Intel Core i7 with 8 GB of RAM and OSX 10.11.1 El Capitan installed. I had a problem with an iTunes never return of Spinning Beach Ball of Death and hikes and videos that don't play more fluently. This situa

I can not format the header and footer

I'm writing a paper in APA style, the header should be different after the 1st page. I went to the Inspector-->--->---> deselected section match previous selection document format and everything remained the same. going on what?

Alphabetize notes as required when using APA

Hi all for my thesis, I use an APA template. I use the feature Pages of entry in notes at the end of the report, but I am not able to classify them alphabetically according to the APA reference model. Does anyone know how? Thank you!

Need help with an expiration date

I have as of today on my spreadsheet, need help to make a column of expiry date which will go to the Red 20 days before expiry. Not to find the formula, please help? Thank you.

How do a text shines as an animation?

I want to enlighten by clicking on the key points. I know theres an effect that makes text fade or lose his butt of brightness you can do it backwards?

Page to PDF conversion

When to convert a document pages in pdf format which includes photos, I find that the quality of the pictures is not as good as on the original page document. When I converted on my mac 10.11.1 I use file - export-pdf-image quality better. Is there a
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