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wallpaper bug

Zoom after new wallpaper and wallpaper wallpaper becomes half black after hitting the home button, sets the right after hitting 3 - 4 times the home button


I would like to write messages in several languages... Is this possible?  In fact, when I write text messages or what happens in English, I have to implement the entire phone in English, same procedure when I want to write in another language... Is t

Animated files correupt image results

Hello. First of all, I can't believe that you can not natively with builtin apps Sony move images in different folders...  This feature will come in the future? In any case, I have now tried two Gallery of different image that can do. I also moved al

Wallpapers homescreen Z2 when black

My home screen screen when black all the time and could not what back to my wallpaper, I try to recharge or change the theme again, but it stays black, all is well, but the wallpaper, lockscreen has someone knows how to show normally, slove this prob

Contacts app stops all the time that I open it.

Whenever I try to connect to my Xperia Z2 Contacts app or by phone, it automatically to the bugs he and I have 2 messages of errors, according to the time: -l' Contacts application has unfortunately stopped or -treatment of unfortun

problem after service

Ive had my phone on the service, surprise, nothing is better except the cracking of the screen that is exchanged. And now I've got a ring when I run my finger 1-2mm above the glass, when I touch the glass it disappear. I managed to get the ring on th

question about Micro chip

Hi I'm new and appreciate your patience! I have Xperia Z2 tablet 32 GB to Verizon. What is expandable with a microchip? is there a certain type of microchip, I need, as a mark or? This is new for me to have a tablet. Thank you for the kindness!

How can I turn off "temporarily avoiding the bad connevtoon".

How can I disable avoid bad connections? I prefer not to get the function "avoid bad connections temporarily. Thank you.

No warning when the volume level

Hello I just bought my Xperia Z2 a week ago and I am completely satisfied with the phone. Just one thing that bothers me is that, until now, it will display the warning when rasining top music volume level using earphones, but today it suddenly stopp

Cannot change lockscreen options

Anyone can solve this problem? I used the pin code as my lockscreen. Now, I can't return to the rear scanning options. He says the peripheral administration and all that.

hung up phone calls.

This has happened since I got on the phone and it's my second z2 so far this year when are you going to sort... every time that I answer a call and put the phone to my ear he hangs up the call or I select a contact and launch a call usually after a m

The magnetic charger compatibility

I was wondering if the magnetic compact xperia z1 (DK32) loading dock works with the xperia z2. The dimensions are exactly the same thing on the aceessory page.

After Xperia Tranfer using contacts problem

I'm usinng of Russian language on a phone. There is a problem after that I made a reservation to copy on my previous Z Xperia, then tried to trasfer the data of my new Xperia Z2. Everything was ok, except for contacts: instead of cyrilliennes letters

Best performance 128 gb sd card for xperia Z2?

I've been Googling for awhile and still not sure what is the best 128 GB (or more) sd card buy for recording videos in my Xperia Z2. I found no specifications for the recommended sd card to use in sites of Sony. Could you help me choose the best sd c

Removal of the app

Hi friends, I installed the app from creator of film using the link to the apk from the xperia blog. Later I even uninstalled and I uninstalled the app. But surprisingly, when I went to the tab all in the applications menu under settings, I saw the c

phone will not connect to WiFi

Hi, my phone is not connecting to WiFiIt was fine to start with and now it does not work. I tested my WiFi with others and they all get the signal and excellent connectivity.My z2 is either stuck in step "obtaining the IP address" or telling me he av

notifications of lockscreen?

After I update the phone to the latest firmware it started to display notifications on the lock screenUnfortunately I reset and remove my z2 due to same problems with call (fixed) but I can not locking screen notification that someone know how active

Brazilian Xperia Z2 Firmware (D6543)

Good afternoon I want to know why Brazilian Xperia Z2 firmware (D6543) are very old? For Internaltional Xperia Z2 already got 3 firmwares more recent but Brazilian No. Why? "Sorry for my English.

Video demo of Z2

HelloAnyone know the code which must be typed to turn the phone into a video demo?I found videos on a storage but there no no matter what player I have will play an audio... Someone knows how to turn the audio on this video? (there are some other lan

How to configure the file transfer between Xperia Z2 and the PC via wifi

Hello, I would be grateful if someone could help with the instruction to Setup wireless Internet between Xperia and the PC (window 8.1) for file transfers.
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