Error Code 148: 3 - Photoshop CS4 for Windows

I have a message that appears whenever I try to open Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended."License for this product has stopped working.This product has a problem that requires that you restart your computer until you can runIf you continue to see this messa

Problems to load a .nib carbon UI for Photoshop Plugin in XCode 2.5

Hello I am trying to load a .nib UI created by Interface Builder with XCode 2.5. I work with the plugin example dissolve to the CS4 SDK samplecode. All the Docs found in

CS2 crashes when you try to load the image AFTER the trial of CS4

Recently, I used the CS4 Extended trial (which worked fine).  It's 30 days ended, and unfortunately, I returned to my purchased copy of CS2 (actually own any production Studio Premium).Now, when I try, Photoshop CS2 loads fine, but freezes then whene

Help with tools

I have been using Photoshop 7 for a long time - the first time I met this... When I click on a new tool, everything I get away in the hand tool. Somehow he's stuck on him, and I can't seem to other tools. I tried 3 different image, but the same thing

How to compare a photo before and after change?

I can compare the picture between after and before edit with Lightroom, can I do it as well with CS4?Thank you

Transparent background in photoshop darkens graphics in indesign

I cropped on the bottom of an image in Photohop (CS3) and then placed the image in an ad I design in Indesign.  Although the background is transparent, supposedly, it makes my black graphics in Indesign a shade darker... Anyone know what I am doing w

Swoosh background

Hi allI'm trying to figure out how to make a background similar to one of the 'Aqua Blue' horizons wallpaper that came with my MacBook Pro. I can't find any tutorials... I don't know what to look for. Any advice would be much appreciated!Laura S.

Problems with Clone Tool / Content Aware Scaling in CS4 Mac

I use PS for about 1 year and a half.  Sort of an advanced beginner.  One of the things I like is the clone tool.  Since I upgraded to CS4 I had that problems with the clone tool.  When I go on an area it shows nothing and him either proceeds with ad

Creating smooth edges on a transparent PNG

I need an image on my site with a transparent background. I first tried this creation as a gif, but it looked horrible on my background image of the Web site. Then I tried saving it as a png, which looked much better, but it has jagged edges. What is

cannot view history

For some reason I'm not able to view my story.  I can see the menu of history, but I can show only the last action performed.  It is not as usual list all the clicks of the mouse.  In addition, my layers start locked and I can't figure out how to mak

CS4 quick mask works not properly - opacity

I can't get the quick mask to work properly in photoshop. Every thing I try to hide, and then copy ends up having an opacity of 50% or more. All layers are at 100% opacity, and in the quick mask options opactiy is also 100%. Anyone know what could be

Why the file size is reduced when the visibility of the layer is hidden?

With the same PSD file, I have hidden the visibility layer and recorded another copy, and I noticed that the file size is significantly reduced.Anyone know why?Thank you

Box of culture not appearing is not on the image

I recently upgraded to CS4 from CS3 on my iMac (OS10.5 +). When I use the crop tool crop area is visible, as I put it, but disappears as soon as I release the mouse button to set the size of the harvest.  When I hit return to complete the harvest, th

Problem with CS4 update

For several weeks now, it says I have 2 updates, download and install is supposed to be done, but they do not.He continues to tell me, I have updates and then download but nothing happens. I have tried everything I know toclean, empty cache, defragme

worm 11.1 screen refresh fails

Someone at - it else noticed the screen refresh is not allways happen after moving a slider in Version 11.1. Quite often, I have to change the screen adjustment or fill to have a new preformed drawing. I also sometimes need to flatten layers in order

You can recover unsaved images?

I was working on something and it just disappeared and I would really like to...

"Cannot save (file name) because the file is already in use or left open."

HelloWhen I tried to save as a file, I get an error msg:"Cannot save (file name) because the file is already in use or left open." The file is unwilling to accept any Photoshop. Mac Pro, OSX 10.5.6Photoshop CS4. I searched the Forum but did not find

Photoshop CS4 - save - program error

Yesterday I installed on my Macbook with os x 10.5.5 CS4 first generation I have a jpg file that when opened in Photoshop can not be saved. When I save as jpg or psd, I get the following error: "Could not complete your request because of a program er

text layer needs to be updated?

Hello. Strange thing just happened to me: I save a file .psd of CS3 with layers of text (they are actively installed on my XP system, they appear in the drop-down list of the Photoshop type tool). I close the file. I have the reopen three minutes lat

ESC outside PS in Vista does not...

It haunts our users since we migrated to Vista. When Photoshop CS2/CS3 works on Vista the ESC key does not work properly with other programs. When the PS is running, the button works only when you press SHIFT + ESC together. It is extremely annoying
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