Organizing links between first and Photoshop Elements 7.0

Everyone knows that organizer in first uses the data in the Photoshop Elements Organizer?  I loaded more 15 000 photos in PSE and now they make their appearance in the first where I wouldn't wish and it is really this scrub up.  Very slow and with me

Create the macro?

Is it possible to create macros to perform tasks in PE7 repetative?

Text - color changing animation

Hello! I just started to use items, and I need to make the letters in a Word change color in an animation.I figured it out using titles and their superposition (giving him a new video track) (as do GIFs).but is there an easier way because it's a lot

From a clean page.

Hello everyone.I'm new to video editing and I bought a copy of the first Elements 7 based on the reviews I read and other peoples experiances with Adobe programs.I did a couple of movies, some with the help of istamovie and other feature click-drag e

Update your Clients more age Beta sp HD images

We have a lot of footage of beta and masters created first 2.0.Is there a way to use and update a video of customers in HD in 2.0.and if so, the first 2.0 presets in the opening of a new project of show HDV.How to export, file ext, etc to HD or look

Change clip cause speed first crashing?

Hello, I'm doing a series of videos, and I have a problem. Whenever I change the speed of at least two clips in my calendar, sooner or later a message come saying "sorry, a serious error has occurred which requires Adobe Premiere Elements stop.» We w

How many PE7 face mpeg (standard DV)?

The choice of the consumer level camcorder formats is now almost exclusively a drive hard or rather than mini dv memory card.I systematically edit HDV with PE7 but for the needs of the children I teach, I need only standard DV quality. My problem is

How to set up two hard drives (but not three)

I just added a second hard drive (500 GB SATA).  It is currently empty.My first hard drive any currently-operating system (XP), programs (including PE4), multimedia files, scratch your files, etc.  The first hard disk is about 200 GB with only about

Audacity - any users?

Is there anyone who knows how to use Audacity? I have a few audio which is normalized to 0 and I need to normalize it to-3. I downloaded the software and reflected on the (limited) help documentation. It assumes that you know more I do and does not s

Creation of Blu - ray causes windows crash blue screen

I'm testing the first Elements 7 for the creation of better quality DVD and Blu ray discs. Source is AVCHD 1920x1080i and I managed to create a number of DVD and a Bluray without problem. My last try creating a Bluray disc failed at about 98%, burn u

PE4 crashes when working with videos MP4

Hello everyone - just got a new Samsung HMX20 camera - shoot in full HD and creates clips in MP4 format.  I did some tests on cam before shooting to about 111 clips today, for a total of about 30 minutes of video.The test worked great, looked CLEAR a

Text & Photo placement questions?

I'm trying to reposition text exactly where I want it on the screen using the arrow keys? At the moment, I can only move the text box by dragging the mouse...Also, try to resize the photos of the bottom right using the SHIFT key to drag and maintain

Crackle in Audio on burned DVD

It sounds good on my laptop. I have a horrible old TV. I played through a sound system and they had a sound card. The audio was hot. What are the audio Crackle causes? Here's what I did:(1) created 4 slideshows with transitions and each with differen

First elements apart from the other video program

HelloFor now I use Cyberlink Power Director 5 for my videos and music videos.However, I noticed that Adobe Premiere Elements has also some interesting features.I would like to know if the APE can be installed next to my other video program?  A new pr

Transitions in PE7

Several transitions do not seem to work in PE7, for example cross dissolve or reel.  But some do, for example to return.  The preview does not work and the pre-rendered does not set it.  Everything I do a split is performed a clip where I want the tr

Cannot burn video disc

I am trying to burn a home video DVD disc.  I captured the video to a file mpg with TV tuner card and software (Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1250).  I can open the file with Adobe Elements 7.0 mpg but can't burn it to DVD disc.  When I get media, it performs

Problem with downloaded videos - fragile photo / sound cuts

I just bought and installed PE7 for use with my new Panasonic HDC-SD20 camcorder that records in AVCHD format.I downloaded several videos to practice with. However, I find that by double clicking on a video to view it, I get a fragile image and sound

go to media-

Once more I can't import my images to PE 7 to make a slideshow with video too. After arrainging photos as I want them and rename them, PE 7 brings them all mixed up. I even made a batch in PS renaming to try to replace it. I thought that PE 7 likely

Application of text Animation

I'm just trying to understand this program and here my question. When I add the default text for a clip, and then select this option and attempt to add text animation, the button apply is not highlighted, and I'm not able to add any animation to text

No sound in the AVI file editor

Hi, I wrote a game earlier on my PC. I made a video of him it action (using an application called FRAPS). The game's music and sound effects. The film is a .avi file. It plays and sounds good in Media Player when I watch the movie. When I import it i
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