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signature on my mms for the droid?

Hello I've had my droid for a month or so and so far I love it.  I have synced my google contacts and email, but I would like to add a signature to my text messages. I can't quite figure out how to do this. any suggestions? Lori ~ (my signature)

remove the bluetooth droid device

support Bluetooth link does not cover the droid - can not know how to do this. Thank you very much

Forwarding email to gmail cox

Hello everyone! Can someone show me how to get my cox email to my gmail? I just bought my Droid phone today. Thanks in advance Vicy

Droid, how I turned off the alarm once he wakes me up?

I just got my DROID on Saturday. Set the alarm for Mon - Fri, it went away, but I couldn't stop it winding up is to turn off the phone.

Droid and battery charger

too many toys - too many Chargers - trying to find 1 or 2 to travel with the option - the OEM charger output is listed at 5.0V to 850 mA - what happens if you use a charger (motorola) which is rated at 5v to 700 mA - 5v quid 550 OA - any problems? Th

Droid App Question

I'm new to the Droid, got it a week ago - love him. But I have a question about the apps that I have read that some applications drip the battery, so I downloaded ATK Lite. Works very well. But since that I notice that when I go to kill and app via A

q App? but probably a mug shot w not solution.

Hi fellow droid owners. This can b more of a mug shot, but... If there is an answer please let me know. I have already asked to disable or deletin apps so they run constantly in the background n suckn place of the processor. resounding answer is that

Search in calendar and go to

As far as I see it, there's no way to jump to a specific date on the application of standard calendar.  Also I did not understand how to search.  Someone at - it understand this?  I missed something obvious?

No media

I plugged my Droid into the USB port on my PC and clicked on computer.  I have not found the Droid, so I clicked on Administrative Tools > computer management > management of disks and found Disk1, disk storage temporary E, but it says no media. I wo

Easy Note I am looking for instructions for Droid

Hi I just download Easy Note on my new Droid and I found their instructions for HTC, but I have not found anything for the Droid.  This seems to be a cool app, but I can't do some of the things it lists in directions for HTC.  Any suggestions would b

Why can't access again phone text messaging contact?

Hi its me again. so. Enter my new 1 contact yesterday. went 2 send a text msg n clicked on the to: box to type the name n is not there. CKD in phbook and found it. IM able to send msg fr here, but why can't I access it through text msg? I ended up ty

Adding breaks to a phone number

I had my old phone programmed to dial in a corporate voice mail system.  I could insert pauses to wait for the guests to the box mailbox # and password.  How do I key in a break on the Droid?

The overnight cycle battery

All I have this problem: I turn off my cell phone, to go to bed with almost full battery, when I wake up and try to turn it back on, it has no power, the battery has completely discharged. What can I do about it?

Type ' |' on the physical keyboard Droid

I use connectBot to ssh in a computer at home, and there are a number of things I do that I need the ' |' symbol for.  This symbol is located on the virtual keyboards (switch to digital mode-> alt-> 3), but I can't find anywhere on the physical keybo

How to download videos to phone

I am trying to download the video from my computer to my phone. I have converted the video to the correct file (3g 2), but don't see a folder to download. When I connect the phone to my computer via a USB cable and use the my phone Sync mode is as a

Can I send email from the Q9 using gmail as my email provider?

I have configured my gmail account on the phone via both POP3 and IMAP4 to try to get out of work emails but cannot send the email from the phone. No reception at all problems! have been using [], as suggested on other advice 'requi

T-Mobile Wi - Fi

I have my cellular provider T-mobile. When I try to use my home Wi - fi network to browse the internet, everything goes well until I turn on the browser. The phone detects the network, connect to it, and then I click on Fun & Apps > Web Access. If I

3rd party applications does not not with Q9h on T - Mo

I use an unlocked Q9h who was made to ATT, I just bought the phone and I use it on Tmobile. I was able to get almost everything to work internet/mms. The problem is that I have download all applications do not connect to the internet such as Google M


I have the Z3 and I tried the configuration styles in different ring (vibrate, vib & ring, vibe then ring) but my phone will not vibrate on any one of these styles.  Help, please

Voicemail password

I used to be able to call my voicemail with a single button, and the phone would dial * 86 and the password with a "p" to pause, and then he would automatically enter the password.  All with a single button.  I had to do a reset and now I can't seem
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