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Demon of launch system: - no signature!

MacPro 1.1 Quad 16 GB memory Boot SSD 10.7.5 system No crashes Someone has an idea of what to do about the line of just report below EtreCheck: Launch system demons: (Does that mean?) [loading] -no signature!

bento4 and el capitan compatibility

Someone tried to Bento4 in El Capitan? It work?

Mail software by default continuous change Parallels shared Internet Applications tool

My default mail software continues to reset to Parallels Shared Internet Applications tool even if I have not installed more than Parallels. Is there anything else that might be given to zero this?

Split mail Messages

Hello I get messages that contain lists of websites which are resources for me.  When I get messages through my WebMail account, everything was fine.  But somehow the e-mail read headers (?) or maybe the source and sends each listed item as an e-mail

Photos does not work in El Capitan

I recently replaced with El Capitan Yosemite on my Mac Mini last 2014. Everything worked well after the original download, including Photos. Then I closed the computer and went to bed. When I started again this morning, the system does not start, and

Can what internet security program I use Mac OS 10.6.8?

I can't upgrade my OS 10.6.8 because I use Creative Suite 2 for my (small) freelance graphics business; If I update I lose all my programs! I had Norton Internet Security (by Comcast) during many years for 2 PCs and my iMac, but received notices that

Cannot import pictures from the phone to Macbook

I'm trying to import pictures from my iphone 6 + to my macbook pro, but nothing is coming in the photos. What should I do to get pictures from my phone? Thank you

How to import pictures to my library of Photos on Macbook Pro if I moved the library to an external drive to save space?

Recently, I copied my library of Photos (Yosemite version 10.10.5) on an external drive, so I can then delete it to free up disk space. I've read some older articles (a few years), because I can't find the newest, who speak of creation and management

behavior strange finder

I have problems with the finder find files.  Here are the files that I created using a spreadsheet. I know that the files there because if I try to crush them, I get an error message saying that the file exists, and I want to crush.  I'm puzzled.  Pl

XPC questions-LaunchServices, CFpreferences, El Capitan errors

I'm unfortunately whits end here after Ben my head against this for weeks and seeking aid because I really need to get things resolved.

I downloaded El Capitan, but cannot install it

I have a Mac book pro 15 inch Retina and even if he says it's that el Capitan is downloaded the link is grayed and I can't install it. I am running Yosemite 10.10.5 Thank you

Fees 10.9.5 (by crushing) installation?

I've updated since a Powermac G5 to a Mac Pro early 2009 (used) running 10.9.5.  One problem - I have no photo app.  I thought that pictures on it but not now.  I could have deleted when I migrated from my old mac.  What is the best way to get the iP

I want to make Photo Christmas cards using 10 photos and a short story, as I have in the past.

More than 5 years, I used iPhoto to make Christmas cards.  I don't like the format 10 photo with a brief description. I don't see this option with Photos

com Apple.Preferences.Users.RemoteService does not not el capitan

After the installation of El capitan (10.11.1), I'm removing a user. Then went into System preferences-> users & groups, and then unlocked and chose a user from other users of the section and clicked on the icon less below. After that, the system pre

Adding Gmail to Extensions

Is it possible to add a Gmail extension any so that when I click on the window of my Safari URL and 2 fingers, click on and sharing in the drop down option Gmail is displayed instead of Mail?

How could I know?

This (orvn@mandapp.***) email me is send emails with links asking me to change my password ID apple, that it actually belongs to the support team apple or someone trying to hack me?

How to save disk space being sure to empty the trash pictures

In the old iPhoto, I constantly would empty the trash in iPhoto to free up space on my hard drive. With PHOTOS I see not where do. Help!

Verify and repair permissions, El Capitan.

Anyone know if the following commands will check and fix permissions of files if the SIP is activated? Say / applications. It is displayed in several places on the web. sudo/usr/libexec/repair_packages - check - standard-pkgs /. sudo/usr/libexec/repa

E-mail message from Apple Inc.

When I send a message via e-mail, the message appears in the account of the receiver as coming from Apple Inc.. Any idea what I need to change to fix this?
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