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WARN - this file is ignored: simlock.ta Always this file are ignored by the program. Why?Phone is no longer is sim.Help me

Sony XPERIA phones - unlocking Solution carrier

Hello I need help to find a solution to unlock the carrier of the phone Xperia. I want to know what are the options I need to unlock a phone. I see 3 options: (1) wait until the contract expires and pay the carrier to unlock the phone (2) buy a code

Sony Xperia M2 - pilots ADB/Android

I too, can't install for the Xperia M2 USB drivers, I tried the tool "15 seconds", which did not work for me. A link to the required driver would be useful.

EOLRIPWN app? No matter what?

Hi, found in the system Apps there is an EOLRIPWN app.Looks like a little at the end of life rest in peace WN?It is on Lolipop on my Z2 and the original Z.Google did not find something on this app. Anyone know what the * beep * that thing is, or what

shuffle problem <. <

Xperia Z2 lolipop latest version of music... the random mode on but instead of play next song on the album, he repeats the same song... tried a solution to remove the configuration data and restart phone but still the same problem any idea?

Restoration of xperia zr to original sony kitkat 4.4.4 stock rom with root access

I installed a custom rom on my xperia zr (c5502) and I'm not like then please tell me how to get an original rom anchored on this device and when emma support flasjing of this device.


When installing any program apearse it message:SORRY, APK EXCEPTION WILL BE OUTPUT.Solemne can helpme to solution you problemm.

Unlock the Bootloader Xperia Pro Win 8

Followed all the instructions so far but windows 8 will not accept the driver Fastboot S1Boot! The error is: The hash of the file is not present in the specified catalog file... How to install the driver please?

Keys of Xperia Z. restore DRM.

I have a Xperia Z (C6603) 4.4.2 KK, I have rooted, unlock the bootloader, flashed to Lollipop AOSPS, but by a few glitches, the complexity are the facilities of the GAPP and is too espartan for my taste I chose to my usual Xperia. I could find a serv

Rooting M2 without unlocking

Hi, I have D2303 running on the last fimware 4.4.4 and bootloader locked. I need to root this phone but am scared I might lose the drm keys. Please give me the steps to do this.

Problems of construction AOSPS for D6603...

Hello I have followed the steps and can not do build. On stage: source build/ && lunch I select d6603 (option 17) Then run make and get: including ./vendor/sony/leo/proprietary/ ... build/core/ *** vendor/sony/l

Walkman automatically kills

I am a heavy user of Sony Walkman app that especially I'm travelling. This happens quite often and I have no idea how to solve. Whenever I run a game or do some reading/Facebook-ing, Walkman will automatically be killed without any reason. No crash n

How do root Xperia M without unloking bootloader (without voiding the warranty)?

Hello Is it possible to root xperia m without voiding the warranty? I've heard say that if the bootloader is and no rom is flashed that the guarantee remains as it is. I just want the root of my Xperia M so that I can remove preinstalled junk app fro

The upgrade of Sola

Hello. I want to ask if I improve my xperia (Sola), who don't have Max version 4.0 officially, to a version newer as 4.2 or anything that will I lose my warranty repair? Sorry for my English.

XPERIA T and 4.3 Update emails not visible

The update to Android Jellybean 4.3 was released on Xperia T but since then the Mail App does not display the most recent incoming mails. All emails within the last week are hidden somehow, even if I get a notification of incoming mail and the meter

Unfortunately, the process is stopped.

I just updated my Xperia TX and this message keeps popping up. How can I solve the problem, whatever it is?

Problems after update 10.4.1.b.0.101

Upgrade to version above this morning and since then my microphone speaker, headphones, music everything has stopped working... Has anyone faced this problem? How can I restore? Solution? I use Xperia zr and upgrade has completed without any problem

Update of jellybean, album driving bad app

I'm not able to see thumbnails of all the pictures stored on the internal memory as external. I tried to fix this by resetting the phone, but he continues. Help me out of this.

Root on Xperia Pro MK16i ICS 4.0.4

Hi all, I need a tutorial with detailed information for take root my xperia pro mk16i with official update of ICS.

Xperia Ray problems after update of the ICS

Hey I've just updated my Xperia Ray to ICS... but after the update, the accelerometer calibration seems haywire... Whenever I'm browsing my Gallery screen does not automatically change its orientation (automatic screen orientation is on)... and if in
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