How to store messages on my computer and at the same time to delete them on the server using IMAP connection?

I have 100 MB space on the server. I have 1 TB of space on my computer. I want to delete the messages from the server while keeping a copy on my computer. Please tell me that this is possible and instruct me on how to do it. I am using IMAP. Thanks f

What happened to the TB "systems & languages" page d/l?

Hello: What happened to this site? As the equivalent for Fx ( site CT downloads page used to display the builds for all systems and languages. I used it for yea

Color by typing

How do I get typing color by sending an e-mail to?

Why did I receive two copies of each email no matter what account use?

In recent weeks, I changed all my accounts of POP IMAP secure server. Now each message that arrives is duplicated, and this problem has exceeded my limited knowledge. I'd appreciate some solve this.

How can I change to single line spacing in e-mail messages. Seems to be fixed twice!

Thunderbird emails just put up on the new laptop / windows 10. The spacing is not a problem on the previous machine, nor on my smartphone e-mail settings.

Can I change the filters using a text editor?

Imported filters are slow to change and using a lot of memory. Can I use a standard text editor to search for and edit changes in my filters? As an alternative, a keyword search can be added to the filter editor.

every time I have send or print a mail that I got a lot of information with that I don't need, all codes between "receipt".

Onderwerp:... Van:... Reference:... Aan:... X key account: account 1 X-UIDL: 10188 X-Mozilla-Status: 001 X... Received: from cpxmta-msg01... Received: from... etc etc etc. This information, I don't want to send or print. How can I get rid of this?

How can I keep messages on my computer but delete them on the server?

I have 100 MB space on the server. I have 1 TB of space on my computer. I want to delete the messages from the server while keeping a copy on my computer. Please tell me that this is possible and instruct me on how to do it. Thanks for your help.

Thunderbird does not accept the mail account password

I have an Outlook e-mail account. As part of normal security care, I changed the password to it. I can access my Outlook (web) account using this new password. When I have shot-up Thunderbird, it asks the new password for this account. I gave him. It

Of McAfee anti-spam does not work with tbird

TBird 38.5.1 worked with Mcafee anti-spam until 3 days ago. Technical support of McAfee Tbird to upgrade to the current version, and it still didn't work. Back to 38.5.1 devulcanization and still does not work. McAfee says tbird it blocks somehow.

When I want to pre print a message before you actually start to print I get a picture on the screen.

When starting pre print, I don't see some treat the message that goes to fast to read, but suggests that the system is busy with something. I had a similar problem to Firefox, which I solved it by doing a re - initialize. Can I do in Thunderbird as w

Thuderbird doesn't connect to hotmail... password error

Up to this morning thunderbird working perfectly well... turned on laptop this morning and thunderbird gave a connection error message to my hotmail account. I tried the password in outlook and it works fine. I changed the password and uninstalled th

Today, I opened my Thunderbird account as usual, and all folders that I saved for disappeared! How can I get back them?

I have not tried to remove all of the folders and have lots of saved job here! I only seem to have my main Inbox, sent etc. left! I have a lot of important things here... Any help or advice appreciated much (and urgent)

Cannot access hotmail server this morning

I can't access my hotmail account using Thunderbird but I can't use Hotmail/Outlook account directly. #1 error message: "failed to connect to the server imap - .ยป Another popup window asks for a new password. When I type 'Retry', I g

private server & gmail works ok Yahoo and hotmail, not message of error = wrong password (which is not the case)

-disabled Antivirus and tried again, problem not solved - tried to insert the username (without @yahoo or @hotmail after) thunderbird does not accept The program installation and Setup [email protected] gmail works fine Yahoo and Hotmail - error, wrong pas

I tried several times to download thunderbird but it won't download?

When I hit the button 'Download' nothing happens. It's almost as if windows will not only accept the download. I went through the process of downloading about 6 times with no result.

Cannot send messages just after the update on Nov.18

I have no details. It happened just after the Thunderbird updated automatically from the internet on Nov.18 (Fri) JST. After writing an e-mail, press send below, the softeare confirming the address and receiver, then is NOTHING PAST. Just to return t

Automatically add contacts to the address book

Is it possible and if yes, how can I do?

I can receive but not send emails and already tried the tips of help page

Hi, I just changed my Apple Mail to Thunderbird and I with my two suppliers (a University for work-mail server) and an e-mail provider in Germany for private messages, I can receive but not send messages. I tried everything on the "can't send message

Convert the 'new' MSN address book to import in Thunderbird

As far as I know, the new MSN mail/explore has is no longer an export option. The only thing you can do is print the list and I did it in a PDF file, but first of all lost a LOT of printer paper. As near as I can tell, the file format is a bit diffic
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