D20-4155 does not start

Will not do anything when turned on The symptoms are No beeps No video two small lights above (inside the box) power switch and above the 1394 port 1394 Flash on 1s and outside for 5 seconds I guess it could be a bad port 1394 Since I do not use, is

ThinkStation p300 supervisor password activated by the update of the BIOS - None previously defined

I unpacked a new workstation p300 today and it works. The complete Windows 7 preinstalled. I logged on the Lenovo Web site and downloaded the latest version of the BIOS. After installation, I tried to set the BIOS settings to see that there is a prom

Y at - it that a Lenovo desktop can support 8 GPU?

Hi, I am trying to build a new Linux box for my search for deep learning. I was wondering if Lenovo workstations can support 8 GPU? I think P900 workstation can support at least 2 X Titan, but do not know if the power supply can support something lik

Lenovo D20 GTX 1080 SC plus Random closures - also, what are these thermal sensors?

I have a Lenovo D20 workstation, I upgraded my GTX660 to a GTX1080 and started having some weird random offs of the power system. I bought the card on October 21 to run Civ 6 better, fine installed map and ran for three days without any problem. The

Lenovo ThinkStation P910 and E5 V3 CPU Xeon support

Hi all, I'm considering buying a P910. However, I would use my V3 CPU of Xeon E5 - 2650L instead of the V4 E5-2603 preinstalled that comes with the unit in the least expensive configuration. Is this possible? E5 - 2650L V3 is known to be compatible w

I need an Instruction on adding drives to a P910

Could someone please point me to a complete instruction step by step regarding the addition of storage drives - thank you for your help - best, Bob PLATFORM Type: ThinkStation P910 Type of machine: 30B9CTO1WW Model number: XXXX-XXX BIOS VERSION Versi

ThinkStation s20 starting problems

Hello to one who reads this, Thanks for the time to stop talking and to read my question. So: I was using my thinkstation s20 for a year now and have not had any problems for a long time. I updated to Windows 10 and upgraded to a Gtx 1080. The thinks

Controller HSDL on D20 4155

I tried to get a HSDL controller to work on my D20. It Dosent appear in the BIOS, during installation or in the management of devices, once windows installed on another drive. I tried the controller into another machine and it works fine. Any ideas?

D20 problem of configuration of Windows Server 2008 R2 / 1 x SATA HD / 4 x SATA SSD

Hi all I have a Mod D20. 4155 and want to use next to it is by default SATA HDD SATA SSD four disks of virtual machines. Windows Server 2008 R2 will be the OS with the use of its Hyper-V features. I have Aproblem with detection of drives in the confi

S20 - 12.0 (7.99 GB usable) GB installed memory

Hi all I just installed 12 GB memory, but Windows 7 reports only 7.99 as being usable. Things I've tried so far: Check the BIOS for an option "expanded memory". Msconfig checked to make sure there is no limit on memory specified. Googling around a so

My D10 is nothing more than a paperweight

Well, it's been 3 months now and Lenovo will not admit that there is something wrong with the BIOS version of 31A. He effectively my machine completely useless because none of my hardware functions properly carried out. They have same past overnight

Lack of power?

Dear users of machines, I D10 that has SAS 15 K with win 7. But, it can not turn on, not even the bios screen. Originally, when the power cable is in the machine, the noise of the fan comes on about 5 sec, and then I can turn it on. After the first s

Two monitors S20

Is there a part I can buy to connect two monitors? My card is a fx1800 and I have two 17 "vga lcd monitors. I guess that I need one any adapter in there from the output on the video card to two dvi cables vga. I thought that I read somewhere here, bu

C20 now available for purchase in the United States

the C20 is now available for customization to the United States.

Quadro FX 5800 in D20/S20?

the D20 or S20 yourself running the Quadro FX 5800? (mod edit: changed the title to match the new thread)

S20 and CPUID HWMonitor tensions

I'm having some trouble with a S20. I ran HWMonitor and it reported a low voltage for the + 12V rail for the Winbond probe. Anyone with a job S20 yourself run HWMonitor to check if this voltage drop is a bug in HWMonitor or a problem in my S20? CPUID

S10 - 0167 Bios error: no processor update bios found

Hello My G 6483-72 with installed C2D E8400 (2 * 3 Ghz) is indicated as Core 2 6600 2.4 Ghz. Setup displays error 0167: no processor bios updates are found BIOS installed is 2WKT39AUS, so it should be supporting E8400. tried several times to flash ne

S20 freezes on startup with installed PCIe card

Today I made a new S20 (4105 - 94G) Win 7 x 64 BIOS: 60KT31AUS I installed the Quadro FX 580 without problem. When I tried to install a Firewire 800 PCIe 1.1 card x 1 system freezes during startup, with the ThinkStation screen with the Intel logo vis

D10 x 16 slots

Anyone know if you can use an x 16 slot FREE for applications other than graphics cards? Specfically, I seeks to add a LSI RAID my system to map and don't want to buy something that does not work. I'm running with a single FX370 but all my other PCIe

ThinkStation s20 sli

Is the s20 support SLI? I installed 2 cards of nvidia gtx 275 and the option to activate sli does not appear on the nvidia Control Panel. I used the flexible fitting EVGA as Sli bridge. In Device Manager, the two gtx 275 cards are visible. Thank you.
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