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Any elegant way to cover the hole of the ExpressCard?

Has anyone found an blanket any for the huge hole gaping ExpressCard on the side of the laptop? It bothers me to see a hole on the side of the laptop and I worry about the dust (and dog hair) in. I've looked online everywhere for a cover but found no

Replacement of the card network without WIRE of E430 (3254)

I use E430 (3254-B62) in South Korea and it is so beautiful product for me. But the basic WIFI card is crap, you know. It's 1 x 1 model of Broadcom, so max connect bandwidth is too low. So I decided to replace in Intel 6250 Wimax (60Y3195) because it

ThinkPad E530 HDD noise &...

(1) my thinkpad E530 HARD drive's read/write extra when quiet. Is this normal? Bothers me. (2) my touchpad has a set of about 1 mm. Is this normal? (3) I can't config my sim card. When I insert it, nothing will happen. My Think pad is: Edge E530, 627

E530 Question GPS

Hello. Just a quick question on the GPS. This model E530-6272-3UG has internal GPS? Thank you

Media key does not

I have edge thinkpad E530, I install Hotkey features integration & ThinkVantage Communications utility, but the media key does not. In fact don't appear on the screen. Please help me.

E330 - E530 Win7 key / activation

Hello On the old E520 series you had your windows key 7 under the battery, which allowed for easy relocation. The key worked even though you would be reinstall from an OEM DVD which is not the case for other brands (I know) I recently put hands on a

Maximum memory of Thinkpad Edge 14?

I have a Thinkpad Edge 14, 0578-CTO, running under Windows 7 64-bit.   Latest version of the BIOS, drivers the latest, updates, etc. I know from the support pages that 8 GB of ram is maximum, assuming that you use two chips of 4GB. I have however, a

Edge 320 Bluetooth cannot be activated.

Dear useful people, I can't activate my bluetooth more after you have reinstalled Win7 x 64 to my Edge 320 after installing a minipci-E SSD on the expansion slot. When I hit Fn + F9 show my wireless connection Options, but there is no bluetooth plus

mSATA port in 1141-A24 E420?

Without a screwdriver at hand, I'm inclined to believe there is a after you have seen this. He'll actually three hard drives (main, in mSATA SSD and an extra drive in a Bay optical caddy)?

slot Edge E520 m-sata support sata 6 Gbps?

Hello I would like to ask if the slot of the ThinkPad Edge E520 m-sata support Sata 6 Gbps, or if it is limited to the Sata 3 Gb/s. Thank you

Touchpad prob

The touchpad does not work while I type. Design flaw?

Activate the Express Cache on Pad think e530

Hi ~ everyone! I read similar topics but I found the right answer. My problem is expected > I bought a new Lenovo ThinkPad Edge NZQA2GE E530 - i5-3210 I installed Express cache, but I can't activate it because I don't have an activation code. I have

E430 - unable to connect to the wireless network

Wi - fi at work worked perfectly fine on my laptop, but then I went to an internet cord rather pressed something (probably) and now I can't access the internet wireless at work, home, or anywhere. How can I fix it?

M 530 - please help me with WiFi N

Hello I can't connect to my router (TP LINK 1043ND) with Lenovo Edge 530 more. Comes from nowhere share I can't connect to my network on 5 GHZ (Wifi N) and the only thing that works is Wifi G which is not good at all. The only thing I changed until h

AES-OR 3354AV9 E330

Hi, I'm using a ThinkPad Edge E330 (3354AV9) The configuration includes Intel Core i5 3210 CPU, but I found that there is no AES - NOR supported (using CPU - Z) How to activate the AES-NI support? Thank you!

E520 with consumtion of high after the installation of Windows 8

Hi all I have a Lenovo Think Pad Edge 1143-b4g E520 and I installed Windows 8 on a clean drive. I installed all the drivers, that are available for Windows 8 in the Lenovo Download Section. All devices are ready, save the switchable HD6630 video card

E530: Possibility to upgrade the sound card?

Just wondering if it is possible to upgrade the sound card on an E530 cause the built-in one is pretty horrible.

E530 replace Wireless Adapter that supports Dual Band?

I bought my E530 of the local computer store and it came with the wireless adapter "Intel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 (2 x 2 BGN & BT4)" which does not support the Dual Band wireless. I am now looking to replace it with an adapter which favour the a/b/g

Lenovo E420 battery problems

Hello For Lennovo E420 2 a few weeks ago, I bought one for me and one for my wife. After 2 battery cycles I met 2 problems with my laptop, which is more powerful than my wife. 1st: ThinkVantage Toolbox notified me that: 'your battery does not cool. R

Edge 13 - start is not after the BIOS update

Hello I have a Thinkpad Edge 13 0196 - 32G and had problems with the battery capacity. Windows 7 has shown a red cross next to the battery icon, battery lasted very little). A representative of the Romanian Lenovo Lenovo Support suggested that I have
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