Wacom Intuos4 and Photoshop CS4

I just can't get its slope working in Photoshop CS4. If I choose the option tilt pen brush shape Dynamics it works as if the command would be set to pen pressure sensitivity. Diagnostics in the driver options show tilt is detected. Tilt only works fo

Why Photoshop CS4 keep plant? (Mac OS)

I use Photoshop often, everyday even. I upgraded to CS4 at the beginning of this year and have a CONSTANT and very IRRITATING problem. It crashes for no apparent reason. It will crash during all kinds of 'tasks '. Registration, open a RAW image, usin

Assembly of the Actions outside Photoshop

HelloI have 17 shares each containing several stops in different subfolders (I basically to save files in different folders 102) and which should be repeated in 40 different folders. As I see it myself in Photoshop to change the path of "save in" 400

Opening of a closed path?

I drew a very complex path around a product and the customer went account let 3 parts the product turned off. Is it possible to open a road closed to add?

Problem with Save as action script PS CS4

HelloI am just to script and I encounter an error message when you run this particular snippet, which is extracted from the CS4 scripting GuideThis is the part of the script that is causing a problem, anyone know why its giving me an error message? I

Selection of the contiguous areas, like the painting B u c k e t?

I have an image with lots of contiguous areas of similar color, but not disimilar enough of the background using the color picker. Is there a way to get Photoshop CS4 to select these contiguous areas, in the same way that paint B u c k e t?Note: this

Photo Deluxe 4.0

I worked with this program on windows xp without any problem for some time.  2 weeks ago he not would allow me to record any pix to the .pdd or export in jpg format.  I get an error like hungapp.  Nothing I've tried has worked.  I reinstalled 3 times

Adobe Photoshop CS3 crashes when I stopped it

I get this error reportProcess: Adobe Photoshop CS3 [2115]Path: / Applications/Adobe Photoshop CS3/Adobe Photoshop Photoshop CS3ID: com.adobe.PhotoshopVersion: 10.0 (10.0x20070321 [20070321.m.1480 2007/03 / 21:16:39:00 cu

Round the corners on a picture

HelloIs there a simple way to cut corners on an image?As I do (like on the first page of seems way too complicated...Sorry if this is a stupid question!See you soonRD

Drop shadow effect is not visible

I use CS4 for Windows and I have several great books for her, but I'm still fighting fill a simple shadow on the picture effect. No matter what I try to use the fall simple shadow fx or suggestions complex building several different layers, I never s

Specific rounded edges as opposed to all 4

Photoshop newb here - is there a quick and dirty from the rounding of the corners way specific verses all 4.  I want to round the top of the picture and leave the background square.  I guess I could round up all 4 and then ask the bottom half of the

Cannot install CS3 Extended - AT ALL.

I bought CS3 Extended for Mac on the Apple store.Too bad that I went in CS4 Extended and had waited to buy this version - the person did not know the difference or did not care, and someone else opened the box when I got home.  So I guess I'm screwed

PDF HELP too dark!

I really need some advice, I have a deadline for my GCSE art in and closing it is a major problem with my last piece!The work of art is fine, and it looks fantastic read from photoshop. However, printing requires that he be in PDF format, and when I

Can not directly rate my Images in Adobe Bridge CS3 using Stars

HelloI can write my images in Adobe Bridge CS3 by using the drop-down list "Label". However, I can't rate my picture by stars directly under my thumbnails like my book says I can. The book says: 'You can also assign the stars directly under the tile

What is 'caméra Calibration' for?

What is 'caméra Calibration' in Camera Raw? It is to make adjustments to digital cameras to make more accurate colors in Camera Raw? Or just to refine RAW images?

Prevent the opening in CS3 ACR

Is there a way to do this without uninstalling?

Update Adobe maintains download adobe update over and over again

.. and he will not stop! Looks like the same 2.3 mb file that tries to download the update program. Once the update is started it just keeps trying to download this file until I have cancel the update. I don't know that I never got an update on my ne

Lost my Pscs4Extended 3d option

On top of my pscs4, for the 3d option is now missing. It was between view and filter, I thought that I used it only once and a month later, I want to use again and his party. This happened to someone else? Thanks for any help!

where can I get a CS3 for Mac update?

Hello worldNew to the group, so take it easy, I have a Mac G4, Power PC. I have it all 'juiced' up and it works like a Mustang 429. Here's the problem, I can't upgrade to CS4 as you must be on an Intel Mac. So I thought... no problem, I'll pick up a

CS4 opens unchanged file with the changes made to the different registered file

OK, I searched for this but can't find anything. Probably because I don't know what is happening. (1) I opened a file from a CD raw in photoshop cs4, lets call it photo1.nef. (2) I saved the file under a different name on my HARD DRIVE after changing