Cable for tx2350ea webcam

Hi all, broke the cable between the webcam and motherboard, don't ask me how.  In any case, I want the part. of it.  I have a suspicion that this cable for Webcam can be used by tx2500 and D series. If any body can confirm this, would be a great help

Identify the system drive on the computer laptop double disc

I have a laptop HP Pavilion HDX9000T CTO that has two hard drives installed.  The current disks are 120 GB and I intend to replace the drive system with a 500 GB drive at 7200 RPM. Is there an easy way to physically identify which of the two drives i

Looking for a particular mother of HP

Hello I was wondering if a good guide me or tell me where I could find a motherboard for the laptop next HP Pavilion dv7-4065dx. For some reason any can not find anywhere, even not on ebay or Hp Web site. Any help would be appreciated

CPU FAN problem

My cpu fan is making noise and its not working only not my laptop model is 1106ax DV5. Wat could be the price for the fan and were I can get it.

Make a real hard drive when replacing my hard drive? (Envy 14)

Hello My hard drive to 500 GB got crashed. My laptop is in warranty period. Technician was ordered to new disk hard too. But my question is, can I get a drive hard as it came with my laptop. They should provide the No.? because, due to drive problem

Add more memory for hp nc4200 - stupid question

I know it's probably a stupid question, but I'm trying to insert more memory into my old laptop for my son. The vehicle currently has 1 GB of memory that I see when I take off the lid, but there apparently also 512 MB that I can't see. I thought of t

Presario CQ70

Hi all As you can see on the topic, I have a Presario CQ70-211EM.  It has a 160 GB hard drive.  What is the greatest player that I can show that the bios will see? Thank you very much

Pavilion DV5 sata2MoBo cable?

Hi all!!! I have a little problem with a HP Pavilion DV5 - 1105el! The cable that connect the 2.5 "Sata Hdd with the motherboard is damaged and I can't find the product number! The cable has 2 Sata connectors at one end (data and power supply), at th

HP G62 layout problem

I have a laptop G62-347NR which does not go beyond the 'starting windows' screen I tried both the sytem recovery and the ability to solve the problem. Both screens lead to a background of windows with nothing appear. I tried a test and it said "disk

Possible consequences of the purchase of a larger battery than your stock battery smaller.

Recently, my computer tells me that my battery was having bad holdig a charge and I want to replace it. So I did. But I thought to myslef rather than buy another current battery, why not buy a bigger, better battery.  Once it came, I forgot that a la

Want to use AHCI with SATA SSD on tiny 1000 (1151NR)

Hello I have a Mini 1000 (1151NR - embedded Verizon 3G model of modem). HP product number is: NM123UA #ABA I recently installed an SSD, and I hope that I can switch the mode of the IDE in AHCI mode to improve performance.  I tried to use the instruct

upgrading of the laptop... NEED HELP

Hy. I have a HP PAVILION DV6-2150eq. It came with a intel i3, a 500 GB HDD, 3 GB ddr3, a 512 MB Nvidia G105m graphics card and windows 7 64 bit operating sys. However, I am planing to upgrade my ram memory and I'm stuck on a problem... the op sys sup

Fact DV7 - 1245dx come with Bluetooth?

I've had this computer for 2 years - ish and never really cared about the bluetooth up to now. I have a wireless printer, am on a wireless network setup, have a USB for my wireless mouse and recently bought a dongel (?) for bluetooth work. It works f

Laptop is under warranty but not giving service.

I would like to inform you that my laptop is under warranty and bought the 06/07/2010.  My DVD burner does not work that I visited your service center in Simtech computer (Hp service center) the path to productivity in Vadodara. As the laptop is unde

HP paviliondv6-1355dx videocard

Can I upgrade the video card on the pavilion dv6-1355dx? Thank you

Upgrade memory for my V2000

I have a V2000 that I just be reformatted.  I would like to improve performance as much as possible. What is the maximum memory I can install if I remove the memory of factory? S/N [personal information] P/N PV898AV

Screw replacement for the Pavilion dv6

Hello I recently had a repair by mail to HP.  When the laptop returns, I noticed that one of the screws next to the hinge of the screen long lacked.  Talking with one of the customer service representatives, I was told that it was impossible to have

broken help hard drive replacement dv6700

Hello! The hard drive in my friend dv6700 has stopped working and I'll replace it. Is there a standard document that helps with this? I already opened the laptop and released the record (assistance of the Guide to maintenance and service I found here

dv4-1000et, fan blowing hard

I just bought the dv4-1000et, a demonstration model, but the problem is that if the book is a cpu-temperatur about 50 ° C (everest and speedfan), the fan starts to blow like loud and clear that it is not possible to watch a dvd cofortable, not at ful

BIOS, hard drive or software problem?

Hello world. I was pleasantly surprised to find these forums here, because do I STILL need help! I have a HP Pavilion dv6675us (dv6500 series) running 64-bit Vista Ultimate. It's a little older than a year. Yesterday, after the installation of securi
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