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How to align to the left the url in safari browser?

I want to align to the left of the uRL in the browser of Safri so the favicons are visible and also if I can edit a long URL

Move photos on external hard drive after migrating from iPhoto to Photos

I have a lot of photos and have you run out of space on my MacBook.  After doing some reading, I discovered that I should be bale to move my library to an external hard drive, then the point of Photos to run from the external hard drive. I have recen

What is the best backup software for El Capitan?

I have a Mac Book Pro (mid-2015) with El Capitan... What is the best available backup system? Ideas?Thank you!

Between in contact with vs 'My Contacts': what are they and how do I get rid of them.

In my Contacts (OS X 10.10.5, Contacts 9.0), I somehow ended up with FOUR groups under "iCloud": All the iCloud Contacts My Contacts Phone I don't explicitly consciously create these groups.  Can someone explain the difference between them?  AND can

Cannot find emails classified in on my Mac

Have a late model 2013 iMac. Is went to the Genius Bar yesterday and discovered that I was running a beta version of El Capitan.  Also discovered my external hard drive which I was running Time Machine has been corrupted.  Bought a new external hard

I want to go back to opening...

I "upgraded" to Photos a few weeks thinking I'll just try it, being a closed user of Aperture for years... and when I imported the photos (thousands..) of Aperture for Photos... I had no idea she take them all out of the opening and leave it empty...

How to remove a full album of photos on my iMac?

My son was transferred a whole album of photos of Photos on my iMac when he was visiting.  He recorded this album in the office but he wants me to remove the photo album.  He disappeared for three weeks, and I can't find out how to do it - help pleas

In Safari General Preferences, my safari home page address is missing, how do I restore it?

In Safari General Preferences, my safari home page address is missing, how do I restore it?

Import photos no problem can not see the photos on iPhone

I upgraded my MacBook Pro to El Capitan.  Since moving from iPhoto to Photos (even before I updated the operating system) when I plug my iPhone 5 to import pictures in the selected library I do not see the photos appear in the import window so that I

Can I restore system 10.6.8 OS with time machine?

Try to install El Capitan on a six year iMac, which ran 10.6.8 resulted in the machine to be locked in a loop in the installer. I was not able to get the machine to reboot normally. I read that I can reinstall the system from Time Machine in El Capit

10:11 El Captan is really too problematic that many of those who have updated have complained?

Before proceeding with the upgrade are there any comments on the following concerns I have with the new OS? 10:11 El Captan is really too problematic that many of those who have updated have complained? I got scared to upgrade to El Capitan because o

Time Machine exclude user folder repeatedly

Hello My time machine continues to ignore my user folder. ~ is listed in the exclusions and if I delete it it's just go ~ after that I saved and closed the file of the option (see screenshot) I'm tempted to remove the relevant

behavior strange safari

Yesterday, I posted a discussion where it was trashed safari on my system.  Whenever I called safari, I got a message saying "ios crash warning."  Safari did not work.  I was able to access the sites that I should happen to use chrome. My wife enter

iPad sync error message

I have a mini iPad 3 connected to my iMac with El Capitan using iTunes.  The synchronization process hangs up in the meantime for the items to copy and displays an error message - trying to copy to the disk "Macintosh HD" failed.  Required folder can

double-sided, two pages per sheet printing.  Finally, there are two pages side to the bottom.

I would like to print double-sided with two pages per side in order to return to the page (as if it was required on the left side of paper).  This means that orientation is the same on both sides of the paper. power out put, is that the back of the p

SecTaskLoadEntitlements no error = 22

Question Recently, I noticed that it appears a lot in my console and it happens often 3 times in a row.  I'm new to Mac so I just wanted to know if this is normal or something went wrong in my Mac? I get it for all kinds of foods (see below) Console

#2 does not install additional programs that were on mac before wiping disk cleanup

After wiping mac and re-installation of the operating system from disk 1, disk #2 would not install the extras (iPhoto etc.) provided with the mac when buying. Message says that could not install software because there's no software to install.

App Store > updates to guard to update same EPSON printer software update 3.1

It's weird... I just started up my iMac and noticed the icon App Store showed 1 making available. After opening, it was almost completed download. Then I noticed it was the same EPSON printer software update 3.1 as it has already installed. And after

shared photos are small

Hi, my sister shared a photo album of the iphone with me through photos on your mac. On his computer, they are great. On mine, they are small. What gives? In addition, only one appears in the shared section. I somehow they save them to my photo secti

Safari truncates the first letter of the email address.

Something new in Safari. When I type my e-mail address in a field he deletes the first letter of my e-mail address and I have to manually replace. Is this a problem with AutoCorrect? In the contact e-mail address has not changed.
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