Bluetooth no longer works after update to OSX 10.11.2

After the 10.11.2, update Bluetooth stopped working. I rebooted without effect. I have the Bluetooth icon with the tilde by stating that there is no Bluetooth and I have no Bluetooth menu in system preferences. What should I do to fix this?

Mouse magic disconnection since 10.11.2 upgrade

Since the update of this week OSX, my Magic Mouse disconnects frequently Bluetooth. Was working fine before. Have changed batteries. Removed and re-paired, but still the problem persists. Seems to be triggered by the use of the extended screen - when

Jersey 2 Trackpad sensitivity

I was unable to find a way to resolve the "one finger click" on a box just out of the Apple Magic Trackpad 2 that I bought with a new, end of 2015 the iMac retina.  After anticipating the joys of the use of any force touch multi-geste on the new mtp2

Failure of Bluetooth subsystem after put 10.11.2 updated

Thanks in advance for any help!  After the upgrade of 10.11.1 to 10.11.2, my bluetooth subsystem seems to have disappeared.  Bluetooth no longer appears in system preferences and information system now lists "No Information found" under bluetooth.  I

How long is the Magic Trackpad 2 battery expected to last?

My battery is only last about a week, sometimes less. And now I seem to lose my connection Bluetooth A LOT.  If I plug it works, but if I unplug the unit (even if it is 100% charged) I get problems Bluetooth again. It might be time for a Genius Bar,

Funny acting Apple mouse

I had this 2nd hand mouse Apple off Amazon for $ 20. Today it started acting really weird. The following occurred: By clicking randomly Make the sound scroll when left alone (click, click, click) Side buttons activating random No scroll The mouse poi

Remove the old keyboard/trackpad reference of the new iMac

I recently got an iMac and had to return because of a problem. Before doing so I took a time machine backup, and when I received my replacement iMac I restored from this backup. Under bluetooth in system preferences, there are still references to the

My Magic trackpad 2 is not detected

Hello My Magic Trackpad 2 is not detected (does not appear under Bluetooth in system preferences) I have iMac late 2013 and LMP version is 0x6. I have not found an answer on board comments so far. Thank you.

Bluetooth doesn't work anymore on my macbook pro?

Someone knows the reason why the Bluetooth icon has a crossed tilde & links is no longer my wireless speakers. Thank you!

slow start with magic mouse 2

Magic Mouse 2 seems very slow to respond at startup, & the back light does not illuminate.  Is - is this normal?

What means 'magical' for Apple UK Magic Keyboard

Just a quick warning to those of you in the UK, looking to buy new «Magic Keyboard» Apple I bought one yesterday from John Lewis while he was covered in their guarantee of two years rather than one year Apple warranty. However, on opening the box, I

Magic Mouse 2 housing is "Loose".

My new MM2 works very well, but it seems that the glass part is a kind of 'loose '. You can swing the party death knell when you hold the mouse in your hands. Makes me feel like it does not entirely fit the aluminum case and apart from that it makes

UHD display problem

Hello Simply connect my new Dell UP3216Q monitor to my mac pro book. As stated here (displays use 4 K and Ultra HD TVs with your Mac - Apple Support ), it should work with the port of 60 hz display (monitor is OSH) However I cannot get this frequency

External monitor retina has no power for MacBook Pro

My external monitor retina stopped providing power to my MacBook pro (OS 10.10.2) and so will not come.  I tried to reset the SMC, but it did not help.  I plugged the MacBook to external Retina to another (same model) and it works fine.  I unplugged

New keyboard and Trackpad 2 dock

Anyone know if there are any third party docks/cradles that will house the new 2 keyboard Magic and Magic Trackpad 2? I have the docking station Henge Docks Clique I used for earlier versions of the keyboard and trackpad and hope that there is or wil

Pairing Bluetooth or transfer of work between iPhone 6s and Macbook Pro 2014

Of course I have my MacBook on El Capitan, and the transfer enabled on both devices... Trying to pair of Mac, he normally asks me if the code is correct on iPhone... I click Yes then it says connected on Mac for 10 seconds approximately, but on the i

Ethernet and power to stop work on the Thunderbolt display

I have my MBP connected to a thunderbolt, power of the connection screen and using the ethernet on love at first sight port to connect to my router. These two functions has stopped working. The USB ports still work and the works of the display, but s

Can I use my MacBook Pro with the Display 27 "Thunderbolt

My MacMini seems to have thrown a crisis of anger with El Capitan and I need to continue my work with my 2.4 Ghz Intel Core duo MacBook Pro (2008).  I see that I can connect the two wires into the side of my MBP but an empty black screen seems to dom

I can't pair my keyboard for window 7 after re - install window

Previously, I can use my keyboard with osx and window. After that I have decided to re - install Windows 7 and reinstall the website of apple bootcamp. It cannot match in window but still work under osx. I can add my keyboard, but it does not work. I

Since the installed update for samsung printers, 3 nov printer is still not connected. Any clue?

November 3, 2015, new update for Samsung printers. Before the update, no problem, which means that the printer remained connected and ready for printing. Since then, printer is still not connected. I do my best sense: re - feed printer Apple-preferen
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