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Time for registration of a continuous signal offset

Hello I just started learning about LabVIEW and you need to complete this vi. I need to display the data of shift in continuous time, but I don't know how to translate it into an acceptable. Attachment 1 is the vi. Attachment 2 shows where the proble

call a dll 8.2 in Labview 7.0

Hello I have a lot of applications written in Labview 7.0.  I need to add a little update of these applications, using some of the features of the 8.2.1.  I have compiled the functions in a dll and you want to call it in my labview 7.0 application.  

Can I do an installer in Labview evaluation Mode?

Hi all..!! I recently installed Labview 8.2 and I need to create an installer, but I don't know if I can do it in trial Mode... my guy is if after 30 days, I'll be available for always using my Installer... Thanks in advance for answers...!

Tracking the number of outputs VI.

Hello to all 2! I was wondering y at - it a way to keep track of how many times a vi is stopped, even if the user leaves labview? I mean as a counter for vi. This counter should not be affected if the user leaves LabView himself. Any ideas? Global va

Displaying a message timed in panel test for 10 seconds

What is the best way to display a pop-up message timed in the current test Panel?

Do drag & drop using Booleans - question!

Hello to all 2! Here's what I'm trying to do: I have 2 Boolean commands that has one independent of the other on the front panel. I want to be able to change the State of the control 'Slave' drag-and - drop 'Master' on it. Example: 'Master' - WRONG i

How to change the name of the graphic cursor Position

LV 8.6.1 - Win Vista I've seen this question asked before, but the responses were 4-5 years ago, and perhaps that things are different now. I have a chart xy (see photo) where I display a cursor and use the NAME attribute to be DISPLAYED. Outside the

addons installer missing

I just reinstalled my system, added 7.1 LV, *.5 and headed the full installer to 8.6.  Older versions are missing from most of the addons toolkit.  What is the best method to add the software, I have developers Professional suite liscences for all ve

Using simulate arbitrary signals

Is it possible to import more than 100 samples with the VI express to simulate arbitrary signals? When I try to "load data" in the signal screen set it is important only 100 lines

Source Code recovery utility

Hi all I have a few important source codes that have been accidentally deleted from an old machine to Windows 2000 (oops) and I need to recover. I tried two recovery utilities (professional quality) Unfortunately, these software did not siguture corr

Recording of video loops

We are working on a program at the point where we want the video to loop over a certain period of time. In case of external action, we want the video to continue to the left the time that we have specified registration and save the avi file. For now,

off the hook and DSC

It is a cross-post from the map to LV found here. I'm looking to update a former BridgeVIEW PPA who has used the property "off the hook" which was available in the Lookout protocol drivers. If any of you have managed to migrate an application that us

Is it possible to restore or rebuild a corrupted database?

I'm trying to get information from a database, but it is corrupt and not allowing not to see any traces of availbable.  If there is a way to restore or rebuild a corrupted database?

Extract ODBC data Long field names

I need to extract some data created by the 4 lookout data logging (files .thd).  Is it possible to do so. I use a PC that does not have installed belvedere, I only database files What I got so far is to export some fields whose names are less than 62

Lookout Web Export Controls Fail

Hello We have created a fairly advanced system for monitoring sensors of temperature among other things via a modbus and while I am able to see all the lookout controls inside Lookout itself, the minute I try and export of files to the web server Loo

Problem with the drive of belvedere with 6.1 and 6.2

I've updated my Lookout to Version 6.2 Server computer, and my client computers still under client version 6.1 still work correctly. But, my cliect computers running the drive Lookout 6.1 can not connect. If I export my files from the web server of 6

File state recording does not to the redundant server / backup Lookout 6.2

I have my State process server configured file to save the backup server every 5 minutes. I noticed an alarm recently saying that the report file could not be saved. I am able to map, my server, the folder on my backup server where I want to save sta

Socket.ReceiveBufferSize change Windows UDP

I've used a LLB LabVIEW which allows to customize a TCP socket (LLB TCP_NODELAY) to enable and disable delayed acknowledgement. The LLB OR contains a password protected VI which returns a raw TCP socket ID which is then used as input for a node to ca

Unable to display the Find tab

I know it has been asked and answered before, but I can't find it... : if I use LabWindows / Help / CVI libraries / help topics the installation wizard appears, but it fails with the error message: cannot display the tab search (177). If I remember c