Behalf of the community created under false account of Netgear

So, it's annoying. When you create a username for the community of Netgear, I didn't notice I was logged in as our sysadmin account of company we use for our hardware monitoring, rather than be signed as my own account. Is that what I can do to solve


Yo compre 2 con devices 4 camaras cada una y 5ta camara despues me dicen q tengo than pay a premium service o elite? Porque? If yo por tener cada dispositvo x 5 gratis camaras? Alguiem me you can responder? Gracias

can not find the EX7300 EXTENDER uk reseller

I want to buy an EX7300, but NETGEAR site button "where to buy" is delivered empty and usual custodians search comes up with nothing. Does anyone know of a UK reseller? Kind regards Mikeuk24

change WIFI channels | EX6200

Hi people, I am looking to change the wifi channel but I don't see any possibility to do. When I'm in my range extender (WLAN-> Setup) Setup, the button for Wifi-channel(2,4GHz) is grey so I can't change the channel. In 5 GHz Mode I can edit, but why

NETGEAR EX7300 feature & Spec issues

I have a few questions on Netgear EX7300 before depositing the money to buy it I cannot find an answer in marketing materials or support materials of the product: In access point mode, it does not support band direction?Is to transmit a beam forming

Configure a new WN2000RPT without PC

I need to buy a Repeater. So I chose this one, but I don't have any PC with me right now and I need to ask to to configure the router wireless LAN via Iphone thank you can I.

WiFi extender Setup

Set up the Extender and it works very well on the 2.4 GHz band, BUT can't make it work on the 5 GHz band. I have an AT & T ARRIS NVG589 router. Any suggestions on how I can get the 5 GHz band to work? It is a relatively new router provided by AT & T.

stretching from the internet connection via a wired ethernet cable

Hello First time poster. I have a netgear R8000 Nighthawk on my 2nd floor. I intend to use an ethernet cable connected to the R8000 and bring it downstairs in my living room. My question is, is - it possible to be able to connect the ethernet cable i

Question of EX7000

Hi, this could be seen as a very simple question, but I want to confirm. I have a Netgear EX7000 is a wifi extender. I moved to a new place and I will order cable internet. I'll buy my own cable modem. (ARRIS - SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 high-speed Cable M

Extender for hotels

Range extender that can be used in hotel? For the most part, you must connect to the hotel wifi with the user id and password. There is no WPS. What range Extenders can handle such a web connection?

EX6100 EXTENDER no light client

For some reason, the Extender does not connect. The light of the customer does not come. There is no change after resetting, powering the network and start again, wiring of the Extender to wireless router. This has not happened before. The light on t

RN102 ran out of space, restarted unit and is still rising. Help!

My RN102 ran out of place today so I released about 400 GB. DF h confirmed that I released the space but I was always getting no space left on the device errors. Btrfs showed this: Btrfs fi df/dataSingle data: total = 3.62TiB, used = 3.62TiB Not know

6.4.2 - Creating RN-314-OS user accounts

Stupid question time. NAS initially set up with me as single user - so just used the name 'admin' - without adding an "account"... Now the addition of two other users - is - it necessary or useful now also create a username for me the administrator?

MYBook Live - cannot create the mapped drive

AC1200 WiFi Range Extender Through the main router, or through the other router stretching I can install and access the shares of my WD MyBook Live. However, throug the Extender I can't. HOWEVER I can see the WD drive in the list of network and can b

My browser keeps taking me directly to the NETGEAR engineering after that I have successfully put in place.

I use the N300 Wireless Range Extender, model EX2700. I created this range extender months ago and for some reason, now it does not directly take me to the NETGEAR Smart configuration genius. I tried to reset the Extender to the factory settings and

Cable connection access point N300wnr2000v3

Hello, I have my N300wnr2000v3 sjabloon als accespoint. Works very well. But now I want a new connection through an ethernet cable. The N300 is not regonised it. I have any cable, offshore power cables and new plug. Does not work for. Can I make a co

Bridge or Access Point mode? What is the difference? Cascade?

Hello Just to give you a quick training of my installation at this time. I have a 4500 square foot home and currently Uverse Internet (NVG589, 45 Mbps down, 5 Mbps upward). I bought myself a R7000 hopes to expand to the entire network. I also have a

Router will not connect to internet (modem Comcast)

I have had this router for a few months with no problems. But this morning all my computers says limited connection... I'm still on the network, but not internet available. I tried to unplug the power on the modem and the router, but the same thing h

default value for 20/40 mhz coexistence

Hello Someone will be kind enough to give me the default value for the "20/40 mhz coexistence?It's in the tab advanced, Advanced Configuration, wireless settings, in the section "Settings advanced wireless (b/g/n 2.4 GHz)" at the beginning. Thank you

NAT on Xbox problems

NAT strict rest type no matter what I try.I gave up on the phone and chat support live if I'm hoping someone on the forum can help out me. After spending 2 days with support from netgear and nothing...(Oh you will love this. The last support person I
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