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Help me convert LabVIEW 5.1 existing 8.5 worm code code...

Hello Please help me to convert LabVIEW 5.1 existing 8.5 worm code code. Attached libraries of the LabVIEW to convert. Thank you Sery

How to implement interfaces or inheritance in LabVIEW?

Hi all I try to implement oriented OBJECT in my LabVIEW code and require heritage or just an interface (such as might be required in java).  I have a good knowledge of OOP is just how do me in LabVIEW, I'm curious. I'll try to stick with my own examp

Request for help to convert a LV5.1.1 .dll file so that I can open it in LV8.6

I try to open this .dll (for copying and pasting from the Clipboard) I found on discussion forums. However, it is recorded as LV5.1.1 and I installed 8.6. Could someone open and convert these files for me please? Thank you in advance.

understand the concept of global variables

Hi guys,. I just have a small question... I discovered that my main program uses global variables 855. It was not built by me. I hope that if you guys done with this before? What do you think this is a good approach for me. Find ways to get rid of al

conversion of labview in c ++

Hello I'm not an expert in computer programming. So, I choose LabView rather than an other other languages. But I just came across another problem here. The instrument I use takes only c ++ codes, not of LabView. Is it possible that I can convert the

error code - 33

I am trying to build a project.  The first time, it asks you if I distributions it lists a project I had previously worked on but have since been removed and do not have access to then I answer if I listed distributions.  After that it allows me to t

How to draw 16 signals from a simple 8 channel 2 Data Sources file?

Matrix is an hour + 8 channels from a data source unique assyncronos; MSC is a XY Chart. This works well until now data records changed to 2 assyncronos sources. The format is now: where the data comes from (0,1) + time + 8 channels of data. Rgds,

Regular expression - get longer channel number

I think it's easy, but I can't get it. Lets say I have a string "A1_1000", I would like to remove the 1000 using regular expressions. When I fed regular expression Match I get '1', which is not the longest number. I know other ways to do it, but I wa

Error: the specified resource is reserved.

Hi all I wrote a program that will read the 4 analog input voltages, however, I get the error as shown in the picture.  Basically, Dev1/ai0 thru ai3/Dev1 will be used to get data from. But whenever I run this program, reading DAQmx comes on and the e

Data analysis for peak max after sampling offsets

In the attached VI, each channel is to measure a point of acceleration, which appears as a global maximum on the chart. Ideally, what I want to happen is for both tables to search for their highlight (global max) and the difference in time between th

Error to find the frequency of signal to tachometer

I use the vi "Extract only your Information" to find the speed of a motor.  The entrance is a monarch Laser Tach AC output.  Tach reading is very regular and the AC output is 5 volts peak.  There are a few negative pics, but these are at the speed of

Allen Bradley driver problem

I'm having a problem with the driver Allen Bradley. The help file says it "allows serial comm via a KE, KF or KF2 module. I'm using a KF2 device. I can check everything with RSLinx, see my program, RS that shows everything, but when I try lookout I s

Ports in conflict

Hello I sent to the range of ports 1024-65535 for UDP port access to the Lookout Client. I now have a device (for the telemetry of the camera remotely) that must use the port UDP 1025. Is there a problem if I were to exclude the port UDP 1025 in the

Server to the client

Dear all, I wrote a lookout process and now I have to use the client server architecture, please help me build the client version of the initial process. Best regards, Mohammad javad Danesh

DSC: recognize the historical alarms

Hello I have some problems with the DSC alarms data contained in the historical database. The situation: the Shared Variable engine broken several times while my application is running (don't ask why). This lead somehow to alarms unrecognized in the

signed 32-bit of Modbus data member

I need to read and write data in 32-bit signed integer format modbus address members in my modbus device, this format is [for example] low word 44097 - Hi word 44098 by example, if the address value 44097 is 1 and 44098 0 is the value of sd44097 is 1

rough day

Hello, I was wondering if someone can help me.I'm working on these data graphics program's graphic chart xY, x for days and there is pressure in mmHG.My test runs for several days and when it is successful, the user manually end.I have cal

Failed to initialize the installation program. Error 110. On Windows XP.

Whenever I try to install LV6.1 or LV6.1 DSC Run-Time system, on my Windows XP machine, I always get the following error message: Failed to initialize the installation program. Error 110. I think it has something to do with the MSI or "Windows Instal
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