duplicate error messages jdev10. ADF business components all, I have a simple form to create on the employees of HR table. When I try to insert a new employee who has the same id as an existing user e-mail I get an error of db Houston-26048 constraint: cons

Variable binding and View object to filter the results of ADF table

I created a view ADF object where I compare "USERID =: USER_ID" in sql. I created a table with this ViewObject on a .jspx page. I use the following code in the support to the Bind Variable has a value: String uidregAMDef ='

ComboBox displays all of the elements.

HelloW friends.I have 2 VO (VO1 VO2), where is the master Vo1 and VO2 is detailed.I dragged the on jframe as comboboxs.what I need is when I change the master element the deails combobox should display all lines corresponding to the master deail.but

Tell the thin driver variable of environment?

Hello I need to tell the driver the option of the NLS_SORT setting, which is normally played by the variables of environment by the pilots of the side server. The solution with "ALTER SECOND set NLS_SORT ="XYZ"' is not very convenient for us because


Hello I have 2 types:create or replace type e1e2 () AS OBJECTE1 VARCHAR2 (3),VARCHAR2 (3)) E2; CREATE or REPLACE TYPE e1e2_tabtype AS TABLE of e1e2; and function: Function to CREATE or REPLACE manage_type (ee in varchar2) return e1e2_tabtype PIPELINE

Switcher with two facets for the recording of the update and one for folder creation

Hello world I have a little problem. I use a mixer so that the function of the key, I click on the form is either loaded with the row of data update or a new form. I use two facet on which support the current line using an executewithparams and a dif

Conditionally disable the input field

I was expecting to suggestions or tips on how to conditionally disable an ADF of field. When the user enters the data on the form I want to grey on some field based on the fields that are being filled. Thank you

Impossible for long texts displayed for af:selectOneChoice in ADF

Hi all I have a FrequencySchedulesType view object as follows:- Select the value 'Daily', 'Daily' descriptionof the doubleUnion of all theSelect the value "Weekly", "Weekly" descriptionof the doubleUnion of all theSelect the value "Monthly", "Monthly

Repository using Maven with ADF

Hi all I did a little reinforcement autour with Maven in recent weeks. As we know, Oracle ADF libraries are not available on all public deposits of Maven. Now, this is not a problem, we can create an individual/enterprise Maven repository for librari

Prevent my homepage of refreshing when I open a [solved] dialog box

Hello world I have a problem. When I open a pop of a page, the next page is refreshing. My first page contains a LOV and table.The table is PPR by the LOV. When I opened the box, my parent page's refresh the data on the page are refreshment I want...

Setting a different value to a text entry in the table of the adf conditionally

Hi guys I work in Colombia - British ADF and ADF Faces.I have a table of adf upadable in which a text input is there in every page row.when is loading the input text is filled with-1 (i.e., the value of one of my columns in a table in the database).

project to deploy the version of the JDK.

We want to develop a bean only for oracle using Jdev forms.But it is not accessible from forms. Java bean is not found error occurs.Then, we want to import the java class into forms suite error ocuurs.exceptional place: java.lang.Un

ADF trigger dynamic number of components

I have an addiction to view object class three levels-> category-> subclass and want to create a dynamic form with the following logic:When the user selects a category drop down, page is updated with a number of drop-down lists of class with all subc

New methods in the project request module not available to view the project

Hello I have migrated from to JDeveloper and received the application (Struts base) upwards and works well.But when I add methods to the ApplicationModule class, is not available in the classes of the action in the draft opinion. In

Delete a table row

I had another problem when I delete a row after row of selection... javax.faces.el.EvaluationException: java.lang.NullPointerException at com.sun.faces.el.MethodBindingImpl.invoke( at oracle.adf.view.faces.component.UIXComp

How to programmatically add a filter?

Hello I use Apache Tomahawk lib in my ADF Faces application. It works fine when running but the page is not correctly make at design time. The reason for this is subsequently required by Tomahawk code in web.xml: * < filter > *.* < filter name > exte

Oracle-reports of generated pdf-report on a BLOB storage

Hey ppl, I have this requirement: I essentially generate a report of Jdev using a remote servlet call to reports of the oracle, which generates the PDF for me very carefully and store it locally. The problem is immediately put this on the DB as a BLO

Region content is not displayed when it is deployed on the OAS

Hello world I use JDeveloper 10.1.3 and Oracle Application Server 10.1.2. I'm working on a [JSF, ADF BC] application. I have included a region in one of my jspx pages. Problem is that when I run the JDeveloper page content in the region are displayed

Add flex for jdeveloper

Hello everyone. IM using new Jdeveloper and Flex. Im working in Red Hat Linux ES / AS 4. I have download and install Jdevloper 10.1.3 and download, macromedia Web and install Flex 2.0.1 in my server. Now, I want to add Flex for Jdeveloper in the way

Vista and Java

Hello.I'm Fatih. I am a computer in a factory.We have a version of Java for the assessment.;, 1. I wonder something. is compatible with Vista? 2. also, I wonder a program programmed with, we must install
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