Keep the same e-mail is delivered to my Inbox again and again. My mail server seems to have received only once. Any ideas?

I got the same email, at 05:16 several times throughout the day, but my server seems to have received only once. It's never happened before. Any ideas on how to stop it?

Send e-mail requires 2 trying to send successfully.

I am now on Thunderbird 45.5.1 as of 11/22/16. Recently, when I send an e-mail Message Outbox shows that I am connected to my server ATT and the mobile continuous progress bar but sends no message. I have to click on the Cancel butto

Cannot connect to the mail server

I had to change the password on my Outlook account. Now Thunderbird refuses to recognize the password. When I put the password, it comes up with the error in the attachment.

contacts are automatically added

I think that the email contacts/addresses are automatically added to my address book. How can I turn off it?

Sporadic emails sent, transmitted mainly from the emails contain this symbol everywhere where there is a space, and the receiver cannot read emails easily

In the course of the last 3 weeks, forwarded emails mainly, but occasionally sent standard mail are received by the receiver with the included symbol everywhere where there is a space or a comma reversed in the email. The receiver can not easily read

Thunderbird 45.5.1 - Resize photo accessories?

I used to use Outlook 2003 that allowed me to resize attachments in order to limit the transmission time (usually, I used 640 x 480 pixels as a reasonable compromise); digital camera of today .jpg files are high definition, but massive and take exces

Error 1722 when trying to install

I have a new Hp with Windows 10 computer - and I get error 1722 when you try to download and install Thunderbird. Please notify.

All accounts past but book e-mail address is still there

Thunderbird 45.5.0 running Windows 10 the other day and all, I opened my mail accounts disappeared. Thunderbird has started the wizard asks me to create a new e-mail account. But my address book is still there. If I look in my default profile path in

I received email from a different address responses, then one that is used to send. (msn, e-mail)

Hello I have four total emails on Thunderbird. Two of them are "" e-mail. I have problems with these two msn accounts. I have send an email to MSN_1 account but I am receiving responses to my MSN_2 account. I don't have a 'reply-to' setting tu

The difficulty to create an email account in THUNDERBIRD

I want to create an email account [email protected] I can create game Thunderbird, then the gmail screen appears and wants that the user name and password. Not to accept any password I give. I tried to go into OPTIONS / SECURITY / menu P

Thunderbird is not save my password even if I continue to check the Save password box. Fails to retrieve mail when I check the box.

Recently, I've migrated my profile of Thunderbird to a new computer. Everything works great, except that Thunderbird doesn't remember my password for the account. I am the only user on the machine, and I check only one account, so I don't want to set

HOW STOP the request of PASSWORD... to each action!

It doesn't matter what I do. Open an email... Enter the password. Send an email... Enter the password. Open file... Enter the password. At the end of the day I entered my password to more than 50 times just to move the stupid nonsense. Y at - it anyw

How to remove an email account?

I'm trying to remove a second email account to my Thunderbird - how to accomplish this?

Thunderbird crash when receiving emails.

After updating to the latest version of Thunderbird, whenever I get an email, the application crashes. I've already started in mode (without extensions) and the problem is still there. I don't know what to do. I never had any problems with Thunderbir

I need to access the dictionary that I put in a word that is incorrectly spelled.

I need to correct a misspelled word that I put in. How can I access the dictionary of Thunderbird.

Cannot send messages with my gmail address

Thunderbird suddenly stopped, send email using my gmail address. Other addresses properly. When I try to use my gmail account, a window opens on the cookies. I have not changed anything. As far as I know, everything is configured properly. I am amaze


Sorry, but I forgot how to cancel and rest my TAB key! Frustrating because everything is out of alignment. Can you help me? Thank you

Why is the Spam folder not highlighted when an e-mail comes in?

My Thunderbird started to deliver emails from my Inbox spam. But there is no way to know that he did that there is no indication when a message has arrived in the spam box. My Inbox gets "BOLD" lettering with a "BOLD" pair of square brackets with the

I do not see how to send an email to more than 3 people

Despite what many previous posts, it is not possible to add a fourth address by pressing the 'return' or 'enter' after the third; just, who destroyed the last entry. This problem is seen with Thunderbird 45.5.0, on a Macbook Air, mac osx (10.12). Tha