View target for iMac (21.5 inch, late 2009)

If I connect my MacBook Pro (retina, 13 inch, mid-2014) on my iMac (21.5 inch, late 2009) via a mini-Displayport to mini Displayport cable will I be able to use my iMac as a second screen in target Display Mode?

iMac 5K Frost

I have an iMac 5K. Bought March 19 with Apple Care. Yes, I know that I could make an appointment, but in hope, a person may be able to solve this problem without a visit to the store. The problem: It seems to be random (I can't cause happens at will)

Upgrade to 10.6 to 10.7 on iMac

Will Upgrade 10.6 to 10.7 on iMac with 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with 4 GB 800 DDR2 SDRAM WORKINGMz?  AND id 10.7.5 all he can accept?  I di think the iMac is an Early 2008 but do not know may be more recent than that.

How can I save to iCloud?

I have an iMac running El Capitan. I filled my external hard drive 1 TB using Time Machine. I'm ok with most recent backups remaining on the external hard drive, while Time Machine deletes older backups. I recently bought the 200 GB storage on iCloud

How can I connect a HARD drive external through terminal to display a hidden folder.

I keep all my important data in a dmg encrypted in a folder hidden in my mac (I know, I'm a little paranoid), long story short, my mac HARD drive wiped. Luckily I had a backup, but is on an external HARD disk and the file is still hidden, I can't und

Characters of legal Firmware Password

Characters of legal Firmware Password What are the legal characters to use the password of the firmware for a mac. I read alphanumeric are accepted and that of other characters may cause a problem, but this seems silly. What characters are allowed as

Upgrade: Yosemite or El captain

I have a MacBook Pro.  The processor is: Intel Core 2 Duo, CPU speed: 2.4 GHz, number of processors: 1 Total number of cores: 2, L2 Cache Memory: 3 MB, memory: 4 GB.  Right now I am running! 0.6.8 should I go to Yosemite or El captain.  (I read about

iMac flickers when turned on

When I played something on my iMac last night I was thirsty so I went to go get something to drink and when I came back the screen was black. I thought the iMac just went to sleep so I tried to wake him up but it didn't work so I restarted the iMac a


"Myway Convertanyfile. I accidentally acquired a toolbar on my homepage to Google for "Convertanyfile." Can someone tell me how to remove it and all files that may be associated with it. Thank you John

Mail sends incomplete messages before I click on send! (Mail4.6/1085)

I have an iMac and a MacBook, same level of operating system, same level of messaging. Email is a gmail account.  I use it on my two computers. My imac continues partial emails whenever I leave an email from my laptop.  There the e-mail settings on t

Need help troubleshooting transformation slow speed on my new iMac

New iMac, purchased in August 2015, worked well until this week. Now, everything happens very slowly. Color wheel, slow, typing speed, applications crashing, etc. It's an iMac with 1.4 GHZ Intel Core i5 and 8 GB of memory. From this moment, I have 43

Loading images from the camera to the Finder

How can I load pictures from my camera directly into a folder I made on Finder?  I don't want to go through the program Foto everything first because then the photos arrive in a place that is impossible to find and manage.

Can I use MacRemover to remove glimmerblocker?

This app came during a search, but it sounds too much like MacKeeper to me.   Is there a way to remove glimmerBlocker?

My MacPro will not start. I get a gray and white screen. Continues to try to restart, but never done! Advice please.

Care of my MacPro is lower from a previous post.  It does not start, but keep train.  I get the rope to music if I stop and start again.  Advice please.  Thank you very much.  Allan Material Information: ℹ️ Mac Pro (early 2008) (data sheet) Mac Pro -

replacing the hard drive on Imac 2011

I have an Imac (27-inch) nodel 2011 2429. The hard drive is dead according to disk utility. I'm curious to replace everything with a 2.5 SSD drive? If so, all of the recommendations. Supposed to be faster and all. Any suggestions or ideas are welcome

How to insert the IPA in the emails

Subscribe to a discussion forum where we discuss regularly pronunciation, mainly English, but also other languages. It seems that my Mac can reproduce symbols of IPA of others, but I find no way at their entrance. What is the secret, please? I use OS

Which module of Ram of 4 GB and I should buy to upgrade my iMac model id.10.1 built at the end of 2009?

I know that all the specifications of my computer, but there is such a variety of memory modules in the market to buy, I'm confused as to which parameters are essential. For example, latency, do I need a 7 or 9. My original MHz is 1067, 1066 OK? Is a

HELP Please my Mac mini nine day 0 very slow!

Hello! I just received my brand new mac mini for £399 and functioning very slow, delay of ~ 30 s, black screen, crashed once twice for about a minute then flicker, worked for about an hour in total. I know that I went for the cheapest option with low

Extended keyboard keys stopped working.

Does anyone have any suggestions. My keyboard was working fine and I changed some system preferences and now my keys on the side of my keyboard have no entry at all. I use this feature all the time and they are most needed. Any suggestions iMac 27-in

500 GB timeshare + 256 gb SSD w / new iMac = Hmm?

I'm looking to get a new iMac 21.5 "with a 256 GB SSD. I didn't bother me Fusion drives, but 128 GB SSD is just not enough for all my programs. My current computer HARD drive is 500 GB and is also full - backed up by Time Machine. My question is this
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