First Elements and Flip HD Video Camera?

Would video workings of small machines that will be displayed on the web. Nothing fancy, but a simple AB dissolves for transitions and titration of base. Looking for opinions from users of this combination of editing sw and video camera, or if you ju

When I import in first 7 .mts files audio is intermittent?

Good afternoon. I am new to this forum and your help would be appreciated. I recently bought a Sony Hard Drive Camcorder X105E and I did my first shoot. When I import files into first Elements 7 and preview audio is intermittent during playback. What

Photo/PE7 compatibility

Intend to buy a Canon Vixia HF S100 camcorder. I would use Adobe first Elements 7 as NLE. A product such as VoltaicHD (Windows platform) would be necessary for this combination of camera/PE7 to work? Thank you.

Mix of video clips

HelloI'm back to 7 EP but not video editing (I just CTF). I'm looking to mix the 2 video clips in the middle of the screen (vertically) - both clips would play, but they would be based (usually through a gradient in the middle). I can't understand ho

Help, first 6 and. AVI files...?

Hi, I have 6 first, it's fine for my needs, far-, has been a few years since I used it because I don't have much use to be honest, but I bought a camera to sport/headset recently to record my adventures but I can't open all files in first for editing

Refresh your V3 to V7 will be more robust?

If I like the feature of PE3 I find it not robust for what I need to do, which I think is demanding, namely produce DVDs of slide show about 200 slides of Photo shop with about a 10-minute videos added. I think my machine is enough man for the job. I

Activity from computer screen to the time line

I'm doing a television show of the access of the Public on the use of databases for our local library. I would like to capture what I do on the computer for the time the program line. What is the best way to do it?I thought just point the camera at t

Edited minidisc to DVD - R in PE3.02 - all movies juddery/import problems?

Hi allMy father asked me to change x 4 DVD - R Canon MiniDisc for him. At the beginning I knew not how to import the files I have a camera tape MiniDV that produces AVI files, (which EP love!), so I clicked on 'get media' and EP seems to be doing som

Any advantage of using Photoshop with Premiere Elements (instead of Photoshop CS4)?

Soon, we are about to buy a Mini-DV with Premiere Elements camera. We currently have Photoshop CS4. Question: Is there a technical advantage to buy a copy of Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements? Are there specific tools in Photoshop Elements tha

PE4 stoppage of work at check-in PART

HelloI recently installed PE4.  I was able to create avi files using Save as, but when I try and SHARE my project, PE4 closes its doors.  This is the case when I try to burn a DVD or when I want to save to a folder on my computer.I tried to find a so

Preset for MPEG2 editing?

Hi allI have a bunch of .m2t 1920x1080i MPEG2 files I would like to change with PE7.  I'm a bit confused about what preset should I choose when you create a new project.  Any advice would be great.Thank youJohn


I have Adobe Premiere Elements 4.0 and I want to make a video with effect that it's looking like it will a TV of static electricity with this noise.  Is there a possible way to do it?

PE3: Order of the files?

In fact three points:1. a thank you all for the excellent help a few days ago: I finally got the big disc!2. I like the new format of forum - Bravo, whoever you are.3 following capture of the camera, and not to the timeline, how do I get media files

PE7 - 10 min to load project

I've tried everything. I even downloaded care advanced and digitized. It did not really help. It opens the project, and then the mouse is an hourglass for approximately 10 minutes. Then about a third of all my video thumbnails load, the mouse and the

How can I activate the line color

I have the trial version of adobe creative elements, I'm doing a form with stoke colors only in the color of the title area.  It will only allow me to change the gradient and not the bottom or contour. What should I do or is it because of the trial v

How can I get my audio to work on PE4?

I have a new computer and PE 4 was installed on it, but I hear the audio.  I do not in my imported videos, audio files or on my calendar.  Anyone know how to get the audio to work?

Time problem PE7 chronology and sharing

I have compiled a video which, on the timeline, watch as 9 minutes 42 seconds, but when I try to share the compiler says 14 minutes long (too long for You Tube).  Why is there a difference between these two?  If I look at the chronology carefully, I

Rotation of a video clip and convert mp4 to avi

HelloJust 2 quick questions...I'm looking to convert a mp4 to avi file, the program that I usually use to convert files does not recognize the mp4, which is the best way to go about italso, I have some video clips, I add to my production of Prime Min

Is zip compression lossless?

I have external hard drives to which all of my video files are saved.  However, they are not always kept off-site.  One of the less expensive online backup services zip files stored with them.  A source at

FFT / BFF... Important?

When playing with the utility GSpot, I noticed that some of my DV - AVI had high-field first (FFT) and some had a low first field (BFF).My DV - AVI is a mixed bag:Analog Hi8 tapes, captured with Sony Digital Handycam (camcorder made the conversion fr
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