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Italic option on e-mail-how do

Is there a setting to the italic option is available.  It is here and now it is not available. On a MacBook Air 10.10.5

Quiet clean server

Hi all Recently, I realized that a program called "SilentCleanServer" appeared from nowhere running in my background. I tried to force it to quit, but to no avail. Tried searching with avg anti virus as well, but could not find anything with her. Thi

post in orphaned files

Hello I send in folders in my file Library/Mail/V2/boxes to the letters do not appear in the mail. How to rebuild Mail so the files that I see in the library can be seen in the Mail? Thank you very much Peg

Accident picture of el capitan in the generation of calendar

Hello I have been using Photo today to build the 2016 family calendar. It has been crashing (color wheel and force quit and sending reports to Apple) a few times. Once completed, I bought the impression, and he crashed again during the generation, pa

rear Safari gel scanning

Safari, when I return to the page, freeze a few seconds. At the same time I can't scroll For example, in chrome, this is not present, and it's sad Thanks in advance for your help

How can I install El Capitan on several computers at the same time?

I live in Spain, where I have a few computers to service. The internet lines here are slow and unstable, so it is difficult to get all of the updates in without entering the trail other activities. I wonder if it is possible to download El Capitan on

Malicious site asking Apple ID

I am posting this here because I hope in some the message will get to someone at Apple and they may have more success in the action on this subject than me. I received an email telling me someone tried to access my Apple account and I needed to conne

MacBook Pro 2012 Rainbow ball of death every few seconds

Hello world. I have known shift problems with my Macbook Pro 13 inch 2012. I have IE installed Capitan. I don't know what the problem is, but I did a lot of things to try to solve this. I can post more details if necessary, but I am currently typing

What is a good advertisement Blocker?

I'm looking for a good blocker. Any advice on the malware would be so appreciated.

Photos App - small pocket book is unavailable

That's happened? I can't create small paperback books more in the new application photos? Am I missing something, or this format was simply cancelled? In iPhoto I can always create small paperback books. Apple cancel this option in iPhoto as well? ##

AirPlay does not work in El Capitan

I can't get AirPlay works in any form on my mbp of 2009 with fully updated El Capitan. There is no icon in the menu bar, and when I use QT and chose the time inside the app I get picture but no sound. I also tried to set the output to the Apple TV, b

Missing Pages and Numbers after upgrading to El Capitan.

I have spend Lion, El Capitan, expecting the apps, Pages, and Numbers to be installed as part of the upgrade. I understand that these applications have been made available in the upgrade to Yosemite. If it were, why haven't they installed when I upgr

On Yosemite 10.10.3, I often get the message that your system is short of memory application. Activity Watch monitor is because of "AppEH" who eats little bit all memory

On Yosemite 10.10.3, I often get the message that your system is short of memory application. Activity Watch monitor is because of "AppEH" who eats little bit all memory

Cannot crop photos!

When you crop a photo, the photo is broken down into small colorful pieces! On the way back I had to UNPLUG the computer and try again with the same results. What I am doing wrong? I much prefer the older version of iPhoto prior to installing El Capi

Where's my photos download status bar?

I make videos of my photos on an external hard drive. With iPhoto, there used there will be a download status bar that would jump by telling me how much time was left until the file has been transferred. Now, nothing is still show that he is working

Tap to click and three fingers slide no longer work after El Capitan update - MACBOOK AIR early 2014

Things no longer work after the update are: 1. TAP to click (I checked it on SYS PREF > TRACKPAD > tap-to-click) 2 finger three windows 3 Thre finger of several files and text selection. I have selected three fingers slide accessibility and options o

The trash is no accept any file

Hi all Well, as the title suggests, the trash does not accept any file and I mean 'everything', I don't speak of locked files. Whenever I drag and drop a file into the trash, I get this error message: "the operation could not complete because it is i

iMessage works do not correctly on mac and macbook

Hello! Randomly, IMessage decided to stop sending messages to my macbook. I get messages on my phone, but every time I try to send whatever it says "undeliverable message". I spent under preferences and checked to send messages from my account ID app

System not on the iCloud photo library?

Can I can put a photo library independent of the system on the disk to iCloud and therefore have access to it from multiple macs?