Keep the email on Thunderbird Ubuntu14.04 when deleted email in webmail

I find no 'leave messages on the server"as version for windown. You can't help me?

This file in my profile stores information about downloaded email?

Hi - I transfer my files updated by email of my work computer to my desktop at home every day or so, using the xcopy command to transfer all files changed in my local email folders folder and subfolders to a USB key that I use to keep my files of dat

Can I put a password on a particular folder in my Inbox?

I want to keep one of the folders in my Inbox safe from prying eyes, who can have access to my email. The password can I protect a specific folder?

Use Tbird for 2 mail accts for years. Now my account icloud gives error "connection failed" & "re - enter the password. No problems in other e-mail programs.

I am able to access my e-mail iCloud Internet & e-mail program. But now, I have "Login to the server has failed." When I use my iCloud account. My other email account is well & I am sending and reception without problem. It is a disa

Receive Messages even not try for some email accounts

I have several accounts e-mail from different providers, who treat through Thunderbird. While my POP3 accounts work, since the last update for Thunderbird (v45.5.1) Messages on the IMAP protocol based accounts not even appear messages or an indicatio

hoiw put create filter from message function on the function of the right click button

I had the option to filter on the right click only once, but after update, it went. I used it to get rid of the site e-mails unwanted until I opened the mail. Sure was nice like that.

I don't see any emails in the archive folders that I created in my 'local folders' or on my main drive once the e-mail has been moved to the appropriate folder.

I change a POP server an IMAP. I changed the location of the archive to be in my 'local' folder on my computer and installs the files and folders to the new location of archive. I have subfolders appear under the local folder 'tree', but when I look

Import files with the extension of contact?

I have a folder with the files with the extension ".contact" Windows recognize because it opens and displays the contact information when I double click. I'm doomed if I can find a way to import them into Thunderbird but. The option import from addre

How to add the e-mail address of my wife in addition to mine.

After migrating all my information e-mail to my e-mail account and e-mail account from my wife, from Outlook Express to the new Thunderbird (which I recently downloaded for my new PC), only my e-mail address appears. How can I go about establishing a

Where's my calendar after upgrade to Mozilla 45?

I can't find my calendar (lightning) after upgrade

Can I synchronize Thunderbird between two computers? (The two Macs, same OS version)

I want to (temporarily?) have two computers to have exactly the same Thunderbird environment, including the same local folders, all with the same content. The initial situation will be that I will migrate data Thunderbird to my iMac, settings, etc.,

When sending an email I open contact (F9), but when I double click on contact and nothing happens.

When I have an email to pass I'll forward then try entering an e-mail address of my contact list and nothing happens.

When I run Thunderbird, I now have a window of integration of systems that value as the default buttons and the integration of Skip. How can I stop getting this window?

The system integration area just started appearing when I start Thunderbird. I unchecked the box for always perform this check at startup of Thunderbird. I uninstalled Thunderbird and reinstalled. The checkbox in the Options > general to check for th

How to solve the issue of "activeWindow is null.

As I click on any email (if it has been read or not; the server or locally), a window appears with the warning message above in a pop-up with an OK button. Once the button is clicked a second pop-up appears with the same message. On the second click

After the last automatic update, I can't receive any email to any of my 6 email accounts?

I have been using Thunderbird without any problems and just after the latest Automatic update, happened the other day, I can not receive or send e-mails to all. I checked all the settings of accounts and find nothing has changed. I think it's a probl

Inbox is going in the trash

Hello. E-mails from the Inbox to go in the trash. They are marked as spam. I have reset the junk in security-> Settings. I'm POP. I missed something? Thank you.  :)

How can I move the mail to an external drive or a similar place of ediscovery?

I have a summons for my emails to a certain company. How to separate my their email inbox and put them on an external support to provide for the lawyers?

Update to Thunderbird 45.5.1 just broke my ability to receive messages.

Update for Thunderbird 45.5.1 is automatically installed and I restarted Thunderbird. I have 3 accounts that automatically try to receive emails. Thunderbird to receive more emails. I used Thunderbird for years without a problem. Restart Thunderbird

How to copy a list of mail from Thunderbird to Excel?

I want to copy a list of e-mail with names and e-mail addressed to Ecel Modzilla.

Thunderbird is forget send password between messages.

Since last week, whenever I try to send a message of second or third it does not recognize my password even though I provided the first time. Sometimes I have to enter the password several times until he finally acknowledges. I can't tell if it's a q
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