HP Pavilion 15 laptop: HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC K2Z52AV

HP Pavilion 15 Notebook PC K2Z52AV Why have I not available Bluetooth after upgrade to Windows 10?

HP Pavilion T8Z15UAR #ABA: compatible Bluetooth

My network card is Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11 bgn WI - FI adapter. I'm trying to understand if it is Bluetooth compatible. The card said it was when I bought my laptop. But I can't seem to make it work. I got the Bluetooth tab in the window of Notifica

Spectrum of HP x 360 (Lake of set): error during the update of the Bios (c2-error: the region is write-protected)

Just got the new spectrum x 360 with processor i7 to set Lake.  I love most everything on it, but it's hot in the upper left corner, and temperatures are in the order of 80-90 during a normal charge.  Research of solutions possible and a common solut

HP mini 110 1046NR: BIOS password forgotten

I inheireted this HP mini 110 1046NR from my grandmother who passed away. Unfortunately my children tried to log on to the user account too many times without success and now when I power on it goes straight to a black screen and asks the current pas

HP Pavilion g7-1075dx: Admin word password not valid disabled System Message: 58236228

I've forgotten the administrative password and I try to do a system restore. The discs were too scratched to complete the recovery and the computer won't let me boot to recovery without administrative password disks. I can't every time, I get this me

HP 13-S154SA: United States phone Support Contact

Hello I am posting this on behalf of my son, currently studying in the USA. All he needs is support us phone contact so he can talk to someone. His laptop computer was bluescreened, and all attempts to resolve failed.

Pavilion dv7: Wifi driver for HP laptop is missing

So I installed windows 7 from 10 and after the downgrade im missing my driver wifi... it allows only connect to ethernet so I went on and put in my codes and got a driver for dell Wireless 1501/1503/1701 a half Mini Card Driver and I

Ellie Pavilion HPE-450 t: need to order HP for desktop recovery after warranty date discs.

Pavilion Elite HPE-450 t subject, model XM556AV. S/N [personal information] I need a set of recovery disc for this desktop computer.   I think that the software had been damaged by a rootkit bug (thanks children). Malwarebytes helped, but the PC does

Spectrum of HP: Change of before reversing camera on the spectrum of HP

Hi my default camera a front camera (will take photos of me) but I can't find the setting to change it to a backup camera (so it will take a photo of other things).  for example, on my Iphone, there's just a reverse button, but I can't find this in t

HP Pavilion DV6: Windows update search in infinite loop - works is not in Windows 7

Hello I reinstalled a fresh copy of Windows 7 Premium Edition on a HP Pavilion DV6 laptop after changing the hard drive failed. My first attempt at the time. After installing all the drivers I could find on the site of HP, I was up and running, but d

ENVY 17-j053ea: no sound on TV connected to the laptop via HDMI

When my laptop is connected to my TV via HDMI computer laptop if poster on the TV but the sound is played if the laptop speakers and not the TV. I had this problem since I bought the laptop in October 2013, while she was running Windows 8, it is now

HP ProBook 6550 b: not found Drivers for Windows 10

Hi all I have a 6550 ProBook HP running Windows 10, I was installing drivers and managed to install everything except 3 devices (device Base system device Base system and unknown device). I got up on the site of HP support and noticed that they only

Pavilion 15 - au111tx: part of my gifts are not received support of hp redemption (Diwali offer 2016)

Redemption code: 9028 *.Portable framework/model no: HP Pavilion Notebook 15-au111TX Gifts not received not: HP wired headset, wireless speakers, 1 TB hard drive part of my gifts are not received. You will get it in a month (30 days), the company sai

Laptop HP Pavilion 15 t W0P57AV: Audio HDMI problem

I have a new laptop that I just got ordered directly through the HP site. I plug the HDMI cable and plug the cable on my TV and I get no sound on my TV. I already have a click with the button straight on the volume icon and selected playback devices

Battery Lithium-ion storage

I use my HP G72 laptop around the House and always plug into a wall outlet (be careful to first connect to the laptop and only then in the socket). I don't keep it turned on all the time, but use it only about one or two hours a day. Since he does no

Drive update HP Pavilion dv6189eu

I want to spend my old laptop drive. It employs 120 GB 5400 RPM SAMSUNG HM120JI SCSI Disk Device (according to Vista Device Manager). I was wondering-can I upgrade my old hard drive with 500 GB 7200 RPM peripheral disk SATA SEAGATE MOMENTUS 7200.4 (S

I have the Bluetooth?

HP Pavilion G70 - 467CL - I thought it came with Bluetooth, but I can't find any indication of it in the control panel.  No idea how to confirm that I have or not? Thank you!

Possible to replace an SSD with a HARD drive?

I am currently working on HP Mini 1030nr a friend.  It was sold with a 16 GB SSD and now the operating system broke down.  We decided to go ahead and upgrade to Windows 7, however, the SSD is too small.  I'd rather not go and spend $100 and more on a

sound system does not work. Booth option no longer available.

I have HP Pavilion dv 1000. After formatting the laptop, sound system does not work. I hear no noise; standby and hibernate options are no longer available. Please help me.

heatsink dirty gives high temperatures

Hey, I am having trouble with my heat sink, when game my CPU reaches approximately 75 C and very loud. I intend to replace the heatsink, but I was wondering if there is a certain manual with instructions for removal and replacement procedures my mode
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