NI Hardware

Reading data from txt file and move the engine for the data

At this point, I had the table and I already read txt file and I want to read the data in table and separate the corresponding element in 3 parts (3 axes: X, Y, Z) and I was able to make the transmission of data to move the motor in this position. an

NEITHER 9205 multichannel devices

Hello I use two 9205 materials nor supporter of tensions. When I connect one fo the features everything seems to be ok. When I conncet the second device, I can't read the correct value for the voltage. I had read that change the sampling frequency an

How to read 4 similar channels at the same time with the MCC

Hello with the mcc libraries and a card PCi-6034 classic (by calculation of the measure), I want to read 4 analog channels at the same time. I have a "scope" with 4 channels.  How to read 4 channels at the same time with the mcc? MF

NEITHER 9481 relay are not locked when running the labview compiled exe on a computer with only installed labview execution?

I recently bought a cDAQ-9172 with several modules.  One of the modules is a NI 9481 relay module.  I created an application using Labview and built an exe file.  If I run the exe on the computer, it was developed on the relays work properly, that is

Pulse counting with USB 6008

Hello world! I have a project with USB 6008. I want to count impulses (for special features: count the pulses of the encoder) use USB 6008. I wirite with DAQmx to test a simple. But it do ' t run. Please see and help me to do this exercise. I just bo

Question of size for the buffer DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent

Hello? I'm testing the DAQmxRegisterEveryNSamplesEvent function, but it returns an error message. I put the size of the sample 7200. Error message is Providing the function set buffer size? Where do I get 100 000 buffer size in this code?

Rear connector of the SCXI-1520 module as input?

Good morning, Regarding connectors on the SCXI-1520, is it possible to use the rear connector as a 68-pin input (instead of an output)?  I have the following hardware and wanted to know if it's feasible to pipe a signal from an SC-2345 to a PC throug

SCAN_Start in DAQmx

Hello? I wonder if the buffer of the SCAN_Start DAQ function setting corresponds to int32 * sampsPerChanRead parameter in the DAQmxReadAnalogF64 function. And how the buffer parameter is converted into code DAQmx? It is an input and output of the fun

Size of USB data acquisition 2008/USB 2009

We have several USB 2008 Renault in my company, and we plan to go to a USB 2009. We use them in some regions of space is counted rather however, and I was wondering if there is a difference in the physical size of 2009 compared to the 2008 USB USB. T

auto zero mode DAQ in LabVIEW 8.6.1

Hi all I use to program a measure of temperature VI LabVIEW 8.6.1. However, I can't find the AI. Property of AutoZeroMode even if the help, I should have approved the DAQmx Channel/Analog Input / General properties / high precision settings / Auto Mo

USB-6009 as impulse geneartor

Hello I use a card DAQ USB-6009 to read the signal from 3 channels. at the same time, I want to read a TTL trigger and genearte a TTL trigger or a waveform square with a delay of 4 seconds. I'm reading the trigger and then write with "wait" function

Acquisition of data into a laptop card?

I found that this PCMCIA card does not fit into my laptop (lenovo ls400) which has only express card slot, I was trying to find any DAQ card that is made in express card, but I couldn't find one, I was wondering if I need to find some cards or someth

pulse width modulation

What modules or do I need to acquire signals from an LVDT? I have an analog output, but is there another required module?

Noise USB 6211 problem

Hi, I use USB 6211 to measure pressures, but I got too much noise. Please see the attached figure. In order to test if it is the problem of the data acquisition card. I tried to record a 5 V DC from a power supply, and I had V - 2 noise without last

Square signal of amplitude increase Contineously

Hello I'm new to programming. I posted a few questions on the forum and the people were very helpful. I thank all for their help. I have a DAQ and I want to generate a contineously increasing the output voltage of a square waveform. Can someone help

Other data on the same chart Labview DAQ +.

Try to do something fairly simple in labview. We read up to 16 analog inputs continuous (in a loop), the merger signals and display on a single diagram.  Now, I have a few other data from another (non DAQ) instrument playing in another loop much more

How to measure differential analog signals

I read the hand signals and measure single-ended and differential, but I still don't know if a method is appropriate for my applications. Basically, I connect a BNC to one of the analog channels. The NLC has the real signal in a single thread (intern

creating exe files

I am creating an application to install on any PC (with without labview). When you build the application I get following errors: Please help... Error 8 is is produced to copy in> AB_Application.lvclass:Copy_Error_Files.

Configuration/installation of resistance FP-RTD-122

How to configure a FP-RTD-122 to MAX 3.1 for playback of a 44004 thermistor Resistance(normally 2252ohms @ 25 ºC).MAX automatically assigns to the beach-328 to 1562 f and then sends the 848 exit ºF 60ºF measured and temperature.
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