Integration with Soundbooth CS4

Is is possible to integrate Soundbooth CS4 first Elements 7 (or it only works with the CS4 products)?  I am wanting to eliminate/minimize background noise of a video, is it possible to do it using first Elements 7, or will I need a CS4 product?

Possible FAQ - How to be owner of a SMART software

When the FAQ area opens for entry... what else could add to this?At least once a week, in one of the Adobe forums I read, someone post a message saying something like... "I have lost my installation CD" or "I have lost my installation key" or even "I

Good Article on the installation for the edition disc

Damage Millard has posted a good article about how to configure the hard drive for editing. I highly recommend anyone purchase, construction or rework a computer read it.Hunt

Background of the title in 16 / 9

I am trying to build a title in a NTSC 16:9 project.  I use a JPEG file as a background.  The image size is 720 x 480.  I unchecked "scale to the size of the image" in the background element.  The background does not fill the 16:9 monitor window.  It

Slideshow of PSE7 to PREL7

I think I've sorted the query that I started out as 'MAZ44 '.When I created the slideshow in PSE7 I created as a background color for all slides, when the SS appeared on the time line in PREL7 there were 2 video lines, one for photos and "background

PE3 is possible to synchronize two sources video post edit AB Roll?

In PE3, is it possible to synchronize two digital video files (AVI) to create an AB roller type post edit.  My two captured video files seem to have different speeds or od frame.  How do I align and frame corresponds to 2 video sources?  The situatio

Engraving of several films on a DVD in Premiere Elements 7.0

I am compiling a series of films which I learned from the first year of my grandchildren's lives. Each is a separate film, long about 10 minutes. I would like to burn all on one DVD - how can I do this? The engraving option appears to be available on

First 6.5 on Vista

I just installed 6.5 on Vista. Program works well. Editing a small project, but the program crashed everytim I tried Windows Media export. Is there a work around for this? I would have assumed that all plugins would have downloaded/installed when I i

Total rendering time is reduced by cutting of items?

Know that I can run experiments to answer this question, but also know that a number of people here have already responded to this.  Scanned the FAQ and done research, but never found an answer to this specific question.   I think it is safe to say t

First Elements 4 crash dies error abend

Last year, we got first items for my children edit vacation videos. They do not have to change them because they said it crashed.This week, I uninstalled it go to their computer and installed on my own so that I can change the holiday. They were righ

First Elements 4 - shake reduction

In Cyberlink Power Director Express, there is a function to happen as if by magic stable footage (practice when he was shot by my children on their first outing with a video camera).I see nothing in PE4, but a quick search on this forum revealed a pl

PE 7 - export file size is very large

HelloI am to convert VHS tapes to digital format and wanted to use first Elements 7 to change my home movies. I use my VCR to write of VHS on DVD, and then copy the files from the DVD to my computer. A two hour movie equals 9 files of 250 MB, but aft

HD images is not burning in HD on PE7 images

Hello everyone from Adobe,As background, im running first Elements 7 with a Canon Vixia HV30 camcorder. I posted a few threads before trying to get this to work on my Vista machine. Now that I have these questions included, I'll have another. I am ab

Collage of clips between existing clips without splitting

I often cut or copy clips on the timeline and want to then paste them inbetween 2 clips to a different place on the timeline. What is the best way to do this so the 2nd clip is moved behind that I paste into. At present, it seems to post where is the

PE3.02 missing fonts

Spec as before.All of a sudden there are no fonts in the upper right panel?Previous thread, I did successfully a single .avi file, but there was a bad chapter title I need to rebuild (my mistake) by using the function 'add the text '. I don't know th

Burning PE3.02: memory allocation error

Spec according to my previous assignments.Am two thirds through "burn in folder" and it stopped with the error above. Where should I go from here?

PE3.02 memory

XPproQuad from intel clocked at 2.66 GHz2.75 G RAM (4 GB installed)NVIDIA 680i Mbd.NVIDIA 8800GTX videoSource DV AVI files ex-Sony.Have previously edited/burnt a lot of videos up to 1 hour 15 minutes long with no problems. Now try to make + burn vide

Search this forum

Sorry for my ignorance and post something that is not specific to the EP, but how does a search only in this new forum.  The search box at the top right returns results from all of THE Adobe forums.  I must be missing something.  Hope that the 'Previ

Increase the overall Volume of film

Hi - I have all audio levels fine for my film, and I want to just increase the overall volume of film. How can I do this? I thought I could use the audio mixer - but I put the top slider - but then it goes down again. I'm new so I don't know how ever
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