Graphics card for the system E73

Hello I'm trying to get a graphics card for my E73 system which will allow me to run three monitors simultaneously. After looking into the details, it seems that the E73 supports graphics embedded running at the same time as a discrete card, which wo

Update motherboard ThinkCenter M58E to: 64-bit and add 4 GB to the Board of Directors, keeping OEM 4 GB on ERS

I need suggestions for a replacement motherboard. OEM is 32 bits, w / 4 GB of ram. Also, where is the best place to buy? Jim Donahue

Lenovo m93P update Wifi card

Hello, I have a problem with the new card wifi of instalation on my PC. I bought the Intel Wireless N 1000 card, (what is a wifi supported at M93p card) but after the instalation I tried to turn on the PC, but on the screen was displayed the map "err

SATA controller mode must be set to AHCI

HelloI have M91p Desktop (ThinkCentre) - Type 55 7033my needs of fashion to be on AHCI in the system BIOS, but the BIOS SATA controller is protected by passwordAll solutions?

IBM NetVista Desktop A60i Type/model 20u-6832 parts and information

I bought a desktop IBM NetVista A60i 6832-20u in 2001 model. The Office stopped working yesterday and I think I just need a power supply. Can you recommend a source for parts? Can you help me find Maintenance Manual for this unit from IBM Office? Ple

M800: How to add SSD (for an existing HARD disk)

Hello I currently have an old Thinkpad T400 having an SSD inside. The SSD has been installed there maybe 2 years ago, but now I'm upgrading to a desktop M800. I ordered the M800 with cheaper hard drive with the plan to migrate my current SSD in it. B

M58e 7269 SFF connector card mother USB2 pinouts (PIN # s & functions) ex + 5Volts = pin, etc.

Just bought two new ThinkCentre M58e 7269-SFF. We need to use the internal motherboard USB2 connection to provide the connectivity (for printer POS cash drawers). It is an investigation of the pinout USB2 motherboard (functions & key numbers. USB2 co

Processor upgrade: 8199-54U A30 for Pentium 4 Celeron

Does anyone have experience upgrading a Thinkcentre A30 or any model of a Celeron Pentium 4 processor Thinkcentre?  For the A30 8199, the motherboard for the different models is identical - FRU 88P 8477.  So I guess I can run a Celeron or Pentium 4. 

Boot sequence - boot from USB on more old NetVista, ThinkCentre machines?

I work with several agencies that have old machines NetVista and ThinkCentre Types of machine example would include: NetVista 8307-xxx 8113 - xxx 8143 - xxx I found that the 8307 (even with the last BIOS) doesn't seem to be able to boot a device (e.g

Question of the motherboard for M58p Tower

Hi all Have a question that I think will work but need anyway to confirm him. On the motherboard of my computer, I have what seems to be 4 sata connectors. 1 orange, the others are red. I intend to have 4 sata devices hung; 2 hard disks and dvd drive

Determine the ThinkCentre family

Calling all gurus! Where I work, we use a few Lenovo ThinkCentre desktops. We no longer have the box so I have no easy way to determine which family they belong. Does anyone know an easy way to understand? Thank you.


I can't get into the bios, I tried upgrading it too see if that was the problem, but it does not how can I get bios is anyway I can do I try and I need to put a second more robust any ideas on how to enter

Hidden restore partition...

The original HD has the OS partition and the hidden restore partition.  Since then, I installed a larger hard drive and installed XP Pro (SP3).  I still have the original HD.  Is it possible to burn an image or a copy of the hidden partition on a CD

Windows 7 video drivers

I can't upgrade my driver for the video card built for Windows 7. It is lacking for the VGA driver that is not compatible with Windows 7 to use the Aero features. Lenovo provides on the release of an updated driver? If not, then I'll reformat and loa

Maximum HARD drive size in a ThinkCentre M52 8113

Hello. First of all, I'm sorry that my English is not good. I need to change my ThinKCentre HARD drive. It comes with a SATA HDD, size: 80Gb and I want to put a larger HARD drive. What is the maximum size allowed by the BIOS? ¿Does, it supports a SAT

Linux on M52 8113 D1U

XP installs and runs very well. When I try and install Linux (Fedora Core 10 or 12, Ubuntu) I get sporadic crashes during installation. Aybody got Linux installation on this machine or any recommendation for the core or the bios options? I suspect ev

Driver SATA?

Hi, I'm trying to install XP on a new hard drive for this computer Product: ThinkCentre M51 8143-34U HD is a Western digital 160 GB SATA wd1600aajs The computer has a virus that I can't get rid of. The hard drive was quite small anyway we have a new.

Are peace (Ultra small factor) of M58?

Hello - just think of buying one and I wanted to know his sound. Are they noisy or not? Impossible to find reliable information. Thank you

Install W7 successful A61E - BIOS level

Anyone out there successfully updated the BIOS of the A61/A61E to the latest version (2ZTKT44b)? However someone has W7 (32) running with 2ZKT40AUS BIOS level? No help forthcoming on this.  I'm very nervous about doing an upgrade of the BIOS because

ThinkCentre M52 type 9210

During initial boot, PC shuts down, then returns the error message "Configuration change has occurred", further break PC returns "Media test failure" of additional break (check the cable) then PC returns "Initialising and establishing the link" and t
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