Reading in distorted chronology

I'm close to having a nervous breakdown: when I drag a video clip in the timeline and click play, it does not seem to play a movie, there is no movement, but something that appears like a line-up of the images abrupt appear not to move, but resemble

Any media seems low quality - why?

Hello. I just got up trees Elements 7.0, before I used Windows Movie Maker on Vista. When I import DVD movie files in it - they look like on the DVD - very good quality. However, I just imported the same files in Premiere Elements, and they look at t

The disappearance of miniDV?

I know it was just a month or two there are some of us were talking about being able to use miniDV for a few more years for weddings and various types of events, but I'm starting to wonder now. Locally on Craig's list, I begin to see guys selling som

The video is blurry

Currently using Photoshop Elements 4.0 and Premiere Elements 2.0.I created a slide show in photoshop elements and exported to DVD NTSC file.Photoshop creates a .wmv file that I then imported into first.I put the slideshow to 80% scale so that the tex

Workflow recommended to convert from .avi in .m4v

I would like to take an edited .avi file and prepare it for play on two iPods and iTunes/QuickTime. I downloaded the trial version of PE7 to see if I could use it for that. From what I understand and have tried, I can create a file .mp4 h.264 (MPEG-4

Quad Core will greatly help with the encoding time?

Currently I use core duo 3.0 gHz and make me a little better than the real-time encoding during the encoding of 720 x 480 mp4 format using H.264 compression.  A quad core is going to help at all?

Is a 720 x 480 square pixels prossible PE4 project?

Videos I created in P4E and burn to DVD Watch large TV NTSC standard def but slightly blurred and less crisp and clear on a computer screen.  My uneducated guess is that it's because the videos are rendered avec.9 pixel aspect ratio.  I am transition

anyone having problem with export to Quicktime using H.264 in PE4

Everytime I try to export a project 720 x 640 or 1280 x 720 P4E uses Quicktime container with H.264 compression, my system hangs somewhere in the conversion process.  Everyone knows about this problem?  Can I export using the iphone preset on H.264,

What am I I did wrong, imported the video is not in line with the audio.

Hi I have imported video on a digital camera Fujifilm, A850 and that you want to change in the first Elements 7, but the sound is not in line with the Visual.I tried reading upwards and by changing the control, but so far without success.What should

Change the mod to avi using Power Director v7

I was just given a HDD JVC Camcorder and power Director v7 as a gift.  I prefer to use my Adobe first 7, much better editing.  But I'm willing to use the Power of the Director to change my clips in DV - AVI.    I can go to DV. AVI so I just make indi

AVI thumbnails are blackened

Help... I was unable to find support on the ADOBE Web site for this.  We have a lot of video clips of our FLIP camera which are in avi format.  When you add items 7 to the Prime Minister, the clips are blacked out.  I can hear the sound, but everythi

clips from source files...

Might be a stupid question... I imported a dozen of different files in my project (each file is a basketball game).  I took each file separately, put it in the view line stage and selected several scenes to keep in the timeline and replace the unwant

PE 3 freezes and crashes computer

I did several short films with PE3 and have never had and the difficulties that I could not overcome--until now.  Everything has been the same for this project as before, i.e. a video captured of my camera MiniDV, no problem. Now when I edit, PE3 fre

Burn HD on DVD

Can I capture HDV to PE7 - my editing - and then burn it to a regular SD DVD and burn later on Blue Ray HD?Thank you-Don

How to create this video effect in my videos?

Hi, new here, I just first Elements 7 a week back and I must say I'm impressed...I came across a video effect in a song found here (found 0:53 until 01:30) where the screen goes all white for a fraction of a second in a smooth way and the picture com

Break and adding clips

My version of 7.0 seems to have a huge problem... or there is a broad definition of somewhere. If I drag an item in the view stage line, to a point, stop/pause, and then use the (Scissor tool) split the clip in half - rather than send it half moving

Capture of bad quality. Possible problem with NTSC/PAL?

Hi, I'm an old Panasonic (NV-GS30) cam DV capture but I think that the captured video quality is lower than expected. My only idea is that it could have something to do with my PAL/NTSC settings. I can't choose PAL in the menu custom presets. It is o

slideshow of PSE7 to PREL7 transfer

I create a home video and that I imported a slideshow in PSE7 and I visited the area of work, but everytime I open the project, the skid requires making it once again!He did not go to PREL2.All the answers?

How to import. MOV in PRE7 files?

Hi, can anyone tell me an easy way to import (and modify) a clip in first Elements 7 h.264 .mov?I use the free trial right now and I am an absolute beginner to PRE7... Thank you very much in advance!

HD installation tips

Based on the experience and advice here on the forums, I consider my current setup of the standard high definition type of the 'gold standard' (Sony miniDV capture using Scenealyzer Live via Firewire in separate DV - AVI, edit pre, burn on folder, im
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