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opening import not photos of the iPhone 6

Suddenly opening any photos of my iPhone6.  I'm used to check the gallery opening by months and organizing photos monthly prominently in my filing system opening.  Last imported picture was last week.  I know opening will no longer be updated in the

External hard drive not seen after that installed El captain

Hi all Until classified to El captain and now my external drive of Gtech is not recognized by my iMac. Connect via Thunderbolt and the car behaves as it should when turning the power on, but nothing appears on the desktop Disk utility sees a stationa

Where is the supplied music?

I have just opened FCPX and for the life of me can't find where provided music is - it seems to have disappeared. I am referring to the tracks 'copyright free' Apple as Elysium. They are always in my changes, but went from "Music and Sound"... Thank

Location of the file modified Photos - how I update Photos directory in FCP?

I recently moved the storage location of all my photo files of my internal HD to an external hard drive that I was running out of room.  When I shot to the top of the FCP to edit videos, I noticed that the list of Photos is now empty where before it

Customizing the toolbar

I just bought the Pro Logic. Why some things are not as the ability to customize the toolbar? (Control click brings to the top of the screen). And some icons are missing according to the instructions in the Guide from beginners to Logic Pro X. Why?

Stick to the original Position does not work as expected

Experiencing a bug "Stick to the initial Position": the copied sequence is stuck slightly forward with regard to the point of law

Move most adjacent flex markers in one step

I can't find the way to go, say, 2 or 3 markers of adjacent flex by selecting and moving them in a single step. Is it not possible?

Check in a project without media

Hi all. Probably a very simple answer to this question, but something I have not been able to work on myself. I currently have a library containing a single project which takes up 100 GB of storage on my external HARD drive. This project is complete,

How to import the IPhone AAE setting in Aperture?

I made a lot of corrections of colors and cultures already on my iPhone but when I import into Aperture to are not on the whole. Is there a to apply these settings to imported pictures Dave

4K footage - 1080 output... what should I do? All advice?

Hello worldFor the first time, I got 4 k filmed (on a Sony device) to be edited. The final cut will be delivered to a Web portal, and it will be 1080 HD not 4K.What do you offer me?Should I convert all sequences of k 4 to 1080 before importing it? Sh

Import of FCX Bug XAVCL (Long Gob)

FCX cannot import XAVCL (Long gob) files from a location other than the camera card. If you import these files from a media such as your hard drive or an external drive, FCX importer imports only the sound file! The same situation when you save the o

How to slow down an animated arrow?

I'm working on a documentary of the history, and I needed an arrow that can move across a map from one place to the other. Fortunately, I found a generator of arrow very good here:> and it's free, created and offered to the

Digital noise in the output

I hooked up a new computer. Started having digital noise of the output with Logic 9. Never had this problem. I've checked all my sample rate to match. I thought it would be in my Motu hardware, but when I turned the motu offshore and just ran through

Problem update of audio units plug-ins

Yesterday, I did a record with my audio interface Focusrite Saffire and logic without problems. In the evening, I tried to open logic without any audio interface connected, but it froze on the image of opening with the text: "update of audio units pl

suddenly overexposed previews

Opening 3.6. Previews suddenly washed. Checked RAW fine tuning and no strange settings are. Have used the opening for several years and the usual suspects seem OK. Migrating to other software but need open a little longer. iMac 10.11.1

With a point of foot to cut support it?

I am running Native Instruments 'Battery' in MainStage, control everything with a keyboard and a Drumkat percussion controller. I want to be able to cut a note support (choke note) with a foot switch, similar to a function of starter of Charleston. A

How do you "break" a track playback

I want to be able to make a break all the tracks at once in the middle of a song so I can do a James Brown type thing where the entire band "hits" at some point, in the heat of the Groove, etc.. All I can find is the Play/Stop buttons in mapping of p

Export master file

I do not have my camera connected to the computer. The original library was on an external hard drive thinking that maybe that's the question I consolidate the library and then put on my desk. Opening of the library on the desktop, no files are offli

Display of all the rumors about an Apple 5K?

I like my Mac Pro, but sure could use a screen of 5K. This iMac is very tempting for the display. Any thoughts? See you soon. Tom

The text of 'HR MIN SEC FR' is shifted to the left in the dashboard.

More there are a few random lists of the pixels in the dashboard. Should I reinstall FCPX?
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