Hardware compatibility with dv4-2049wm

Hello I have a laptop dv4-2049wm and I plan to upgrade my laptop. May I ask if that are the highest CPU & GPU compatible with my laptop? Also, if I improve my laptop or not, it's the material that decrease the temperature of my laptop (even if I'm no

Help! Went to format my D recovery drive and now the recovery partition is gone!

Hi everyone, thanks for reading and I would really appreciate the help! I use a HP G32 laptop, Windows 7 operating system. n in the middle of trying to free up space on recovery drive D, I went to the format is gone and now the recovery and empty of

HDMI + VGA issue / / HP DV7-4000 series.

Dear friends, I have a question about usig external monitor with my HP DV7.  The model # is DV7 - 4287cl I have a HDMI port and a VGA port on this model. I intend to use an external monitor with it, but I wonder if it is not possible to use two exter

Bays for HP envy 14

Hello How many bays are there for HP envy 14. Is there room for 2 hard drives? Intend to replace SSDS.

Administrator account locking and appearance of the 'No Drive' dialog box

I have a laptop Compaq G62-219WM. He is 4-5 months old. It seems that I made a big mistake with regard to the hard drive. It has never been connected to the internet, modem, router, been put into line, or even been recorded yet, because I was with my

Disassemble a HP G71-329WM laptop to replace the keyboard

Can someone please provide some good info on disassemble a HP G71-329WM laptop? I am wanting to replace the keyboard which has several keys stuck. I already have a replacement keyboard, but not sure about all that must be loosened and where? Any help


I need a new battery and I was wondering if all the laptops on the dv6 line share the same battery, not in quality, but that she will agree and will work on the laptop.

NC 4400 maximum disk size

Hi, I was wondering if there is a limit to the size of the hard drive can I install in my nc 4400 Thank you simon

Change keyboard

Hello Through a store, I bought a laptop G62 of Finland, and it was of course delivered with a Nordic keyboard. Now I wonder, if there is any chance to share this with a German keyboard. I tried all different HP Web sites to check this point, called

Issue of HDX 16 quick launch buttons

I had my HDX 16 for about a year and a half, it is in very good condition, and I love it. Running Windows 7, 64 - bit. I recently did a sweep to clean my hard drive and reinstalled Windows, and I also installed drivers and software from the HP Web si

Can I add memory to tx2500?

Hi all I would like to ask a question about memory. How much memory can I have 64-bit on my laptop? I heard that 32-bit system do support a maximum of 4 GB of memory and machines more 64 - bit support, is true for my tx2500 PC? My current memory conf

upgrade presario C542EA

My DVD drive is dead and I'm looking to replace it with a lightscribe drive you know a dvd burner compatible lightscribe for the presario 500? Would also like to spend my hard drive, current drive is a seagate momentus 80 GB ST980821AS so a SATA hard

HP Envy 14 1085eo memory update

Hello I wonder what kind of memory I can put in my envy 14 "1085eo. Is - this 204pin sodimm PC3-10600? like this: I asked as everywhere and I can not get a response. not even hp support phone could help me.

ESATA cable will not adapt to the port

I have a laptop HP dv7-4065dx, which has a port eSATA/USB combo.  I just got a LaCie d2 quadra external hard drive, which came with an eSATA cable.  The fine cable fits the port on the hard drive, but I can't get into the socket on the HP.  The shape

Compaq Presario F768WM does not start

I have a presario F768 that no longer starts.  Blue power light is stable, power cord.  When I press the power button, the blue power lights the button lights up with the power led and hard drive indicator.  After a second, all the lights go out.  po

Card for HP mother dv8339us (motherboard)

Hello I have a HP Pavilion dv8339us, which has graphic problems. It seems that the video card is faulty and I want to replace the motherboard, but I have some difficulty to identify adequate replacement. Everywhere I looked I told me to see the numbe

eSATA / USB2 combo Harbour on HP ProBook 4520 s

The ProBook 4520 s has an eSATA / port combined USB. What I want to know is: (1) is actually an eSATAp (power by ESATA) port? If not, how does an eSATA / USB combination port differ an eSATAp port? (2) I have a dri

Replacing the hard drive for HP Mini 1140NR

Hello! I need help. I have a HP Mini 1140NR Vivienne Tam edition (NB134UA), which is unfortunately more under warranty. Recently, my hard drive has begun to fail. The original hard drive is a 60 GB Toshiba MK6028GAL 1.8 "4200 RPM PATA drive with a ZI

ExpressCard card problem?

Hi all I tried two different expresscard (different brands) TV tuners, but I have absolutely the same problem. I have many vertical lines concentrated near the right side, which are first of all completely green but then normally contain lines of pre
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