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Cannot delete the plist file system.

My Time Machine is not automatically back up my drive. He worked for some time (don't know why) and then stops working automatically. I tried to implement the procedure laid down by Linc Davis, delete the file, but make th

How can I get my Menu bar to stay there all the time?

I just reset my old Macbook Pro for five years. Since it has been reset, the Menu bar to the top of the top keeps disappearing. I was using the same OS before I reset my laptop. I don't know how to change this, I looked each in System Preferences. Ki

Works without any problem

This post isn't a question, but a commendation to Apple for their latest OS, El Capitan. I waited until this week, in order to download the new OS, as I had read about all of the many problems with the new OS. I own a MacBook Pro w/retina, mid March

Purchase extension does not appear in the Photos pane in system preferences

I bought a Photo of affinity on the App Store.  When I look in system Pref / Extensions nothing appears in the Photo.  The extension is installed.  How can I activate, while when I photograph, I can use and see affinity in the 'More' command dropdown

Restore the photos to iphoto on El Capitan

I just did a clean install of El Capitan and am running into all kinds of questions restore my files.  In my view, there is a new application 'Photos' in El Capitan and not iPhoto.  How to restore my iPhoto on El Capitan library?  I had copied to my

From: Return to the Mavericks Yosemite

Hello! How can I downgrade Yosemite 10.10.5 (current operating system) back to the Mavericks? I'd rather have the look and performance of the Mavericks. I don't have a Time Machine backup of the Mavericks any longer that I upgraded to Yosemite, about

Photo xfer on new computer projects

Moving from old MBP to new iMac. I decided not to use the Migration Wizard, but pure install. For Photos, I left iCloud fill the new iMac (meaning I have not even copy on the old file Photos Library.photoslibrary.) The only thing that does not transf

Why a pdf file doesn't have a strange characters in the text?

I downloaded a PDF from a site of insurance about a year without problem. Using the same computer and browser (Safari) I just downloaded the latest version of this pdf file and the first page or 2 appear normal, but the number of pages after that is

Can I run the Mavericks and Snow Leopard on my MacBook?

I have a mid-2009 MacBookPro (4 GB of RAM, 2.26 GHz) running Mavericks 10.9.5. I wish I never upgraded to Snow Leopard and was planning go back from iTunes (12.3.1) is now unable to find my library when I copied the files to my Time Capsule to a new

Something has changed in the El Capitan printing

Got a MacBook Air El Capitan 10.11.1 running.  Question is about the operation of Preview (8.1). When printing brochures on letter paper (8.5 x 11) with the Microsoft Word source material (2011), I set the size of the paper half a page (8.5x5.5) and

How to format external Seagate 4 tb HD 'ExFAT? NTFS

I have heard that I should reformat the HD but am not sure how to proceed and what are the appropriate choices from the menu format?

I can't seem to attach a song from iTunes to my slide show in Photos v 1.2

I can not attached a song bought from iTunes to a slide show I did in Photos.  The music icon that I chose a song that I think that I bought, but the slideshow plays without music.  I tied with success a song do the same thing last week, but it's not

Storage of HD 128

My system: RENOVATED March 2015.  MB Pro 13 w / retina.  128HD 8 GB of memory.   OS X EL Capitan 10.11.1 something takes over 60% of HD storage as 'OTHER '.  I don't know what it is or how to find out if I transferred to old MB Pro 2010.  Can I delet

Safari does not work. The "safari" in demand is no longer open

Safari does not work. The "safari" in demand is no longer open. I have an imac.

HELP! can not scan from my Canon2520 in the Capitan

Capitan updated earlier... just bought a new Canon Pixma MG2520 and I finally managed to do print, but have spent all morning trying to get it to scan to no. AVAIL! Help!

I subscribe to iTuness game to use a song on a slideshow?

Is there another way, where I can buy a song to use on a slide show for private use?  My problem is perhaps simply that I don't know how / where to record the song I bought on iTunes.  In pictures, my pictures that I use 'Create Slideshow' choose and

What is the sequence to manage his photos on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Ask for help to understand how to manage an iPhoto library.  What is the sequence for recording on a Mac, to eliminate duplicates on iPhone and iPad?

First key sometimes missed

In the last week or so, I noticed that he will miss the first strike in a window box or the search if it has not been used for a while.  He has twice just typing here.  Everyone knows about this problem? I am running 10.11.1 El Capitan on an iMac 27-

Spotify does not appear in the spotlight

I'm on Mac os x 10.11.1 The bug was already in Mac os x Yosemite I installed on my mac Spotify. But when I search "Spotify" in Spotlight, only system files will be visible, not the Spotify app. So I have to manually start Spotify from the Dock (or La

The Finder sidebar does not match selected preferences.

I have a MacBook Pro running Yosemite 10.10.5, and lately the side bar of the Finder is not consistent with the selected preferences.  The sidebar lists only MacBook Pro, Macintosh HD and remote disc, even though I checked all the boxes available in
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