Adding a help sountrack'u

Hi allI finished my first editing video/still image and I must say, im pretty impressed with PRE 7.0 capabilities. I think that its worth the price.Here's my question;I would like to add my own music, for example an MP3 file of music other than the S

Black screen in PR7 coloring

I'm trying to put a clip in my project that starts small, loops its way from a distance and gradually filled the screen.I got especially, I think, by using one of the presets of PiP and combined with the 3D effect, tweaking the knobs control.Now, the

question installation/extraction

Here's a stupid question: I downloaded the trial version of first Elements 7.  One of these windows / .zip file extraction appeared and I don't know what to do.  Can anyone help?Thank youWally

Export project

Hello dear members,I did a film for a long while on the first Elements.I finished it today and the total duration of it is 01:10:58 minutes. Yes, a lot, I know.After finishing to do, I pressed Enter and made it all. Now, the last thing I need to do i

Problem importing .mov

I bought a video (no audio) with a provider of web and file is a .mov format. It plays fine in Windows Media Player. When I try to import it into PE7 using add media file selection window will not display even the .mov file. It does not appear a file

First elements 7 - adding clips

I just first elements and does not include how to see all the clips that I added in the timeline. everything I've ever seen is the first clip I added, although the clips are to be seen in the Timeline.Can someone tell me how to see all THE clips to t

DVD label using

Relatively new to first Elements 7. I figured out how to make a label using Photoshop elements and same impression. However, I'm a little unhappy with the result. The label that I designed is great. My problem is that the template in Photoshop does n

Import formats

I have a project to create a video from footage shot with a ZR900 (MiniDV camcorder).  Problem is the camera and 13 hours of recording are from across the country.  So I have to help the owner of the camera through the process of getting images of yo

PE of memory error with Canon SD1200 avi files

I just got a Canon SD1200 camera and took some video. I was able to download the file video avi to Premiere Elements. However, when I tried to edit the files I got an error of memory low system and then PE crashed. I have 3 GB of RAM so I don't think

Disabling notifications by email forum

HelloAnyone who works on how to disable the notifications by e-mail of the forums.Help, please!

Any ideas why PE7 will not manage Pentax Optio w60, avi?

I am able to work with the files video avi on all my other software programs editing but PE7 is my favorite. For some reason any when I import the avi from my SD card files / Pemtax Optio W60 camera I can hear audio in the edit window... no video.I'm

Realtek HD Audio Manager

I'm still having probs get my microphone to work.Is could someone please tell me when you go into the Realtek Audio Manager, if you have output digital and Digitalis on top. I have only speakers, Microphone, Front Mic stereo Mix.I have a click right

entry level for storytelling

HelloI does not seem to cause an entry level lights during the addition of narration. The spectacle of lights for audio and music of movies, but not for the narration. How can I fix this please?

How to capture still images of PP2 for Photoshop

HelloPlease can someone tell me how to capture still images from the video sequence in PP2 in a format that can be used in Photoshop? They must be especially high resolution. I use them as a basis for the DVD images when I didn't get pictures.I use o

What happened on the forums for versions less than PE?

I struggled through the latest updates on the forums/pick-up from Adobe who themselves demonstrated some time since my last visit to see that another update in the last days has deprived me of PE4 support. Did I miss a link somewhere or is it deliber

Preview pane quality is horrible

I use first Elements 7 on a 32-bit Windows Vista system.  I have been using first elements 3 on a XP machine but needed more power.The quality of the video preview pane is terrible in PE7.  When I used PE3, the quality is comparable to the contained

constant crashes into first elements 7

Elements was crashing constantly and most embarrassing sometimes. Since I've updated my audio driver accidents are less common but still often occur when rendering and exporting. I have a good computer that processed items with ease on previous occas

First Elements 7 can be split 2 LCD screens?

Hello1 first Elements 7 workspace, etc. divide between 2 LCD screens?2 East-GeForce GTS 250 or Quadro NVS or 1700, best or proper to PE7?Thank you.

The research of the EP Forum only

HelloIs there a way just to research on PE forum?  The search (top right) through all the ADOBE forums.  That returns too many independent elements.Furthermore, what happened to the frequently asked questions for older versions  Just curious.PeteySET

Adobe Premiere Elements is not home a video image. Cancel the operation. (For version 3.0)

This is the message that appears whenever I try to export my film of 6 minutes and 10 seconds. I used 2 "Video effects" and the film consists mainly of AVI files. Someone please tell me why this is happening and how I can solve this problem. Thank yo
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