Linksys Routers

I can't get a wireless connection.

This is going to be long so bear with me. I moved to a new location, a few days ago and got Warner from time to set up my internet cable sometime after I moved. It has set up and the modem worked perfectly, I was able to get online. After he had left

Internet connection problem: WRH54G + Beetel 220BX modem + ISP-Airtel India

Hello! I bought a router Linksys WRH54G wireless yesterday, but I can not put in place. The problem is that my router is not able to connect to the internet. During the installation, while checking my internet connection wizard gives error - ' router

WRT120N to Xbox 360 Wireless connection

Hello My wrt120n worked perfectly with my xbox 360 until two weeks ago. I can connect to xbox live without problem but unplug it always within 10 to 15 minutes, my PC doesn't have this problem. My SSID and WPA2 Personal are correctly configured. I ha

requirement of wireless router operating system

Of new wireless routers LINKSYS allowing use of WINDOWS 7?

Different in WRT54G2

Hello world! In what Different between a v1 and a v1.5? Thank you.

Lost key WPA - Linksys is the bridge mode - can't go to the Linksys page

Hello I don't have the WPA PSK key that I use to connect. So although I can access the Internet through my old laptop, I can't access through my new laptop. The linksys is in bridge mode, since the service provider defined its own modem. If while I w

Setting security on WRT54G2

Hello My name is Arash Tarighati and im working in the wireless Internet access provider Recently we replaced our router Point of the SCM access Linksys LastDay, I went to one of the houses of customers for the installation of this device (WRT54G2).

Devices does not connect wireless. Validation of identity?

I have a Wireless-g router broadband model # WRT54GS2, the source of the internet is a Sprint card mobile broadband px-500 that plugs into my laptop.  The router and connection worked very well until someone hit the hard reset on the router button. 

WRT160N... password does not work to get back in line to restore settings after update firmware.

The reason for the update of the firmware has been that the router would constantly disconnect, even if the ISP has been connected.  I was hoping that would solve the problem. Failed to connect to router just after the firmware has been updated succe

Internal sniffer

Hello... I have a LinkSys WRT54GS wireless network in my house. We have 5 members of the family who use it, and some are teenagers. According to me, that a person has acquired software that helped her capture the cats/Emails/passwords of other member

Pleas help?

I ran the installation on the cd. then I saw a pop up saying looking for something my computer. Then it asks for a password. the person who got him fron said that he did not know what I was talking about.

WRT160N: Getting dynamic IP address 169

Hello! Linksys WRT160N, bought yesterday and I want it behaves same way did my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54. So I live in apartment building for students, and we don't have modems, just the RJ-45 ports in the wall. If I plug the cable directly from the wall of

QoS distressed WRT160N

I got this router WRT160N 2 weeks ago and it worked fine. I have 4 computers connected wirelessly and also a voice of Vonage device. During times of heavy computers download the phone quality would sometimes fade. Therefore, I decided to use QoS and

Replacement WRT54G2 V1

I just got a replacement WRT54G2 router to replace my current (1 bad Ethernet port) WRT54G2. I and wired the current router security settings. How to save the settings so that I can replace routers and reinstall the router replacement parameters?

creation of static ip addresses for the devices on befsr41

How do I create adesess static ip for devices connected to my router.

Two leased lines

Hai guys, I have two leased lines, and I have two routers in each location.can that I use two lines at the same time rented. If it is possible how to configure that. Please help me.

Hi, I need a help on blocking

I'm a homeowner, and I rent it to studnets and I want to block some download software, because I want everyone to be fair and get a good network in the House. I know that the software download is called "foxy". is there a way to block people using fo

RVS4000 Firmware update

I tried updating to the newer version and could not connect to the internet. I had to use the Calley utility to be able to connect again. Once I did the upgrade I have reset it to factory default as your supposed to. So I've implemented using PPPoE,

RVL200 port 80

I am uisng the RVL200 but I want to use the ssl vpn.  Problem is my ISP is alow serve you port 80 traffic.  SO I when I got the ip address I get nothing.  Anyway is to chage the port of the router using host? Thank you Mike

BEFSR81 - problem with file sharing

Recently, I replaced my old DSL with with a BEFSR81 Linksys router. I have 2 computers connected. Both computers are able to access the internet, but are unable to 'see' each other on the network or to share files or printers. Both are running Window