SanDisk SSD

SSD for the boot, SSD, reformatting of the files needed for a normal startup of Windows 7

I just have to use the SSD Sandisk more for the startup of Windows 7 and MSOffice programs.I made a mistake of a new copy on Windows 7 top loading.What I wanted, it was just part of Windows 7 with all current configurations and keep the data on the o

More than SanDisk 480 GB compatible with MacBook Pro mid 2012?

Are SSD 480 GB compatible with MacBook Pro mid 2012 El Capitan OSX?

Freezing point more of SanDisk SSD drive

I put a 120 GB Sandisk more SSD in my old laptop, and it now has a problem where it spontaneously freezes for a minute and then working again normally. No error appears in the log when this happens. I upgraded to Windows 10 (starting from Windows 7)

The disk activity slows computer to a halt

Hi all I'm new and don't really know how things work here, but I'm willing to give it a shot. In any case, I just built a PC brand new and I'm getting my most SSD 120 GB disk activity up to 100% when he opened no process which is demanding. Basiclall

SSD Ultra II read & write speed problem

Hello world I'm hoping to get help please about an SSD, I just bought and do not seem to be getting anywhere near the advertised speed it is supposed to be able, I only spent by technical support yet as thought someone here might know the answer. I b

Dashboard SanDisck Image Bootable

When you provide a bootable image to update the firmware?  I am currently not using windows (linux) with my player and do not want to tear my machine part to make sure that my drive works at full capacity and without and dangerous firmware. In additi

ExpressCache does not work properly '%0' Caching problem»

Hello I really need serious help ExpressCache rest blue curves to & 0 for always and does not work. But the program itself says 'caching '. According to my meter to start, I did 25 boots because I install the program. SanDisk readycache player is NOT

Cannot see the SanDisk SSD

I don't know that it is already in the forums several places!  Just bought an SSD over 240 GB.  Before connecting the drive, I made sure all drivers and BIOS on the Dell Latitude E6410 have been updated.  SSD placed more USB 3.0 drive housing and con

Launch of the program in an entire window every time that the computer starts caching

Problem is that I have the program launch Cache in a full window every time that the computer starts. Stupid! It should start only in the system tray. Imagine every other startup program starts in a full window from the start. Is not acceptable. Also

Disk image to update the firmware in linux?

I recently bought the a Ultra II SSD 240 GB and I wanted to make sure I'm using the latest firmware. To my surprise, there is no way to update the firmware in Linux. My current firmware version is X31200RL (the description of disk indicates this) It

SanDisk Ultra II - write errors

I recently bought 2 240 gb Ultra II.  My intention is to use for the image of my C disk cloning. I use one Upgrade of the SATA Apricorn EZ Upgrade Kit with USB 3.0 portable hard drive connection and box EZ - UP3 Link to the device google foregoing an

Why this difference in speed?

I have the Sandisk Ultra 480 g, why am I burst speeds of 350 MB and 300 MB on average during its 550 MB advertised? I used HDTACH and crystalmark to the bench it. I use a port SATA3, what gives? Thank you

223 MB instead of 240 MB

Hello! I bought a SanDisk Ultra II Solid State Drives 240 GB a few hours ago. I cloned my SSD HARD drive successfully, but I saw something that disappoint me. 1-EZ Gig IV identifies my SSD as USB 228.937 Mo ! 2nd to finish dashboard identifies my SSD

SSD not detected in the Bios after stopping

Hello I bought a SanDisk SSD II specially 2 days. I plugged it in the first my motherboard SATA port and a SATA power cable. Then I started up my computer and installed Windows 7 Pro without any problem on the SSD, but after I shut down the PC, the S

A solution for cache reset randomly in Windows 8/8.1

After, I scream with a reset of the cache random ExpressCache in point 8.1 of Windows. Now, I found a solution for this problem. Just disable fast start of Windows 8/8.1. Solved! (Dashboard-> hardware and sound-> Power Options-> choose what buttons t

Statement by SSDX120G25 wildly different "amount used.

At this player for about a year. She just Windows 7 and Office as well as a few other things. Last week we learned suddenly full disk, which cannot be. I deleted about 10G of things and it reported only 10 GB left. She's own calaculations, which was

ReadyCache compatible (Truecrypt) encrypted volume system?

I am running Windows 7.  The boot partition is encrypted using Truecrypt (and the boot partition is also be a RAID 0 array using the RAID controller integrated Intel chipset). (1) Will ReadyCache work with an encrypted TrueCrypt volume like that? (2)

Can it to cache HARD RAID drive in a system with a SSD tip?

I have a (relatively) small boot SSD and a wide range of RAID based on the standard HARD drive.  Can I use the ReadyCache to cache RAID volumes only and leave the single SSD volume? Thank you!

Interview question

SSD uses trim or garbage collection to maintain performance. I run my ReadyCache in RAID0 mode, so I can use 2 2 TB Samsung drives for a large storage drive and a 2.5 inch Samsung 640GO as just a normal OS the drive in the RAID BIOS. The question is;

Check my SATA 2 calculations, please

My computer is a controller SATA 2. The docs say that it will work with SATA 2 and installed sound and begins its process of caching. My question is 'the coup' estimate I take to 2 SATA and SATA 3. SATA 2, offering 3 GB per second and 3 SATA 6 GB / s