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Error-50303 occurred at ELVISmx_DAQmx create channel

Hello I used the myDaq in my electronic class earlier today and the suspect, I have damaged the myDaq. I had an external power supply connected to my circuit on a Protoboard - the circuit was not directly related to +/-bus on the protoboard, but the

Neither myDAQ oscilloscope bandwitdth

Hi guys I m plans buy the nor myDAQ, but I have a few questions on the function i´m oscilloscope control specifications, but I anithing find can´t on its bandwitdth, thank you Yes I m new to this forum

myDAQ Software Upgrade

I am running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and 32-bit LabVIEW 2010.  I use a myDAQ running NI ELVISmx 4.2.2 and NOR-DAQ 9.1.5.  Everything works fine.  I used this myDAQ a couple of years ago and now I need it for a new class.  I just tested the feature today

mydaq with bench hand vernier

Hi, I write a project with my friend in a course based on the labview software and our project area is of biosensors. We have received a Vernier hand dynamometer to be the sensor of our project and need to write 'everything' to use and display any ty

Oscilloscope ELVIS II +.

Hi all: I just got a unit ELVIS II + and start building some basic circuits. Does anyone know if the oscilloscope has a mathematical function? I need to subtract two signals. No matter how much help this will be appreciated. Thank you Jose Ramos

How to connect an lvdt and cell to usb 6008

Please help me iam do not know how to choose a daq card. looking for a lost lt but iam. I want to measure the force and displacement at the same time a bench test of suspension and I wanted to use or usb6008 because of my budget for the project. can

bandwidth of the function "power spectrum".

I use signalexpress 2009. To analyze the acquired time signal from the area of the previous step in the same project, I applied the power spectrum function. DAQmx Aquire step is configured as follows: Acquisition mode: continuous samples samples read

Run LabVIEW vi - steps stage construction simple comparison

I watched both 'Building run LabVIEW VI steps of a model' and 'Create Plug - Ins to with LabView SignalExpress', but they don't tell me what to do about errors in the process. I am trying to create a step of the user of the Less.VI.  Because it's a '

Ramp and soak application - may not know how to get once a second calendar event

I am trying to create a heating control in LabView SignalExpress 2009 (oddly shown in the remarks as v3.5.0). It's a control algorithm simple ramp and dipping. Every fifteen minutes, I would like to increase heating set value. I tried to use a Sweep

Capture a sample only after analog triggering on a PXI4461 in Labview SignalExpress

-Repost on LabView forum where this thread belongs. Hello I capture two waveforms (external excitations) with my PXI446, one on each HAVE. I use one of them as an analog trigger (rising edge @ some tension), let's say AI0. I need the value of AI1 on

Failed to export the log to Excel file. Continuous time?

Hello I used Signal Express to record some Bio signals for my project, but I forgot to save it as I will, so was all the data in the log file. When I tried to export the file to Excel, he says that I can not export the log in excel, the system does n

signal analysis is not possible - no problem insert

Hello parts of my program menu are disappeared. If I want to add a new step (example: the frequency - power spectrum analysis), I don't see that 'have signals' and 'generate signals' in my menu? Where is my menu "signal analysis"? If I load an old pr

In collaboration with Labview RT and NI-CAN

I'm trying to use a bus CAN (PXI-8464) in a real-time target to accept signals from an external source CAN.  It doesn't seem to work, so I decided to test it using the examples of I/O think in Labview.  I connected the 2 ports on the bus with a cable

What about a list of error and order ODBII?

Thanks for the recommendation for research ODBII.  I was wondering if other members were working in the region to deal with interfacing ODBII?  I want to be able to read and erase codes of error using a VI.

Programming for J1708/1587...RS 485... ?

I'm looking to mount a VI and continues to receive Protocol J1708/1587 entries... it comes to RS 485 input/output correct? Just looking to read data from the ECU... Can I set up the VI as a RS232 read/write VI?  And then just match the incoming data

Supported PCI - CAN HS 2Ports

Get the msg after using a card PCI - CAN HS 2. WARNING ncReadMult: unknown status (3ff6206b) Trying to find exactly where and why this msg is generated. I tested the card; It is ok. Runing for months before with no problems. I seem to be able to read

loss of frames, sometimes with XNET

I send you CAN frames with the XNET interface in CAN get out stream mode. Sometimes I lose CAN messages if they get too close. The messages are known that when running, so I have to configure a message (id, data length) manually (without data). The s

Frame channel Conversion Library of CAN

Hello, I am trying to use the attached ncd file to read from a series Board 2 via the Conversion Library, but it does not work. I can load the noncommunicable diseases to the Max and he read the channel very well. What would cause this? I use the vi

several message pass on CAN

Hello In my application, I was able to send 3 messages CAN at the same time on CAN bus. I donot want to use timestamp, this means that all three messages should be transmitted immediately. But I'm a gatting error Error code:-1074388982 Description:-N

Software for the NI 9233 Impact hammer trigger

I'm collecting data of a built-in beam. I installed the test of impact labview module to acquire data with fmax 1200Hz, sampling frequency - 3000 Hz, to acquire data for about 0.9 seconds with a = 1.2 Hz frequency resolution.He shows me the impact wh
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