SanDisk Memory

Will not be displayed in Windows Explorer (16 GB SanDisk 45Mo/sec Class 10)

Hey! I have two exactly the same 16 GB SanDisk 45Mo/sec Class 10 for over 2 years now, I've been using them with my Nikon D5100. One of the two SD cards will not be displayed in Windows Explorer for a few weeks. I am running Windows 8.1 64-bit and I

Not all photos are current upload via card reader

I have a Sandisk Extreme Pro - 90 MB 16 GB card compact flash. I downloaded photos via a my card reader. Only some of the pictures are on my Desktop Mac, despite the memory card has all the photos as seen through my Nikon D700 viewfinder. I used this

Deleting the image

Hi, a question frequently asked by my friends, is it better to run a Compact flash card 8 gb to the end before formatting or is - OK to put in shape after short periods. and if it deteriorates the lower map and the most recent photos of quality,.

Cat long w/Sandisk-Extreme SD 80 MB vs extreme Plus

I just bought this card Extreme 45Mo from Best Buy for $19.99 on cyber Monday. But what I received this card at the bottom left in the package sea

SanDisk Mobile Ultra 64 GB write protection error

I bought this card 4 to 6 months ago. It has worked great since last week-two when I started having problems with listening music etc (sometimes he stop or change the music in the middle of the track). I first thought that his problem with Android an

SanDisk Ultra 16 GB not recognized

I just bought this SD card and my camera Canon says there is no card inserted memory. When I try it on my computer, Windows reports that it is not formatted, so don't give me the possibility of formatting in 32 megabytes?

Galaxy s3 and 16 GB extreme pro

Problems loading music files.  Format worked. Can see the pictures on the card.  Load files of music, and after that 2-10 files s-3 stop down or refuse to load.  Restart and lost 40 song files I just loaded.  Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong

ScanDisk 8 GB sd

I recently bought my scandisk 8 GB to talk about my straight Android phone which the salesperson in the store at wal mart told me that's what everyone uses for photos, download music and applications. I tried to download an app and it did not work. A

SDHC I have Extreme 32 gb 45 MB/s - Doesnt Work Anymore

Hi, I need your help. I have an I SDHC Extreme 32 gb - 45 MB/s for 6 months and was working fine until now. When I put in my camera, was not identified as a compatible device. I always use this card in the same device, but for some reason, no longer

64 GB SDXC UHS - I Extreme Card speeds?

Hi guys,. Just got my new SD card, I bought because of the up to speeds of 45 Mbps for HD video. Has decided to test it with: H2testw 1.4 writing: 20.6 MB/sec in reading: 21.6 MB/s CrystelDiskMark 3.0.2 x 64 write: 22,36 MB/sec in reading: 23,76 MB/s

Which card to use for the backup of Win8

Windows 8 requires a minimum of 32 GB card to use for the backup. I bought a PNY 32 GB ( ), but it wouldn't work. Even though it says 32 GB it is actual

Installation of a micro SD, by a complete beginner

Hi, I installed never a micro Sd Card in my life.  I have a sansa Clip + 4 GB micro SD 8 GB of Sandisk card class 4. First of all how he go in, writing or strips of metal upwards? Secondly, I believe that I have to download a software, that there is

How do I know if this memory is original?

Hi guys. I have a doubt about the play of the card. I had already bought a few 64 GB Micro cards SDXC without problems but now I ordered the new 64 Micro SDXC Class 10 UHS of and I got the card today but the packaging is different. So if som

Extrem HD Video 30 MB/s 32 GB vs Extrem 45Mo/s 32GB

Hi guys,. I bought a "Extrem HD Video 30 MB/s 32 GB" online, but I received a "Extrem 45Mo/s 32GB (figure a number 1 next to class 10, I don't know what that means)"-class 10 are two of them. Well, so I was wondering which of those who better? Should

problem of SDXC

I have a 64 GB sdxc card that gives me problems. I can save the pictures in my camera, but when I insert it into my card reader I get the error message "the disk you inserted is not readable by this computer." The map came from Adorama, which is a go

SanDisk Ultra 32 GB class 6 (20 MB/s) SDHC Memory Card

Hello; The playback speed is about 18 MB/s, but the write speed of the peaks at about 7 MB/s using H2testw 1.4 in a card reader internal / writer (Windows 7 x 64, 12-core processor). Is this normal for this category of cards? Thank you.

SanDisk 4 GB Ultra II Compactflash (15 MB/sec) capacity memory card problem

I have Canon EOS 350 d (Rebel XT) and Sandisk 4 GB Ultra II Compactflash (15 MB/s) memory card and I was using this card with my camera almost 3 years. I have no problem and it has worked great so far. This is my problem: I am inserting my Sandisk 4

Should be formatted microSDHC cards?

I just bought a 16 GB SanDisk microSD card (this is my 3rd) and I couldn't remember if I already formatted the other 2 cards or not. I thought that now is the right time to ask if the formatting of these cards are a best practice. Thank you.

Is this true? SanDisk 32 GB, Micro SDHC card class 4

I can't find any reference to a version of the 4 SanDisk 32 GB Micro SDHC Card being pulled out of class, but I found a store that sells. Can anyone verify if this is real? I don't want to sh

MicroSD Mobile Ultra 8 GB is NOT class 6! Please help me

Hi everyone, first of all I apologize for my bad English, but I'm still studying it. In any case, I have some technical questions for anyone who can answer me: I bought directly from the official website of SanDisk a microSD Mobile Ultra 8 GB (serial
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