SanDisk SSD

Is a 64 GB of the ReadyCache version in the works?

Hi all Just curious - because prices have fallen so much.

Confused about hard drives external and ExpressCache 1.3.0 - Important.

Hi Slotmosta, George and GLS, I'm a little confused... I thought that 1.3.0 is supposeed to defragment only SATA disks (this should be an option!)? I thought that the USB devices must eject normally - wasn't this problem? When comes out the next Expr

When released the new version of ExpressCache?

Hey Sandisk, I think it's time to inform us when the update will happen, After all, you want users to be happy and to recommend the ReadyCache, right? Please let us know! I really want to try the product - seriously. TIA, Compumind P.S. 'Soon' is not

How Do I Update Firmware of Readycache

How to upgrade the firmware of my SSD Readycache? I can't find an update in the support download page. (I read on the firmware 2.0.0 version. Mine is version 1.0.0)

ReadyCache in a laptop optical drive Bay?

Has anyone tried using the ReadyCache instead of a laptop optical drive?

Readycache slow SSD (firmware 2.0.0)

SanDisk announces SSD Readycache for having a rate of 480 MB/s Tests like seem to confirm this. I ordered two Readycache SSDs from two different suppliers and tried in two different (AMD and Intel) PC. There was a gain of performance but

ReadyCache 32 GB is not seen.

Hi all. I just bought a 32 GB ReadyCache and have tried to install it in two systems, but it is not being seen by the motherboard. I want to use the drive as a boot drive for a Linux installation, but it simply does not appear in the BIOS or OS. I ha

Encryption ReadyChache SSD?

Hello I installed ExpressCache and was wondering how to encrypt the content of ssd? BitLocker does not list the ssd drive. My HARD drive is bitlocker encrypted, so if chached data is not encrypted, which would defeat the pruprose of encryption at all

ExpressCache must start with Windows?

For the life of me, I can't find how to prevent ExpressCache to start with Windows. There is no option in the program itself, there is no entry in MSConfig, and it is not in the startup folder in the start menu. (1) is there a way to prevent the prog

Difference between SSD and UltraPlus

After digging around on the internet and didn't get any result can someone please describe the differences between the standard model of the SSD and the UltraPlus. They are two prices almost the same locally, but I don't know which is better/more rec

240 GB Extreme update problems

Hello I took delivery of an Extereme 240 GB and have tried to update the latest firmware. I downloaded the update from the web site (v1.0.0.1) and detects the disk showing a version of the firmware installed of R201. However, when I try and update th

New SanDisk Extreme 120 GB and the slow performance.

Hello I recently bought Sandisk Extreme (SDSSDX - 120G - G25) but disappointing the peformance is not good as it is. My motherboard: ASUS P9X79 PRO) First of all, I connect ssd Sata 6 Gbit/s port to intel and update the firmware to R211. Also I put a

With the help of the ReadyCache with Intel Rapid Storage Technology?

I just upgraded to Win8 and the ReadyCached doesn't seem to work.  My motherboard supports the Intels Rapid Storage Technology (RST), so I think to convert thie ReadyCache in an ordinary SSD.  How can I do this?  I just reformat the ReadyCache enable

Correct the R211 beginning 2008 17 "MacBookPro with Chipset Intel

I'm assuming that the R211m does not work with my MBP (see the title of the topic) since I was the MacBook Pro 4.1 with ICH8-M AHCI, not the chipset nVidia chipset. I've updated my extreme 480 GB with the R211, and I use the TRIM position by Grant Pu

Strange Benchmark results...

Hi, I just installed 2 Sandisk Extreme 120 disks on my PC... They are not in a raid configuration, one is the system drive and the other for running games. After installation I decided I want to test them with AS - SSD compared to my old OCZ Vertx TH

SDRAM error a video camera and pray portable computer

Hello I have a 16 GB sandisk Extreme. I've been working successfully in my video camera. After 20% shooting, camera reports errors and the card cannot be read. When I put the card in my laptop it prompts "format? I think that the card has become corr


Just got my Sandisk extreme 480 GB drive, attached to the sata in lieu of a regular pc hard drive. The startup disk is recognized as a Sandisk. In windows, the drive is not found. All that is visible are the usual hard drives and DVD player. It is as

What is the correct alignment? (sandisk extreme 240 GB)

each review seems to show an alignment of 1024 k as ssd, as here However my drive is set to 234496 in windows 7.  This is a new installation, the ahci enabled and the intel rst installed 10.8

Trim or not to TRIM under OSX

Well, here's a question that I bet many of you have come up with your own answers for. I would like the official answer from sandisk... Use trim enabler on osx to use the PAD with your (awsome) ssd or not. Story based sandforce controllers require no

Extreme SSD 120GB - No. TRIM support for Linux later? $150 wasted?

I am a customer of Sandisk's long-term and generally been happy with their products. My favorite and the only OS is Linux, like the millions of PC users, laptop, Tablet and smartphone world. I'm about to take delivery of a brand new Sandisk Extreme S
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