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Player BluRay/Streamer BDP-BX520 won't play MP4. Is there a work around or should I return it?

It's really frustrating.  I connected an external hard drive to the BDP-BX520.  There top of videos in format MP4, and the unit will not play them.  There are some that are in Bluray format which it will play from the same HARD drive without a proble

Sony SLT - A58K continuous shooting Mode

I noticed that when taking pictures in continuous mode, the first Salvo fires quickly, but it seems to go more slowly to take the photo and the LCD screen or viewfinder (if you use it) shows the flashing of image and suggest you do not get anywhere n

Sony SLT-A58K - what is the maximum memory

I bought my camera in April and have been using a 16 GB memory card, but what is the maximum card that can be used (16 GB, 32 GB, 64 GB, 128 GB, etc, etc.) as anything mentioned in the manual or on the Sony site. Thank you

How to use ring flash Metz on A99?

Hi, can someone share with me how to use the Metz mecablitz 15 MS - 1 on A99? I put an extra flash on the claw in order to use the TTL wireless on the ring flash? Thank you very much!

OTP-S5100 does not connect with the remote control for Sony App

When I find devices in the remote for Sony app on my Nokia Lumia 925 blue ray player displays a code on the screen that I'm supposed to get into the app to set up the connection, but I can't find a way to enter this code into the application.  Everyt

Issue of Sony STR - DN1040 output HDMI Samsung UN60F8000BFXZA TV

Hello community of Sony, I have a question of a Samsung UN60F8000BFXZA TV HDMI Sony STR-DN1040 output.  I have a cable Xfinity RNG110 box and a Samsung Blue Ray BD-F5900 connected via HDMI 1.4 cables I have HDMI 1.4 cables connecting all devices.  I

Instant video Amazon

I can't save my BDP5100 to Amazon Instant Video.  When I put the code in the registration on the Amazon page, I get an error message "Invalid Registration Code".

His HT CT660 bar problem: rapid power of inhibition

I have a new bar of his HT CT660 who has developed a new problem after 2 weeks of use. When using the sound bar the mute on the sound bar will Flash and the resulting sound is wasted up pulses. If I disable the sound bar and turn back the problem res

Will be the sony Z1 come to verizon?

Right now, it's between the z1 or Galaxy note 3 and for the simple fact that the z1 will play nicley with my sony TV and my future ps4, I would rather go that route. but it seems that verizon customers get sleeve when it comes to verizon sony CDMA ph

Replacement of dvd VRD-VC20

Hello Has anyone tried to replace the DVD drive in a Sony VRD-VC20? If so, is there any saving of time and aggravation to avoid advice you can offer? I found this camera at hand.  Unfortunately, it seems that Sony stopped producing the DVDirect line.

I was wondering if I could swap my Xperia Xperia Z1 Z at its launch.

I was wondering if I could swap my Xperia Xperia Z1 Z at its launch. I bought Z 1 month and I am in love with the new Xperia Z1 or so called Honami

How reading a playlist iPod connected on radio MEX-GS600BT

How I have a playlist from my iPod, playback which is wired to my MEX-GS600BT?

Netflix/Hulu icons disappeared

I used my Blu - Ray player to stream netflix/hulu for the last year or two. Last week, the icons no longer appear on my home screen, so I can't use them. I tried to solve the problem using different forums, but in vain. Under my 'network' icon, the o

Update wireless network errors, but everthing else connects very well

I have a BDP-S3100 that always gives me the following error message when I click on "network update": " "The State of the connection cannot be confirmed.  Unable to communicate with the server. Please try again later. » I have a wireless internet and

Is youtube offline?

I went to see what happens with youtube on my player of Blu - Ray BDP-s1100 and he says youtube is offline try again later. any ideas?

XV color settings

I just updated my Blu - ray player from BX2 to the S5100. BX2 has a parameter that allows you to activate the XV color of the player features, so that a compatible TV/projector can use this larger color space. The S5100 has no such framework. There i

How do you install SideView on a fire of kindle?

What should I do to install SideView on Kindle a fire, or is it still possible?

DLNA server on bdp-s590

The server on my bdp-s590 ceased to connect to my computer. He worked until recently. By selecting in the home menu, it goes from Server screen, then try again later screen. I went to the settings and tried the settings of the login server. I removed

Sony TDMNW1 with BDVT10?

I have a question I recently bought a Sony bdv - t10 for a good price and it works very well. The only thing I don't understand is that it comes with a digital media Port adapter which is only compatible with Apple's Ipod. I don't own an Ipod, but I

BDV-E370 speakers - is not the TV speakers

Just got an E370 system but cannot find a way to get sound through new TV speakers.
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