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standard deviation for the slope of the linear fit

I need away from the slope of the linear fit. Please confirm me if what I do is correct. I use the 'delta slope '' of the linear intervals did change the trust level of 0.95 to 0.68. But again, I'm not sure I can identify the slope delta as the devia

is it possible to get the label of any variable as a string?

After all I have label indicator (or other) is there a function that reads the label and returns a string?

Why my custom control consuming 30% of the CPU power?

Hello on my laptot C2D 2.0 GHZ if I open just VI with custom control I developed it consumes about 30% of the CPU power. Could someone explain why? Is also my problem with this control? I see it with 8.5 and 8.6 as well. It must be linked to its repr

Convert string received UDP a real por

Hola. Estoy con of UN PLC comunicando Labview mediante UDP. Can mandar back values Oyster desde el PLC y worm data in Labview. El problema that are quite en modo don't string y no muy entendibles. He convertido Los has an array of 8 bytes there is Fr

new vi on the old version

Hello!  I have Labview version 6 on my computer, and I a vi that was created on a Labview 7.  Anyone would be able to convert this file for me?  Thank you!

Lookout 6.2 - nicitdl5.exe Crash

About 2 weeks ago nicitdl5.exe started crashing on my server. I have this service set to restart after 1 minute, if it crashes while it wasn't a problem when he started first because my data of hypertrend were still visible. Now, over the last few da

reference to cloned VI

I'm trying to get the reference to cloned VI. I have a program that has multiple reentrant calls VI with clone prealocated for each instance. I would like to reset the default values of all the clones that's why I need reference to call the method th

Tables of writing with keys

Hi all From the looks of things, I can't write arrays using keys to write in the ini file. Is this correct?  I ask because I would simplify the code for the default color (8 colors) VI that allows me to specify the default value of colors in an execu

Select the cell & Excel sheet

I currently have hundreds of files that have 3 excel sheets.  Some files have been saved with the first worksheet open, others when the second sheet is open and some when the third sheet is open.  When one of these files is automatically opened it op

I'm writing a VI that updates a file whenever it is running, but on a new day a new file is created that is updated up to what a new day begins.

I wrote a VI to create and update a file as many times as necessary on any given day. Any other day, a new file is created which, from that day there will be updated every time that the VI is executed and so on. The problem is that when I run time VI

background buffer configuration

I'll have a few outputing hurt a - 10 / + 10V sinusoidal at different frequencies to measure the bandwidth of a filter. I get a "generation stopped to prevent the regeneration of old samples... increase the size of the back buffer by setting the buff

Entered Unwired error cause buffer allocation

Recently, while playing 'Hide the Dots', have I noticed that wiring not not admission of error on the functions (such as the authors of the notifications, queues or nodes of property) may be coming to a bill of costs. If a cluster of error is X bytes

Material synchronizing error PCI-5122

I tried to run the attached vi (which I ran several times before) and my computer blue screen.  When it restarts, I could no longer use my PCI-5122 digitizer card.  When I try to do a test of the device or device reset in MAX, it tells me that theres

object of alarm monitoring

Hello How can I make an alarm trigger every 2 hours if the alarm has not been deleted, and even if the alarm has been recognized. I wan't to force the operator to examine the whole issue of the alarm. Example if my level alarm low tank is active and

digital alarm

Hello I would like to know if by definition the hi and lo alarm triggers in the digital alarm of my object of alarm if section which will alert the SCADAlarm? and if SCADAlarm need to see the .the. example: Lookout 4.5 alarm_server_db = alarm object

connection of DataTable

I am fairly new with LookOut so be patient.  What is the right way to connect to a datatable to a modbus?  I came across several examples that showing completely in front of the kind to each other.  For example, a server process has a connection like

Archive database will not be properly recorded on a CD

This question concerns my other post regarding the transfer of data. How to transfer my old database to my new computer? I managed to get my old database with all the data on the new computer to detach the database by default (using Max) and moved to

My MS Office Communicator opens when I click on 'Connect with instrument' on Measurement & Automation Explorer.

Hello Recently I am having problems using the option "contact instrument" on measurement and Automation Explorer.  When I tried to click on 'communicate with instrument' button, my MS Office Communicator starts to open, then an error message appears

Creation of Setup always ask to insert the CD disk

Hello I am trying to find a way if I can avoid the situation of having to re - insert several CDs while I'm creating an installer at all times. I previously installed all the software on the disk device driver and the original labview application dis

Calculation of the measure or NEITHER, that is the question!

Well actually this isn't one more question. OR purchase MC. Is anyway for me to go back and change all of these positions were I said using lead stuff and NO development faster than with a M