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And yet another delay for the 2.1 update...

DROID: How to enter my 26 digit WEP code so I can get into my WIFI network? Not enough space.

It doesn't seem to be enough space to enter the WEP code. How he do?

Spelling question Forum

Has anyone find it funny that the spell checker in the forum said the word "DROID" is incorrectly spelled?  One might think, there is a way for someone to add the word to the spelling dictionary, but nobody has yet done.

Text & Email alerts/notifications during a vibrate mode?

Hello people! I just took the Motorola Droid this weekend and I'm having a problem with something... so here and I hope someone can help me with this question: While my phone is on vibrate, how is it that whenever I get a new SMS, gmail or facebook t

Email crash

My e-mail account has started to crash whenever I open it.  I have this set up for AOL mail only. "The application Email ( has stopped unexpectedly.   Please try again. " I saw the other posts on this - tried to remove and re

Need help touch screen

OK, I'll admit directly upward, I'm blond.   I was adding things to the touchscreen, but added inadvertanly than some I didn't. How to remove these shortcuts on the home screen?  I've looked everywhere and just don't see him anywhere.  Thus, any help

How to disable the default e-mail account?

Hello all, thanks to you I downloaded K9 & it works fine - TY much. The only problem I have is that I get now 2 sets of emails, 1 of K9 & one of the default email application. I know it should be easy to do, but I do not know how to turn it off. Help

Navigation/Bluetooth question.

I finally had time to try the navigation today. Everything worked OK, but it was hard to hear so I have a few questions. (1) I did not hear the voice directions through my bluetooth earpeice although this arrangement has worked well for the functions

How to change the number of appellants music hear when they call me?

Can someone tell me where to go to change the music, callers hear when they call me?  For the life of me I can't understand.

some question on the droid

1. How can I get rid of open it after I turned on the phone? Why should I have this 2-step process? 2. the contact search - how can I use a more sophisticated process which takes account, the name of the company and not only the name of the contact.

Phone (App?) thinks that's not on a phone call when switching (apps?) back to 'Phone' and still tlkn.

I'm having a problem where if I jump on a browser then on the speaker, and then return the phone thinks I'm not on a call, and he won't let me hang up.

Reset Droid and another question

Hello, all. I've had my Droid for about 2 months (and so far, it's great), but I ran across a problem.  My phone completely drained of its energy, and when I plugged in my USB charger on my computer, it not turn on, then turn on ten minutes later, wo

Setting up Outlook email accounts

OK, first of all I am 55 and my computer is off to College.  I had a Blackberry Storm but just bought the Droid because I couldn't take more locked up.  I created the gmail account but I have 6 other e-mail accounts that I use at work that all come t

Droid has bad artist name

On my Droid I clicked on the icon of music, artists.  I looked for Mark Taber playing "a rainy afternoon at Carl. Instead, I found that Marty Ballou listed as the artist.  Marty accompanyies Mark, he is not the main artist.   I dragged music files on

How do you turn / off-road?

Probably something silly, but in reading the manual, you can press on and press "home" to see what applications are running.   Is it interesting to disable these applications (runs faster, less battery drain, etc.) and if so, how do you go?  Is there

Use of Droid in Europe

I know that phone service and 3g data service is not available in Europe, but will work the wifi and gps? Also can I recharge the droid in Europe simply adapting the electric pins to adapt the European catch? Thank you

Outlook Sync with Droid task?

I just bought a new droid, pass a BlackBerry; I really need to sync with my Outlook tasks. Is there a way to do otherwise than through Google Sync? I need to be able to view a list of the tasks that I can change quickly on my phone.

How to recover the info from my Razr V3a with a display empty?

My phone went meal last night and now the screen is black, I have two years of photos not to mention that I lost all my contacts. So I have a few questions... I don't think this phone came with a smart card, then, is it possible to get all my info wi

Downloads of ringtones and S/W version?

Carrier said that my version of s/o ROKR U9 will not work with downloads.  Need to download the new version of Motorola, but they say there is no update to download.  I have the version number of s/w that I need, but how do I get it?

Does anyone know how to transfer music videos on a RAZR2 V9 with a Mac?

I tried all the different ways to transfer music videos on my RAZR2 V9 with my Mac but with the chance to know. I can download these videos like music, but the phone will not play them in music videos. Anyone know where I can buy software that would
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