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RUNDLL error after update from lenovo

After installation, updates from Lenovo update I always get "rundll" error when I start the system with the message: there was a problem starting C:\Program the specified module could not be found. I have new E531 with Windows 8, and after that the u

Problem starting the Lenovo recovery disks.

Hello I just got a set of Lenovo recovery disks.. It might be easy, but I've noticed a problem There are 4 DVD in two procedure: (1) system: ('start your recovery with this one')Disc 1 of 1 - operating system recovery disk Win 7 Pro 32-bit SP1Disc 2

E430 - unknown PCI device - WIndows 8

After that I have upgraded to windows 8 Pro (64-bit) and installed all the drivers available on the Lenovo Web site. I have still 1 unknown PCI device in my device manager. Anyone know what device it could be? And the pilot? Additional information: S

Battery not charging - Edge 15 0301 - CTO only 18 months old

15 0301 - CTO edge Sony-made battery: made on 12-27-2010 First opportunity 2011-01 FRN P/N 42T 4755 Firmware 3f98-0004-0160-0130 Power Manager 6.32 This PC only used about once a week, a total likely that about 300 hours in 18 months since Always run

Auto lock mode: how to disable?

Great when you're on Walkabout with your laptop, when I'm at home, laptop plugged in, I don't want my laptop to keep coming back to a login screen every few minutes. I am on a Thinkpad E520 running Windows 64 bit professional.     Here's what I've tr

Docking of a T410

A X 220 tablet is on my "maybe" list where this ThinkPad to get then.  If I get this, I would be able to use the docking station I have for my T410, anyone know? Thank you!

Change of wireless network card

Greetings! Is there any document walkthrough that shows how to change the wireless network card in a X220T? Thank you! Rob

warranty - 2 years on-site V 3 yr basic

Can anyone help this choice? about to buy the x220t on Lenovo U.S. website. I expect to use the computer mainly outside the United States during a 30-month project. but could not find an explanation including these guarantee appropriate options (2 ye

X220t - Core i5 vs Core i7

Will be the Core i7 to 2.7 GHz generate more heat and consume more energy - i.e. to shorten the time of battery - than the 2.5 GHz Core i5?

new x201t owner, cannot get the pinch zoom to work

When I bought this tablet with multitouch screen, I expect to be able to navigate as you can on an ipad for example using pinch and zoom on my internet browser, pdf documents and other.  I still have to figure out how to do the pinch and zoom stuff. 

Hard drive: 'size' vs 'market size '.

I am very happy with my Lenovo X 220 (replacement of a 200 X). And I have all the disk space, I need. But the size of the advertised drive (7200 RPM) 320. When I watched the Windows Explorer and disk management screens, they showed only 298.1 GB. The

Battery problem (CPU a bottleneck) with BIOS and Intel SpeedStep technology.

The question is this: 1. If the AC adapter and the battery are both connected on the X201T, the speed of the CPU (base clock) is capable of running at the maximum speed of 2.13 GHz as indicated by the specifications of the system.2. If only the batte

Series T and the new piece of Intel i7

I like my laptop T series and I want to get a new one, but I'll wait until the new i7 chip is available. I have this laptop for 5 years now and it still works well, but it's getting a little slower so I thought I would upgrade. See how long I like to

deactivation of switchable graphics for windows 7

Hi experts, I use a 4 GB T400 and I try to free up memory by turning off switchable graphics in the bios change it to discrete graphics. and yet I still can't close a 3 GB memory on my 32-bit Windows 7. I saw in this forum they did but I can't seem a

New T500 with a weird feeling in left hand keyboard buttons.

It seems as if there is a lot of information, old and new, on a problem with keyboards T500. In November 2009, I bought a new T500 to replace my old but reliable TP600.  I have configured my T500 back on the agenda with Win 7 as well as the best grap

ATI 3470 Graphics driver

First post time... any help any would be great. I have a new T400 Vista 32 (I got the decision-making Lenovol...) and try to find a solution to work for 3470 pilots. I looked around a LOT and that you have not found a solution.  I tried a lot of diff

T400 emits a sound when moved

Sometimes when I physically move my laptop T400, he'll beep light... anyone know what this may be? Earlier, I had turned it slightly and even that caused it. I think I should call Lenovo, but I wanted to know if anyone has experienced this or if its

T400 - palmrest loose

I recently bought a T400. However, I just noticed that the region of palmrest on the right (the area next to the fingerprint reader and the latch catches, where the ThinkPad logo is pasted) is loose and not tightly attached to the chassis. It creaks

Changing the sequence of Boot in Thinkpad 600

Hello everyone. I have a TP 600 and my hard drive crashed while I had to get a new one. Now I am trying to install the OS on it, but when I try to change the BIOS boot sequence, (by pressing F1 on startup and then clicking on Start Up option), I am u

T400 w/Discrete Graphics gives the blue screen of death

Hello I just got my T400 with discrete graphics.  From the start for the first time, Vista Basic told me that the computer does not close correctly (I'm guessing at the factory).  I started it normally (not safe mode) and it booted to Vista, but the
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