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TVSU 5.02 on win7 x 64 and X 230

Hi, I recently installed TVSU 5.02 on my laptop and start it generates a message that appears with the following error message: "System update could not start properly. I tried as admin and it makes no difference. Windows event log shows: "[LMM] [SUS

Can I remove faucet single?

To be good, I have no use for Simple tap, but whenever I hit the icon LSC to deal with something, I have to go through ST to get there, or whatever. Y at - it no disadvantage, as screws of the computer, is not that I won't have a Simple Tap, to unins

Lenovo RR backup confusion

Hello I just used the rescue of Lenovo and recovery to back up my hard drive.  I don't know if I chose the wrong option by mistake, but I expect to make a backup on cd a few but what he did was to make a cd which he says such "Lenovo Rescue and Recov

Power Manager 2.37 crash when connecting (with the call stack)

Recently, I installed Power Manager 2.37 on my T400 Thinkoad (Vista x 64) and am now seeing the crash following each time someone connects to Windows. Anyone else seeing this? System.Windows.Markup.XamlParseException was not handledMessage ="cannot b

AccConn 5.3 > profile HSPA Mobile Broadband

Dear all, I started the deployment on our new mobile phones with AccConn 5.21, for this purpose, I have three profiles in a file of LOA. But since I have upgraded to AccConn 5.3, the profile 'HSPA Mobile Broadband' Gets renamed e.g. 'A1 Mobile Broadb

Use of fingerprints only logon (replaces policy logon UVM) not accessible to the general public more!

Hello I installed the Client IBM security subsystem on my ThinkPad X 41, running Windows XP Professional. Next to this, fingerprint software digital version 5.8 has been also improved. The sw of the fingerprint does not offer me any choice on the log

Logins crashes after update

Hello world!! I have a problem with the ThinkVantage access connection... This week I did an update of the ThinkVantage Productivity Center and I updated my (6466-9YG) T61 with Windows XP SP3 (Italian) of access connections 5.12 to 5.21, which was th

AC 5.21/5.30 - profile deployment - WPA key

Hello I am currently tuning our installation program for the installation of our new laptop T400 and I Yuri in location profiles. I want to include the WPA key in the file of LOA, everywhere where is written that its no problem, but I actually can't

Sectioning ThinkVantage Connection Manager FOR GOOD!

Hi everyone- Can someone tell me how to disconnect my T-500 connection manager? I am running XP Pro on this machine. I would just use the wifi Manager instead. I don't want to uninstall it if I don't have to. Thank you

R & R left inoperable recovery XP

Hello. I ran into a question seeking to restore a backup. Here are my system details: -T500 -Windows XP R & R 4.2 I did a backup of my system on the server to my work. No problem occurred during this time. I was using my computer while he was backing

Lenovo re caution: using workaround for TVSU work with SP2

starsheep wrote:In the section of the OSs, the entry for SP2 is missing. You should adjust the file according to YOUR OS SYSTEM. Just add it at the end of the section of the OSs. Do this at your own risk.  TVSU is not supported on Vista SP 2 until re

ThinkVantage software for Vista 64 bit upgrade

Hello I'm curious to know where I can find the Thinkvantage for Vista 64-bit software.  I bought my T61 with Vista Ultimate (32 bit) in 2007, but decided to downgrade to XP due to performance issues.  I have used XP for some time now and has recently

"Custom" Restore option is no longer in R & R?

Pending my last thinkpad to deliver, I read a post on NBR , which claimed that the "custom" option restore is therefore more in Rescue and Recovery for new thinkpads with partitions Q and S. Now that I got my new thinkpad I see that indeed the "custo

ThinkVantage blue stratup button

Hello After updating the drivers of my T500, I found that I have more access to the blue ThinkVantage button to access the rescue and recovery software before starting windows... Blue keys works fine, after logon for windows vista, the center of prod

AccessConnections crashes by clicking on 'New' or 'Edit '.

Hey,. Since I installed the new Version of AccessConnection (5.21) it crashes whenever I try to edit or create a new profile. If I do it will appear a dialog box (ERROR) (a unsopportet operation was attempted) 5 times. Afterclicking them far away I c

Unexplained delay launch Applications (two issues)

I apologize for the length of this message.  I added the information accumulated after trying several forums of Window XP. (1) I get a delay of 30-60 s run almost any program (command-line, Notepad, through any Office 2007 application), but only the

Access connection app - some buttons are inactive

I'm new on thinkpad and I just bought a T400. I was using the login application preinstalled and then updated to version 5.22 which is the latestas of the present moment. Initially I could connect but after some time the "Connect" function does not w

Changes to the system update and related tools - please read

All, Changes to the TVSU are announced today on the support site. Please take a moment to click on the link above and review the changes and the way in which you will get drivers, bios and other updates in the future. Thank you. Mark

OSD software no longer works

Hello first need to mention that my SL500 - since I hold-watch a little unconventional behavior. Since I'm used to have problems when you use Microsoft Software I think it is a Windows based problem. To report problems, I want to give a brief overvie
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