Why do emails disappear from my Inbox?

Emails regularly disappear sometimes less than an hour to be received in my Inbox. I am able to recover through 'search' as much as I know what I'm looking for.

Attachments to emails are read-only, can I change this?

I get e-mails with attachments that are open in Open Office, they come more read-only, I often fill in things or to change things and send them back to the sender, I don't have this problem with Windows Live. Can you help me?

My toolbar does not appear when I opened, so I can't 'write' my new messages?

When I opened my computer (Microsoft) and then select Thunderbird icon, all my messages but no "Toolbar", so I can't select, for example, "don't write". How to install the toolbar. For me, this thunderbird program was created by the Organization, tha

Short cut Thunderbird disappeared after an update this morning after a windiw stated that this shortcut is not found. I can't find where is the executable file. It

This morning Thunderbird updated itself and a window pops up saying shortcut to thunderbird does not exist. After that I can't find where it is so that I can run.

How to stop dozens of Trojan emails I get every day?

I started getting emails out of the blue I'm sure contain ransomware. They all have attachments and all say something like: "your payment was declined" or "attached job offer" or "information on your last purchase attached refund..." I have one who c

How can I sort mail to automatically appear in a folder?

I have several alerts per day but don't need to see them in my Inbox until the end of the day. I know there is a way to make them appear in a folder that I created for them - just can't seem to make it work. Can you help me?

Add the lightning icon to the desktop (only open Lightning)

to open office without opening of Thunderbird lightning (calendar). W-10 home, Thunderbird is v - 45.5.0 thank you PS make it easy on the directions that I am in the learning stage 75 DJ PC

How to open the Inbox as startup

How can I do TB open my Inbox unified at startup? I tried this , but it does not work.

In TB client when composing an email-how check the additional online which is added when the key entry/return/LF is struck? Thank you

I have searched for menu bars, but so far have not found the formatting for this command. Any guidance is appreciated. I'm new to TB and so far it has been very satisfactory. Thanks, Jim

import contacts from gmail from csv file

I can't get the file import function in address book to work. I have my gmail and Outlook 2003 account csv files but after spending hours trying to map the fields later, I settled for a very limited subset of the coordinates: each contact display whe

I want to add a picture to my signature line. I followed all the directions, but the image is broken. How can this be repaired?

So I followed all the instructions on Thunderbird 'Help' in the creation of a line of signature HTML and "saved". That part went well. Then I tried to add a picture by using "Insert", then "Image"... and the image is broken. I went ahead and 'Saved'

I try to connect, but not receive emails on password. Maybe I never recorded. How do I do that?

When I tried to connect to Thunderbird, I have not received any email in response do not know my password. Perhaps, I never signed when my computer man settle down. I have to registerR

The integration of the system prompt always to start Thunderbird, even if 'Always show at startup' is disabled

Whenever I run Thunderbird, I get the "System Integration" notification area even if the option "Always perform this check at startup of Thunderbird" is NOT checked. Please, let me also be clear, I DON'T want integration system. Therefore, I unchecke

How to say succeded email that I'm missing some time

Cannot work out how to put a general email to say some contacts that I'm missing some time

How to remove the advertising on start up?

How to eliminate advertising for tuberculosis at startup?

Please put the option undelete you used to have.

There are two iterations you used to have an arrow to the left to restore. I used often when I was moving too fast through a large number of emails. Now I have to go to the box delete, calculate what email is and then proceed to activate again. I mis

The lightning no longer works after upgrade to 45.2.0

After upgrade of tuberculosis at 45.2.0, the Lightning has stopped working. There is more no sidebar on the right side of the window of TB, and no timetable is on the menu entries. Update version 4.7 Lightning has not changed the situation. The platf

Under Format/paragraph - how I set default text?

Whenever I create a message to send, after the first line of text, hit enter to jump a line, which is the double spaces. I then go to Format/paragraph and change 'Paragraph' in 'body text '. I want to "Body text" and single-spaced to be the default.

I can't import contacts of g-mail.

I have been using Firefox for a little over 3 years now and finally decided to switch to Thunderbird after installing XP on WIN7. I loved except! I tried for three days now to export from G-Mail and import them into Thunderbird all my contacts. Nothi