Video will not be re - open.

My question is after editing and recording I'm unable to re - open the files.When I first open the program I see all my recent projects and they are displayed as files PREL.When I go to open them I get an open box that says "where is the file VTS_01_

Newbie Help: PE7 Images?

Hello, I just downloaded the version first Elements 7 track. I have a small video of 15 seconds and I'm wanting to add a. GIF image in the video. I asked a friend, and she said to use PE7 to edit my video. Well, my friend recently went out of town so

Transitions for titles

First of all, I would like to say a big thank you for those of you with all the necessary knowledge to help with questions here on this forum.  It has greatly helped me with my projects and I encountered problems.Yesterday I was working on a project

Unsynchronized MP4 video and sound in 7 PREL

HelloI'm doing a video based in some MP4 clips, recorded with my video camera Sanyo. Although the PREL7 import the clips without problem, the sound is strongly not synchronized to the video. This is not a simple timeline or previewing problem, becaus

BY mutation in my current project

Hi guys,.I have a project that I've accidentally created with incorrect NORMAL causing black bars on the sides. (Project is 1.2, the images are 1.0)I found this TechNote: that shows me how to export with a dif

Rendering error

HelloI own PE 2.0, sort of old school now, but it works well enough for my needs. It's never happened before, but when I visited a *.wma format (export) video, last night I got this strange error that read something like "error encoding sound, try th

Problem solving - Images

HelloI use Premiere Pro 2.0 Trial edition for a series of videos that I do at cause I'm tired of Windows Movie Maker.I created images in Fireworks to the 1280 x 720 resolution.I created a project of 'office' with resolution of 12

Video volume finished not as Loud as an editor

Hi, when I play my video once it has been transformed into a video file. (he reads in windows media player) is a little quieter than when it is played in the editor. It's a little embarrassing because I got his right in the editor - is too quiet now.

Gel or failure of the first Elements 4.

I have a HP Pavilion running Windows XP Media Edition, Service Pack 3. 250G HD, 1.24 G RAM. Model a1610n. I have a big project, more than 1 1/2 hours. The premier freezes or closes if: I navigate through the program too fast, try to restore or burn a

Projects of Premiere Elements burn on CD or DVD

HelloI created a project of elements of Prime Minister for my sister's wedding this weekend and I'm trying to figure out how I can export the movie, so it can be played on a DVD player, rather than on my PC.If anyone has any advice on how to do it, I

Please help me to cut a video clip

Hi, I cut a lot of clips in the video by dragging the horizontal volume bar (which crosses the track of volume on the video) down. However, on one of my clips the bar changed to have a different function. By sliding down seems to move the sound from

How to shorten a video?

My film was longer, but I deleted some scenes at the end, but when I 'share' and to make one film there additional empty images at the end. How can I stop it made the extra things that isn't really there anymore.Thanks for any help.

Premiere Elements 4 Questions... Help, please!

I'm new to first Elements 4. Is it possible to add random transitions to my slideshow all at once? Also, is there a "automatic query" option so that each slide will 'move' on the screen? Also, how can I change the duration of each photo in the slides

Scene markers can be exported with a clip?

(With the help of PE4)I want to build a major project of smaller subprojects (because at the time where there is 30-45 minutes of content, editing becomes desperately slow experience).  I want to do all the stuff complicated small subprojects, and th

Post 4000

Had not yet noticed the number of posts on my profile, until very recently. Just saw that I did 3 999, so I tried the big 4 K to be here. Out the Rolling Rock - I buy.Still do not know what are the 'points '. If someone "wins", do they get lunch in t

Audio only on a video clip

Hello gang,Hope someone can answer this question.  A series of video clips I took more than a week.  After I started putting them together, I somehow 'lost' video.They appear as a video clip in the menu screen, but when I play them it is only the aud

Cannot make the full video

I'm working on a video of 8 minutes (so far).  The first five minutes of clips made very well, but that's where it stops.  I just added another three minutes of clips on the timeline, press return, got at the beginning of the video that starts playin

Serious error in Adobe Premier 3.0

I got this error for a while. It happens when I start a new project or open an old, not a direct start. I had this problem again after that several deep uninstall (3-4), with configuration of 3.0 and 3.2. I also had my hardrive erased completely seve

I also ask many elements of Prime Minister?

I used the first elements for previous years, edition of news for the Internet and sometimes even to local TV stations. However, those who were short, and they were on an older machine.Recently, I received a new computer. I had to get a 32-bit comput

PE4 file export giving the wrong field order

In PE4, when I run the file - export with the following parameters:General/File Type: Microsoft DV AVIVideo/compressor: DV PALKey and record/field image: first high-fieldIt creates AVI OK, but GSPOT watch the AVI is lower field first, not upper-field