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Outlook, gmail, and Droid sync

I use Outlook on my PC for e-mail, calendars and contacts. Sync works fine for Outlook mail to gmail for the Droid. How to make it automatically Sync for calendar and contacts?

Droid: How can I get you (UN)?

When I'm done transferring files between my phone and your PC, it seems logical that I would not disable the USB storage (although maybe I'm not understand what that means).  I get a dialog box that says: "before turning off the USB storage device, r

Amazon MP3 does not open

Hello. Since last week I get this message when you try to open Amazon MP3, "Sorry!" The application Amazon MP3 (process has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. "I turned off the phone, out of the battery with no luck. I would be g

Eris has more screens than the Droid?

I played with a Droid Eris friends last night and noticed that it has 6 screens. My Droid has only 3. I was under the impression that the Droid has been higher than the Eris and although, I think I have 6 screens is better functionality. Y at - it a

Droid: you can remove part of the thread of the text, but not ALL?

I would like to save one or more of the messages in a thread but quickly... text in time... the rest in this thread.  I know I can delte message by message, but I can highlight several texts & delete them all at once?

I can't send video...

Keeps saying file too big? Is this something in my settings?

Wake up without the Dock?

I did a quick search of the forum/web site and did not find the answer... Is there a way to watch the wake screen that you normally see in the dock without being in the dock (or play with magnets)? I guess it's an app on the phone, but I don't see an

How many of you guys are running a task killer?

I have read from various sources, including this forum a task killer does more harm than good. Is this true?  If so, why they are so popular, and why even the developers do them?  The guys who do not perform a task killer are you the same or the batt

Screen of panic

S o I don't really know how to describe this problem other than the screen seems sometimes panic.  It will start to detect random taps screen which makes it virtually impossible to do anything.  This seems to relate to, when I do volunteer work at th

Not all contacts appear in the contacts list or search

So, yet another new show with the Droid (I am so exhausted by this "phone"... my last motorola for sure). I tried looking for contacts that I know are in my contact list. However, they don't appear in the scrolling list or suggest the list as I type

Disable the clock radio

Does anyone know how to assign a hard button, like the shutter of the camera, to turn off the alarm when it fires. Find the right place to touch on the screen is difficult (I'm far-sighted) so one of the 2 buttons on the side of the device could help

Save Mp3 file of e-mail for the Droid

How can you save a MP3 file to the files on the Droid so we can use it as a ringtone or etc.. ?  I did a search but could not find anything Thank you

Gmail/Google Apps, not until the refresh synchronization

I've had my Droid since its release 11/6.  I have my email connected to Gmail/Google Apps.  It worked perfectly until this week when my email stopped automatic synchronization.  No I do not get my email unless I do a refresh or restart.  I have to in

How to use MPT v 3.0 on V188 to migrate V197

I have a 4.5 years V188 and an unused MPT v 3.0 CD and mini-USB/USB cable. It is now time to migrate to a new V197. I want to export my V188 to Excel on my PC files, edit and clean em before you load the data on the V197. If I go to Motorola Support

Phone Tools 4.60 - 5.07 a-cannot update

I phone 4.0 Tools CD. I can't upgrade to the next version of phone tools. I tried several times.  I'm at 4.60 and next upgrade by live States 5.07 update. I created a new profile and the name of Karma, but I said my phone is not detected and isn't a

Battery dying after 50 hours standby

Bought a new KRZR on Amazon in July. Have not used much at all yet, but use it very very soon. I am concerned about the battery life because when I charge the battery loses charge very quickly (after about 50 hours) not used at all. It seems therefor

Do not close the display

This morning the screen blanks just never out.  I tried to adjust all the power settings which appear relevant, I turned off and turned on the back, I turned off, removed the battery for 3 min. and turned back on... nothing seems to have an effect. 

ICS ATT GPRS settings

Hi, I recently bought a Q9h, but since I live in outside of the United States, my supplier tells me that so that my phone connects to internet via GPRS, I need to unlock or remove the ATT ICS settings, is there a way to do this? Except that I Don t h

How do you secure your Karma? Codes and passwords

I'm new to a lot of this.  The minimal explanation in the guide of the user on the left of security that confused me so I have a lot of questions. 1. What is recommended to protect its data theft or misuse of Karma? 2. What is the difference between

Proud owner of an EM326g... what?

Yesterday (August 6) I bought a Motorola EM326g with Net10.  Unfortunately I found no reference to this on the web site of Motorola phone.  My instructions tell me to download the drivers from PC charge from the web site of Motorola, but my phone is