Bad image

Can someone help me... I use CS3 and with the increase in regulariy, I'm getting a "recording of miss" of thumbnail images in Bridge. I store my Canon RAW files in separate folders on the hard drive on my iMAC or on an external hard drive. and when d

Smart object problems, AI to ch = pixelated

Hello and greetings,I'm new here and looking forward to get help and I hope that advice. How is everyone today?OK, my problem is:I am designing a site Web is an Illustrator and it ended in photoshop (as is the requested web developer file) I have mad

Convert image bmp.

I was asked to convert a BMP image, but I don't see BMP in the menu "save under".  I have found muckedI can go Image > Mode > levels of gray then Image > Mode > Bitmap, but I need the image remains in place-bluecolor.  I sent the person a JPG and TIF

How to move around the screen (image) when you use a tool?

I know there's a shortcut and I forgot, I am using the magnetic lasso tool and when I need to move the image on the screen because it's much bigger than what I see through a detailed selection. I know there are a few keys to insist the hand tool appe

Do not paint in Transparent...

Hello, I do not remember how this feature was called, but I remember in earlier versions, there is a check box in the toolbar of brush to avoid paint on transparent areas when you paint on images Alpha. In the example, I was able to paint on a line w

Is this really possible? Really?

Over the past 10 hours. I tried to merge the styles preloaded into Adobe Photoshop CS4 in a photo I created in Windows Paint.  Whenever I choose the style I want to merge in the photo, she gives a layer on my picture! Can someone explain to me how do

Marquee tool question

After making a selection with the tool retangular or eclipse, is there a way to go back and change this selection?

Trouble with color profiles?

Since the installation of photoshop, I had no problem. A few days ago I hit accedentally an access key that changed a few color profile settings, but I can't understand those who. Now, when I save a jpg or gif, the colors are much brighter and more v

Save for Web and devices, the operation could not be completed

I get this error when I save for Web and devices: the operation could not be performed.I saved to the web before for many more complex images, largest and without a hitch.I use a psd format with an image that I designed. It is no more complex than ot

Elements 4.0: run the postflight script fails

I ALMOST built Elements 4.0 as root on Mac OS 10.5.6 successfully (CPU PPC G5).  Towards the end of construction, I see 'missing file' then 'cannot run the postflight script.Any ideas?  Thank you.

Brush cursor to cross hair resets

No matter what I put the brush cursor, it intermittently decides to redset himself to just a cross, very comfortable I need to see the size of the brush Im usingHe will sometimes return a cursor to normal size brush if I play with a different program

Selection of Warp of JavaScript (no text)?

Is there a way to [script] transformation/deformation/arch? The TextItem object for text, but I want to warp an arbitrary rectangle in an ArtLayer. Thank you

Nobody knows everything about the detailed tutorials on the adjustments of curve on the Internet?

Nobody knows everything about the detailed tutorials on the adjustments of curve on the Internet?I need deeper more detailed instructions and official aid of Photoshop tutorials.If someone had a useful link, please let me know. Thank you

Missing brushes

Hello fellow PS-Junkies.I've maybe worn out my copy of photoshop6 all "icons" for my brushes do not arise.I tried everything I read in the help forums (and I had 2 years of graphic design school)BUT... all I get with brushes, paint, erase anything, i

How to tell what kind of TIFF I (zip, lzw, no compression)?

I have a tiff file and I do not remember if I recorded as lzw or zip. For the life of me, I can't understand how to use Photoshop or bridge to figure out which, if any, compression scheme I used.A

grid enabled on each image, need help to turn off please, uughhhh

I have a few active how the function of the grid (Ctrl-h) on EACH image, I opened.  I need to disbale the grid manually for each photo by pressing control-H.  It is listed under 'extras' as well.  Please help me to disable this permanentely so I can'

Lab color problem?

When I try to open an image in lab color, the image turns black and I can not remedy. Everyone comes through this before?

Functions of CS4 question - Crop free transform, hanging up iMac

There is little time I posted a request for help because I could not see my harvest plan after the selection has been made.  The response was to reset the tool (did not work) or discharge preferences at the start of CS4 (opt + shift + commander) and

Is - this Forum is more accessible with a News Reader?

I've accessed this forum for years using a Usenet news reader.  It has suddenly stopped working.  This form of access is no longer possible?

Help with the text tool

I use cs4, for a reason I can't use text tool. When I click on the text tool, select my fonts, click on in my workspace, I can see the letters typed in the box of the layer, but not in my workspace. When I click there is also a small black box that a
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