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How to transfer a single RT for FPGA data

I start working with the CRio-9012, I want to know how to transfer data from the FPGA RT, I found something about DMA FIFOS, however I notice that it is only possible to transfer pictures, I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I have another que

How to make a loop for

Well, I have a problem I do not know how to solve. The idea is simple but I have no idea how to implement it on LabView. Here it goes: I start with a picture of a [i]. For i from 1 to 5, I initialize all values to zero. I want to build one because I

How can I connect terminals to a vi in order to to use in the other vi?

I created a vi that returns some numbers and I want to use these numbers in an another vi by adding the first vi in the block diagram. I need to create a sort of my first vi output terminals and I don't know how. Can someone help me please?

How to run the attached image control

How to run vi in archive zip attached for image control. Communicate it always the entry is not valid. Thank you.

Tree control: how to change an element

I know how to create a tree. It's very pretty. The next natural step is to edit something: For this example, let's say I have a level superior element called 'Rob' and he has two children "Nora" and "Caleb". The names are the values of the "chain of

shared variable

Hi all There is problem of variable shared with twine, there is table if the variable sharing chain and an array of string is not updated

Calculation of the time of

Hello I am creating a vi that calculates the difference between two times (generated by the State Get / chain time function). Essentially my vi needs 5 entries: Time of departure; Start date; End time; End date; You want seconds? (F). There are also

Operation of the tree Regaurding

HII friends, I use the functioning of the tree... In this tree assume that I have 10 parents in each parent some 3 0r 4 childs will be available... Suppose if I click on a Parent, I want to know how much childs parent has?  How to get it?

need help to navigate through the Boolean photos

I have a program to navigate some Boolean control to its sub-controls. I need to do the same thing for 4 Sub-controls. pelase see jpg attachment. I have a table I need to find channels void (sub-booleancontrols legends) from the legend of a control.

View coordination of the cursor on a picture indicator

Hello I use an indicator of picture to show the results of a measurement of pressure, because it's a 2D distribution. I would like to show the position of the cursor when it is moved. It should look like the tip Strip but change dynamically depending

Drag the control example and how to record a value of the indicator?

Hello world I want to drag the Boolean buttons on my front panel in the time of execution, how can I do? I remember that I have seen an example or why, it's a map on the front panel, but I don't remember the name TT someone knows? and the second ques

Determination of the periods of peaks

In the attached VI (Labview 8.0), I am trying to get the time of the heyday of the amplitude of each channel max. However, after the while loop is stopped, I get the wrong time for the peaks: the first time output (time of wrist disarm) seems to be d

How to hold the pick is or the Valley?

Dear all, I have a wave sampled, then I want to detect the peak of points (or points of the Valley) and hold the point until the next Summit points (or points of Valley) will appear. Now I can use the example of 'Pic' to get the points th

Need help! Interlocked switches or buttons

Hello I have an application of prison access & control running at lookout 6.1. My client asked me to add 2 buttons on the screen or switches to 2 groups of exit doors in case they have an emergency situation. They want me to add a button on the clien

Lookout 6.1 user not found (Vista)

I have set up users (User Manager) and put into groups.   When I try to connect the users do not find.   I was able to set up a password without problem.

DSC and Omron CPM1 (A) vs Lookout and Omron CPM1 (A)

Hello We decide to buy Labview DSC or NI Lookout.  LabVIEW DSC is preferred, even if one needs of OPC servers OR too. However, there is always an answer to decide: In the driver list of Lookout, 'Omron CPM1' is mentioned, even if Omron Hostlink. In t

Applications that run on lookout V3.8 can be imported in V6.1

We currently have Lookout V3.8 running on PC NT.  We must replace the hardware and want to upgrade to V6.1.  Is it also possible to consider keeping the same version on an XP version?

change comm driver for koyo modbus tcp

I have a working system that uses a koyo plc and modbus driver.  I change to the controller for a scadpak with modbus tcp.  Is it possible to switch the comm driver without having to recreate all the tags and the screens that were created under the f

Lookout 6.1 Modbus.cbx object - is 03/03/07 latest version?

One of my clients is upgraded to 5.1 to 6.1 Lookout. We become 'too short response' errors on the statistics screen of Modbus. The old system 5.1 Lookout has no errors, using Modbus.cbx as of 16/05/03. Both versions have the gap set Serial Port of re

How to put milliseconds in waveform export to spreadsheet

Hello I have to read my values of waveforms: Y and X, x is the timestamp. But, for me, it s better to save my results using the waveform Export to spreadsheet. So, after some time I found a way. 1 double-click on wave Export to spreadsheet.2. find in
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