What heatsink is better?

I have two heat sink, both of HDX18 machines, double heat tubes (that are thinner) while the other has a thickness. I'll tell you that the twin we do a better job of transfer of heat to the cooling fins and I suspect that it has been used on a machin

G72-b66us hard drive question

I just bought the laptop in the subject... I have a HP dv9700t I put a Corsair SSD drive in... My question is the SSD will work in the g72?

Compaq Evo n800 RAM upgrade

I want to spend 512 to 1 or 2 GB of RAM.  HP "memory finder" does not list the Compaq Evo n800c (8 years ago), but how do I make sure I get the right replacement? Reference number?  PC 2100 2533 D Z s (the zeor could be had of). appreciate being poin

Drive DVD Combo dv4-1125nr problem

I have a HP DV4-1125nr, the problem ive got recently is that I can read and burn DVDs Double layer but can't read the DVD (R - or R +) and neither CD I'm looking for and I don't see anyone having this problem, if anyone can help me please? I would ap

Compaq Presario 2586US laptop - hard drive upgrade

Recently, I took a chance and bought 2 'parts only' Compaq Presario 2500 laptop computer series off Ebay and was able to make a unique work PC with motherboard of the 2586US being the motherboard, I used.  I don't have a hard drive, so I bought a Sam

HP G72-110SA spare keys

The arrow down on my HP G72 laptop is broken. It seems that the hinge just broke. I can source replacement hinges of the United States... but I'm in the United Kingdom. Anyone know where I can get replacement for the HP G72 keys to the United Kingdom

Battery software problem

I just bought a dm4-1217tx 2 months ago I realized that battery time still believes show in mn for example 4 mins, 3mins etc... then I went to download an application v3.4.4 BatteryBar and it showed left 4hours when the battery estimated time given b

6510 b upgrade memory is not recognized

I just bought an upgrade memory 4G for my 6510 b, which currently has 512 MB, but no matter what combination I install memory, my laptop does not recognize him. Based on the specification of the laptop, this is the correct specification, DDR2 667 MHZ

White screen of HP Pavilion dv5 1002nr start-up and error code lights flashes twice, corrupt BIOS!

Equipped with a corrupt BIOS, I struggle to try to replace the BIOS of the motherboard. The processor is a AMD Turion series. Question, can anyone tell me definitively when the BIOS chip is located on the motherboard.  It seems to be next to the RTC

Boot from the card reader

Hello, everyone! I made bootable (1 GB) Flash drive and SDHC-card (8 GB) bootable. In the first case, I can start but in the second, I can't. Computer:. Presario Compaq CQ61-310ER. BIOS is updated. Card reader works fine (with card SDHC in Win7). Wha

Compaq v2608wm of SPACE DISK LOW

Just after I restored my lap top it began to display a low disk space. Since then, I have deleted all possible programs. at this moment I have 70 MB of free space. Another post on this forum, Bellke, suggests several ways to reclaim space, but I can'

Reinstall a potential buyer with a question on the BONE

I plan to buy an Envy 17 in the months to come and had a question about the OS reinstall. Envy allows to boot from a dvd using the method of 'hold down F8' Windows standard to enter the default windows recovery tools and install a clean OS? I intend

My processor is reduced Performance.

Hi all I have a HP dv6-1330 sp and I recently did an upgrade processor to an Intel Core 2 Extreme x 9100 processor and it worked fine. Until I recently formatted the hard drive to a new installation of new windows and when I had updated the BIOS, my

How to download driver Ethernet with no Internet? CQ61-319WM

I had to put one off full of my computer and I lost my Ethernet driver. I am unable to connect to internet from my computer and cannot get here at work. Help

DV7-4130sa return of warranty repair and...

Hello Hope someone can help with my problem. I bought a new DV7-4130sa of the month beginning, unpacked, set up, and noticed he had problems with the keyboard. Basically the space bar worked fine, then I'm HP support by email and after a few exchange

HP Slate BIOS without keyboard Navigation

I was able to easily enter into the BIOS by pressing one of the buttons on the slate quickly during the boot, however, once I have the function, I can't know is how to scroll through the pages of the BIOS.  I can choose and up and down and change the

"Consider replacing your battery." on Win7-64

Hello I got my dv4-2049wm just this February 2010 and it came with a Windows 7 64-bit. I just noticed recently that my battery runs more faster than before and it displays "Consider replacing your battery" to the power in the system tray icon. Even j

DATA drive (D :) HP I can romove without reformatting

is it possible that I can delete the DATA partition without reformatting my entire drive (this is the dv7-3079wm) I really don't like to have backups I have an office 1.5 to drive freeagent external hard for storing my personal files and I want to re
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