First elements falls down for the transfer of the DV camera

The following is an extract from my event log...Application Adobe first Elements.exe, version, time stamp 0x48e15f40, module ImporterAVI.prm, version, time stamp 0x48e1644c, exception code 0xc0000005, offset error 0x000250f7, 0xdf4, f

Why no picture is healthy Nikon camera avi?

Sorry for my English.If I import the avi on XP, I see the photo only to hear the sound in first Elements 7 (frameworks are in green). In Vista, everything goes well or under xp with media player, I can see the avi. Avi is Nikon Coolpix S200.

Layers in elements 7?

Hello! Are there layers in first Elements 7 (like for example Photoshop)? While I have the ability to UN-click on an effect at a later date. Kind regards.

PE3 lost the ability to capture

I've had PE3 for about a year now. In the last days I lost the capture feature. I tried to reinstall PE3 but no luck. I am still able to capture on Windows Media Player and Nero so I don't think it's my camera (Panisonic DVX100b) or the (Firewire) co

How can I create my own DVD for first Elements 7 menu templates

I'm a software developer. I say this because I want to establish that I am completely able to program the software to a level well beyond the normal "user". I would like to develop my own models of DVD menu for use with first Elements 7. What tools d

How can I stop AutoPlay after rendering in Pre7?

When I hit Enter after working on one (or several) in the time line the rendering process starts. Once the frames are rendered, the whole project begins to play of the whole project from the beginning. Is there a way to prevent this? Also, is there a

The first Elements 1.0 patch?

Well, I know that it is a question on a very outdated version of elements, but due to an Athlon XP processor executing I am stuck at the v1.0.  Anyway, I have not used for a while, but the recentley necessary to install it again.  Does anyone know if

changing files to JPEG first

I try to capture images from AVI files with PE7 then by saving them so I can deal with fixed Lightroom. I was told that I need to save them in JPEG format, but I can't seem to change the file extension when recording. Can I change the location of the

First Elements 7: SWF import only?

The data sheet says only 'import', but for other formats, they add the word "only" to import or export, so I'm double-checking.  PE7 can export animations as SWF?Thanks in advance.

New book by Steve

Everyone has heard about the new book by Steve?

GREAT for the Conversion of DV - AVI...

(Steve), I use SUPER from eRightSoft for AV to DV - AVI conversion (a freeware application very kool).Conversion on a Mpeg2/to/DV-AVI file, I use the following attributes:Output container ~ aviVideo codec ~ digital video DVAudio codec ~ mp3(I take th

What Pr items to the reduction of scale?

I spend all my time with the help of body/yet so I have not the pleasure of hanging out here a lot.   But my son has a HDV camcorder and wants to make regular SD 16:9 DVD (it doesn't have a burner of blur radius)My question is; How is Pr of the eleme

Tips on ribbons Hi8mm analog to digital conversion

HelloI'm looking for advice on the conversion of some Hi8mm analog video tapes to digital. They are not my tapes but I still prefer to get a good quality transfer. I can make a few changes on some of them pre and want to maintain the ability to modif

APE4 title and text Animation

I'm trying to animate a few multi line titles.  I found that the animation, Scalein, works on a single line of text. Is this OK or I'm doing something wrong.  The animation worked on a singel line, but not on a multi line title.Thank you.See you soon

Assistance at the request of PE7 chronology

HelloI'm new to elements, normally work in Premiere Pro CS3.  I bought PE7 to manage the AVCHD for recreation.  When I add AVCHD media to the timeline, he place the clips on the track of V4 and no video 1 and I can not move the media 4-to-1.  As in P

Very low on virtual-PE7 memory

Hi, I'm new on edit my videos - good save for windows moviemaker if it matters. I'm not tech-y but have tried to solve this problem, I have through the help pages and other threads, but it did not work so I hope that someone will be happy to please o

New Forum tests

Is it Monday already?

PE4 & .avi files & MPEG-2 files from camcorders

Hello.  I recently acquired a Sony DCR-SR220 camcorder (which led me into a "research project" to ensure that I have everything set up as much as possible).  Of the Sony DCR-SR220 files are in MPEG-2 format.  I'm a football coach, and I slowly up to

Finding information about PE4 encoding and encoders.

Hello.  I spent several hours looking in the forums and the manuals learning how best to use my stuff.  I have several questions to which I have not found answers too.  If some people might help answer all or part, it would be appreciated.I have seve

How to remove all the transitions?

I used the automate to sequence with the default transition. A few tens of transitions have been added to the sequence.How to remove all transitions without deleting the sequence and starting from scratch, please? Thanks in advance.
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