SanDisk SSD

New OEM SSD - what is best backup/upgrade? (SD7SN3Q256G1002 - Zenbook UX305FA)

Bought Asus Zenbook UX305FA-USM1 with this SanDisk model M.2 SSD 256Go (search here the text "peripheral storage"; or "and M.2 SSD module" for SSD in the photo).  This is my first experience with SSD and I'm more than a little impressed! But I worry

Firmware SDSSDP - 128G

I need firmware SDSSDP-128 G Could you help me?

How to temporarily disable ReadyCache SSD

Hello ReadyCache SSD is very strong for certain tasks, such as load Windows faster and loading some applications you before cached. However, when the system is under heavy load, writing and reading the disc of all time, the decrees of the performance

Express the guard cover lost drive

I don't know if it is related to Windows 8.1.1 but shortly after the update, Cache Express continues to lose the player. If I go into disk management, windows did not see the drive. If I pull the SATA cable and plug it in again, Windows detects the d

network time consuming to connect since the installation of readycache

Hi guys Although my readycache works great and theres no problem, the network takes longer than usual to connect, so much and so well I start now 'steam' client manually is there a way to get the network connected before caching software... or is thi

ISO burned, boots, but does not end... MacBook Pro (early 2011)

Downloaded the right firmware (thanks for the advice - the ID of the box compared to the system profile ID - they were different).  It burned on a CD, booted from it.   I must say here that my old internal DVD/CD is now external because I put a HD in

Longevity - Reading / writing

I put a new SDSSDP - 064G in my desktop as my 'Disc' Ubuntu 12.04 operating system running PC. I read that I should restrict writing on the SSD as possible and there are a few tutorials linux giving directions to do this. HOWEVER I have also been inf

Dead or not?

My Ultra + 256G refused to boot up my laptop this morning. The system is it to try to detect the SSD (same CapsLock doesn't). When I replaced SSH with HDD - it's all beautiful, OS is booting. When I put SSDS in USB-SATA docking station - it is not re

Reallocation of areas may appear too early

Hello.I have two Sandisk Extreme 240 GB on two different computers.I have both drives update the firmware R211.The SMART data says:Latest for both, business sectors redeployed 1 to 28 days.For the oldest, 61 days and 13 reallocated sectors. Both syst

Impossible to update firmware on mac mini without CD

I'm unable to update firmware on mac mini without cd-rom. I tried to burn iso image to USB via disk utility, but folowwing error: "Unable to validate the source - invalid argument. Can you provide iso correct or dmg that can be used with the mac disk

Life wrote on the SSD Plus Ultra

Just curious if anyone can shed some light on the SMART for these readers info when it is the host entries. I'm just trying to follow my writing that I'm using two of the drives 256 GB in a raid for a type of home environment with hyper-v server so I

PSSD-p2 firmware update

Hi guys,. I want to know whether (and if so, of course where) there is an update available for the bhsol-p2 in my asus t91mt, pls googlin was not very successful ^ ^

Very low yield, 256GB SSD Sandisk Ultra plus

I just installed a 256 GB SSD Ultra + on my Samsung NC110 Netbook with chipset Intel NM10, tweaking all active (TRIM, AHCI, etc.) and the SATA 3 mode works as expected. The SSD is pretty slow: with the AS SSD benchmark tool I get 243 MB/s read and 21

Failed to retrieve product license information.

Hello Ordering info-eccmd run 'as administrator', always answers 'Unable to retrieve license information product.' But ExpressCache GUI always runs ok, and the form 'about' show my correct activation code. And restarting doesn't change anything. Does

ReadyCache with ReadyBoost?

Hello world I read on this forum that ReadyCache can be formatted and used as an ordinary SSD, and I realized that, in this case, ExpressCache is not functional. Has anyone tried to use Windows ReadyBoost? Why not... I intend to buy this ReadyCache,

I can't activate my ready Cache! Frustrated

I'm really frustrated with Support technique Sandisk! My readycahe came without activation key.  I called tech support and they gave me an activation key.  I put the activation key in the box and it says "invalid activation code, please try again." I

Windows 8 and SSD Toolkit

Hello I just installed a Sandisk Extreme SSD 120 gb in my laptop computer with 1-port SATA II and swapped the old DVD player for a caddy to hold my old mechanical hard drive. I installed the SSD toolkit and found the R201 for my SSD (windows disc) up

the iMac 2010 SSD update

I'm new to this forum. I'm going to be when you run an upgrade for my iMac next week. I have an iMac mid-2010 with processor i3 3.2 GHz and 8 GB of RAM (model MC509LL/A). My question is: would this work of SanDisk Extreme SSD 120 GB with my iMac? Als

Starting along with ssd 120 GB to the MacBook

After you install the 120 GB SanDisk Extreme on my MacBook, it seems to take a while to find the HD. The screen is just blank whithout the Apple logo for quite a while. Once the Logo and the train to appear, it starts quickly. What is with that?

SMART tool to Extreme

I just bought a 120 Extreme. Happy to wander if there is a Toolbox available for this purpose? TIA...